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Newsletter disruption

This announcement is no longer active

Jonathan Fairfield

Disruption to newsletter distribution


We are experiencing some technical issues and there is some disruption to the sending of the newsletter. Apologies for any inconvenience. We hope to have the issue resolved ASAP


UPDATE 21 October:


Apologies, There is still some disruption with the distribution of the newsletter. 


If yo think you are missing a newsletter, here are the most recent editions:


Sunday: https://newsletter.thaivisa.com/w/8A8Y3giEdBC1Qfc5QlRaYQ


Monday AM: https://newsletter.thaivisa.com/w/kUYZ3VyBU04A4MVYmX55Jg


Monday PM: https://newsletter.thaivisa.com/w/eu24T892kdJ6MTX9DEZ4i19w

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