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  4. i am 64 year old ... a life long pay out from switzerland about 800.-- swiss francs ( around 25.000 thai baht) per month.... i will buy a house with a garden lets say to avoid a monthly rent , wife do not own any thing by now she wish to own house to avoid rent , budget maxi 2Millions thai baht ( my wife with me since 20 years ) may be buy a car , by now we do not have any car only scooter one daughter will take care of the car and drive us around on week end just have a car in our family. so thai baht left around 6 millions fixed deposit lets say only for 10 years..... do they realy give 7% up interest or dividend 0% risk...?.
  5. I am totally with you on this one. Everytime I have expressed any disgust at the 60 something with the 20 something, which in my eyes at least is little better than kiddie porn, I've been trolled like you wouldn't believe. They are generally poor uneducated women being exploited by western men with money Well that should fire up the trolls!
  6. You shouldn’t have a problem applying on the 20th. If you apply on the 21st they’ll charge you 1,000 baht overstay plus the 1,900 extension fee.
  7. I have one bottle. I'd be happy so send it to you, no charge. What would you like me to fill it with?
  8. thaicurious


    "We all seek happiness but turn our backs on it. We all wish to avoid misery but race to collect its causes."~~Shantideva
  9. thaicurious


    Besides that there is some basis, some evidence possibly--even if certainly no where yet fully proven--leading to what I'd said, which means it is not pure speculation, besides that I told you (just in case not caught) that I'd said it as a joke to make a point and I'm pretty sure Buddhism allows for humor, even if you don't like mine, Hotei, science is early still in studying quantum physics so we don't yet know all of what might be found there though we can conjecture with care based on what it has so far found. How surprised was science that observation affects experiments? That the way ahead might not yet be in focus, I'm pretty sure Buddha wouldn't mind putting out some probes to see if we are on more sure footing before asserting a strong foundation for the journey has been laid. Wondering if a rickety rope bridge is safe to cross is probably not the speculation Buddha would say you ought avoid. I'd imagine he'd say: you might want to examine that further before putting all your weight upon it. You might want to speculate what might happen if ya don't. There's a lot of practical purpose to Buddhism. Even without knowing absolutely, without full and proven evidence of having seen someone already fall, that the bridge might not hold, through examination, through bits of knowledge that the planks are dry rotted, that the rope is frayed, we can speculate what might happen or deduce what might come from putting our faith in that and we'd be negligent to not as actions arising from failing that could cause greater suffering. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aggi-Vacchagotta_Sutta "...an unresolvable thicket of views which will cause suffering and distress if investigated..." So avoiding pure speculation can make sense to avoid entanglements with what doesn't matter or maybe even with what can't be known, with what will not help reduce suffering, with how even a dysfunctioned brain, bereft of good balance that might, say, cause associations of things not in reality associated which might entangle the mind, not with failing to examine a thing to assure, for instance, that we are not about to fall off a cliff or for taking as truth, for face value, as what, say, a con man is trying to sell us and certainly not for bringing us greater knowledge be that through conjectures and theorizing of science and mathematics that can help reduce suffering by later implementation of learned theories leading to applications disseminated on a worldwide scale be that in food production, pollution reversal, carbon emission reduction, etc., even as some of that might start as speculation, by an "unenlightened" scientist or a mathematician daring to ask themselves by imagining "what if". So here again you're exhibiting a tendency to take a concept and employ it overall to something else that it might have nothing to do with outside of exemplifying that thing which is fine on its own, just not as a replacement for that thing which is what you seem to try and do. These things, as I said before, can co-exist, which is one of the beautiful things about Buddhism, it does not seek to override or overwhelm other trains of thought but to explore from whence a thought arises and to where it might lead, to suffering or towards the cessation thereof.
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  11. Need 2 million. Send $500,000 to me and same to each of 3 children. Please rush today.
  12. I have the information from the officers in room 103. Therefore all information i have is only applicable for Phuket immigration. I heard today about the issue that the affidavits are not accepted but i don't know exactly why there are refused. Was your income from a ( government ) pension or normal income / transfers. Hopefully i get some more information shortly why and or when the (valid) affidavits form the UK, USA, Australia are suddenly not accepted anymore.
  13. Price :฿ 350,000 Model : 2011 Gear : Automatic Engine (CC) : 1.8 I-VTEC Color : Black Number of doors : 4 Doors Mileage (km) : 240903 Owner Details : 1 Owners For more information: https://sale-thailand.com/en/ad/sell-honda-civic-car/ https://sale-thailand.com | Online car marketplace
  14. Russel Peters on Indians being cheap.
  15. My shit didn't flush down the toilet tonight....probably due to Brexit!
  16. The Japanese and another 160 or so countries. Can't do jack at the moment.
  17. I don't know if Americans are favoured here (compared to people from other wealthy countries), but if they are this would be somehow strange. The odds of a native English speaker working as an English teacher, while being in Thailand on a tourist visa, are way higher than those of a person whose mother tongue isn't English. Imho it would be reasonable if an IO would be more suspicious towards the native English speaker.
  18. I demand that we must know where the baseball bat came from. Some "slugger's" bat is now famous.
  19. OK, Dundee, what confuses you about my post? 12 like it, but you are confused! Kindly enlighten us!
  20. In this day and age, you need a landlord that is versed on TM30 and a bank that knows the process for the local IO. In either case, if they can't accommodate you, take business elsewhere.
  21. There is no EU military. EU is an economic and political Union, exclusive of military. Well obviously your not keeping up with the news. This is just one of many contentious plans, being drawn up by those unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels.
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