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  2. I think you are naive to think he's going to put it into his bank account. he's going to drink buy drugs and get caught by the police !!!
  3. Thanks I was not aware of that. I thought in the past when they started up I was offered LMG or similar but I must have been wrong. Yes it is the 5k deductible that puts me off as for me it only saved a couple of k. And yes I played around with their variables online and had emails with their CS. Thanks again.
  4. Say what. Maybe this is specific to airline you use. I fly in out los every 2 weeks. The airline staff (in Asia and other countries I fly to) want to see VISA or reentry permit or Onward flight. Since this comes up often on Thai visa I have taken time to ask boarding check in staff about this. They confirm what I post. In any event if issue arises, step back from check in and book most cheap flight onward. ~ 1000baht. Most Thai consulates require onward flight for visa, hence airlines not concerned. Flying visa exempt different.
  5. Just wondering what the boobs and butt will look like 20 years on. Yes I know, you'll trade her in. Be careful of communal property law.
  6. Exactly Sent from my LDN-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. How many owners can afford to pay 3000 baht for the system and then the monitoring fee I don't know but then I'm not trying to justify it, I'm saying that at this stage there is no such requirement, that's all!
  8. It is though abuse of privilege so your additional points are moot. Even if justice can sometimes be a lottery , most of us dont get to simply walk away from it.
  9. Can somebody enlighten me, please ? Does this package automatially renew after 7 days with enough funds on the phone and continue to do so until funds run below? dtac Prepaid Package.pdf
  10. No more Chinese phones for me, well the red ones anyway.
  11. Yes. The UK should definitely revert to the Pound, Shillings,Threepence, Pennies, Half Penny, Farthing and all ancient derivatives of a bizzare Imperial currency just to make a stand post Brexit! That will make life so interesting for sure. But the super poor might appreciate the coinage just for the sake of having some albeit worth nowt ! Go further to stamp the flag of independence by officially reintroducing the mile, yard, inch, chain, link as a measure of achievement. Further again and bring back gallons, quarts, pints and ounzes in grand defiance. Most Brits never have comprehended metrication in daily use anyway. A Pint is still a Pint ( or is it? ) For the latter at least will accommodate the "great trade deals with the US so long as it the diminutive measure of the US where a gallon is 20% smaller. That is unless gallon for gallon the UK will willingly give away that 20% ? So who is in charge? None of those featured. The world has been the victim of credit based monetary policy since no later than 1979.
  12. You are correct...there is no 64gb model iphone 7 or iphone 7+ 32, 128, 256. If they really are selling you an iphone7+ "brand new" with 64gb....it is probably just a copy iphone and therefore overpriced.
  13. Have been here in Saigon for over a year now. Officially married to a Vietnamese woman - that process is a real hassle. Met her on Vietnamese Cupid and as with most on there looking for a LTR. Never get or have gotten any hassle about dowry <deleted> or money from her or her family. Family very welcoming and friendly. Wife is very warm, sweet, caring, family orientated and honest. Never get hassled about drinking or smoking. In fact, very easygoing. Sometimes too much so. Very eager to please and very good in the bedroom. Level of English is not great which can be frustrating, but my Vietnamese is basically non existent as difficult language to speak due to being very tonal. As for restaurant service, found it pretty poor and slow if compared with Thailand and the staff quite reserved. No mass transit system in Saigon so not an easy place to get around. Could invest in a motorbike but value my life too much. Paradise found for smokers and beer drinkers.
  14. In your OP you state that you will not get your deposit back, yet in the quote above from a later post you state that there will just be a delay! There's a big difference between the two, which one is it?
  15. It's just a wise thing not to load up on one or two nutrients because someone says your plant needs it, and ignore the rest. Balance and the inter relationships of mineral amendments are vitally important to consider.
  16. Well, it has to do with the system we have created, maybe time for revolution and the adaption of an alternative non-capitalistic system. Even if population reduction is a "good" solution, the question still remains: how is population reduction gonna happen?
  17. 5 years on monthly visa exempts since 2014. Nary an issue. All above board. The passport shows where I was going and what I was doing (many business visas in another country). Stayed a maximum of 14 days. No problem at all. I have no doubt that if my history showed I was trying to live in Thailand pretty well full time I would have had problems. But I wasn't. And I didn't. I take a lot of the refused entry stories with a very big grain of salt. There is always a back story.
  18. The 39 victims, 38 adults and one teenager, were all pronounced dead at the scene. I feel so sorry for their relatives and friends who might wait somewhere not knowing what had just happened to them. RIP.
  19. BS. You were boasting not so long ago on another thread how you could live anywhere you wanted, thanks to your wealth. Fat and degraded I can believe. How about some evidence of your GF's pulchritude for comparison purposes? Any bikini shot will do.
  20. Maybe everyone not understand what I mean. I have car already in my name I would like to ask cash loan from bank and blue book will be guarantee for bank. Simular someone do it in 2016 ( screenshot) Sent from my LDN-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Some truly believe it's an aphrodisiac medicine that helps people in hard times to get harder.
  22. Thailand is more completely in the Chinese orbit than East Germany was within the Soviet orbit.
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