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  2. Maybe they do not have Covid ... How could you possibly know ?
  3. Sounds like a realistic appraisal of the situation. The professionals at the MoPH can't be all idiots but their hands are tied by political bosses who make them look stupid. From the very beginning of the pandemic, the government has consistently taken measures well behind the curve and failed to prepare for the worst. Last year it got lucky and wasn't penalised for its indecisiveness. This year the get out of jail free card may not be available.
  4. To be honest never even heard of it ,by computer,nightmare gave up trying also immigration is not far to drive ,so just pop in when we are out shopping.
  5. Thailand reports fourth record daily rise in coronavirus cases this week FILE PHOTO: Local residents queue for a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) nasal swab test, in Bangkok, Thailand, April 14, 2021. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand reported 1,543 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the sharpest increase since the start of the pandemic and the fourth record rise this week, amid a third wave of infections in the Southeast Asian country. While Thailand has up to now managed to keep case numbers relatively contained compared to many other co
  6. They will charge whatever they think they can get away with whilst holding the item to ransom. The shipper and courier will do the same. I ordered a 30gbp item from a firm who had an office in Bangkok. The item went by courier from Cincinnati to Germany and then to Bangkok and they proposed an additional cost of 70gbp. Told them to return the item and claimed refund on Mastercard. Then discovered I could purchase the same item in Pattaya for 1200bht. Buy Thai! Especially as it's cash on delivery!
  7. I have 3 foreign accounts and the FBAR only takes me about 10 minutes to complete and submit Why not just complete it now? It can be done well in advance of filing your 1040.
  8. I'm no tech guru but been told I can download Eurosport app and watch MotoGP but haven't tried it yet. I could get it free many places before covid but I can't seem to get it anywhere now.
  9. If you've behaved like that on the roads, where you claim, then you're another driver we need to be wary of.
  10. Jail the owner/s the manager/s and close down the pub for 5 years... send out the message. THIS HAS TO STOP.
  11. What happens if you put people in these field hospitals with bunks laying next to each other and you mix together several Covid variants? Serious question. Should the several variants be isolated from each other?
  12. i know its not a battery one, but why not a petrol mower ? No problems with battery life or charging, should get many more years out of a petrol one, and much easier if buying a self drive one
  13. They probably have equations but seem to me they apply anything they want / think / desire....
  14. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. I believe it's been "under control" from day 1.
  15. To clarify, I"m referring to annual PSA testing for all men over 50 years of age.
  16. Out of interest the problem is with the wire used to close you up? Do they use a different material in the US? Just for reference, I had a triple bypass, 2015, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. THB1.2M (insurance).
  17. The driver in this 2nd video has learnt to drive Thai style and has displayed total selfishness, ignorance and inconsideration for other road users. If the motor bike had gone around in front of him they way he did to the bike, he'd be bitching & complaining about the motor cyclist. He had more than one instance where the U-Turn could have been completed with no oncoming traffic, but chose to just sit there. A bloody selfish, inconsiderate driver.
  18. If you reside in Thailand and get your UK govt pension is frozen unless you go back and forth to England for a number days. From memory I think it's a 180 days. I have never done that anybody who is found out and does not comply is breaking the law. So to suggest breaking the law is breaking TV forum rules as well I believe.
  19. Government workers won't be isolating, they will be working from home for 14 days in accordance to the PM's wishes.
  20. Yes, when booking Agoda you have to bear in mind the service fee, it's not an addon more like VAT. On the other hand you get money back. Used to be points and we had quite a few free nights with the points. Now you get a credit to the account 7 days after checkout and we just use that each time we book. We also have a booking for Saturday night which is at risk.
  21. It all depends on how you booked the hotel and the policy that the hotel has in place, that said, I usually book via Bookings.com and pay a little extra so that I do have the option of cancelling, I called it insurance and the hotel know if they offer a cheaper rate then those who cancel lose out. WTT provided no refund, that said the 5 star hotel who we booked through WTT did refund us all the money we paid, that is what I call a smart business move, they were not obliged to provide us with a refund, but do understand the current situation is also not their clients doing and they
  22. That was mentioned in the linked story along with some extra photos.
  23. "He said the number corresponds to the country’s vaccination target ahead of the mass vaccination drive starting in June, with 6-10 million doses of vaccine arriving monthly." It remains to be seen whether the inexperienced local licesee of AZ will be able to produce these quantities.
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