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  2. Same for us, my gf tells me VFS are very professional and helpful and can't do enough in BK. This time she also didn't have a telephone interview, we are playing by the rules and it seems to be working well for us. Last years visit visa took 10 days, this year it was 6 days. Why would anybody be mad enough to pay for express....
  3. to be fair, pattaya was 100% worse before, now a days there is not so much crime like it was 3-6 years ago, before it was everyday shootings, stabbings, gang fights, tourist robberies, armed robberies on tourists, tourists got attacked, now you hardly here about shootings, stabbings, gangs etc. okey shootings and stabbings will never go away but it has decreased whole lot
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  6. Many roads/sois have no sidewalk and the sidewalks that do exist are full of obstacles, holes, uneven surfaces and are narrow, rarely can 2 fat farangs walk side-by-side. Pattaya doesn't seem to be designed or engineered for pedestrians. Pattaya has a wonderful opportunity to become pedestrian and family friendly, by repairing all of the existing sidewalks and adding nice sidewalks to all heavy pedestrian traffic streets.
  7. It's a dystopian "social credit" thing. https://www.sciencealert.com/china-s-dystopian-social-credit-system-science-fiction-black-mirror-mass-surveillance-digital-dictatorship
  8. I can vouch for Scotland ... cool all year round, no mosquitos and low pollution.
  9. /r/ is often one of the last sounds mastered by children worldwide, and it can change in a lot of ways. It's possible that /r/ > /h/ is in progress in French, and most of the Burmese have changed /r/ to /j/, as in 'Yangon' for 'Rangoon'. If you don't master some form of [r] as a child, it is hardly surprising that [l] is your closest approximation if you have /l/ in your speech.
  10. Put them in general population it will be sorted out in short order
  11. After 12 years Ive been having the same fantasy. You forgot to mention the government give you rent assistance about 30% of the rent value, real beaches ..no plastic bags littering the shore line and no big fat rats. warm days and cool nights To the OP both nZ and oz are a part of the Asia pacific region and you did say or elsewhere in Asia
  12. I think he should ask Donald for a pardon for services rendered lol
  13. Farmers move to crops with no restrictions providing suitable product for home markets
  14. Children at Play. Shame the children of Thailand are so old now days. Peter Pan, has nothing on most of the Thai male population.
  15. After so many DUI in California you have to install an IID Ignition Interlock device in your car at your own expense. $150 to install and $60-80 USD every month that you are required to blow start you car. Before you start your car, you must blow into the IID and provide an alcohol-free breath sample. If you don't, your car will not start. Once you are driving, the IID will ask for random samples, between 5-15 minutes after you begin driving and then about every 45 minutes thereafter. they will impound your vehicle if no on is around or no one has a DL or everyone has been drinking.
  16. I recently me with a good friend from HK and then while flying through China a couple of people who are on the ground with how all this is affecting China. The information is anecdotal, but may be of interest. The Chinese friend sees the US as winning the trade war. He sees the Chinese economy slowing and the situation with pork and soybeans as harming china. According to him they imported pigs from China and they have caused disease. I have not been able to corroborate this, but will try. While going through China, I got a slightly different picture. Although the economy has slowed, most don't attribute it to anything specific, at least not tariffs. The one thing they did note was that the Chinese people have turned their back on US products. Whether it is Apple electronics, or American Fast Food chains and other goods, US products have lost their luster. It's a nationalistic pride thing for many. Just posted for what it's worth.
  17. in all fairness, he could have, just slipped over any place along there, on some Chinese gob, or poo on the sidewalk. can't just be city halls fault all the time. Pattaya, The new Clarke Quay of Asia. Get well soon. old fella.
  18. Off-topic post and reply removed. The topic is not about the Catholic Church.
  19. I do not know how to record it on Android , I am sure it's possible but all the Apps I looked at did not have great reviews by real people,
  20. He's only talking about Nam Nao. It usually does have slightly cooler temps due to the altitude.
  21. The doctor's fee at Bumrungrad is up to the doctor. The doctors fee is not necessarily expensive for Thais, may be half the price I pay. So outpatient treatment may be not more than Vejthani or even your average neighborhood clinic, if they buy the medicine outside of the hospital. Most lower class or lower middle class Thais would never dare to go to Bumrungrad. The ones that I sent there never found it much more expensive than what they were used to. I am talking about outpatient visits. Samitivej, on the other hand, was very expensive for Thais. Same price as for foreigners. Bangkok Hospitals are very expensive for Thais too. Their pricing is a bit complicated, but not everything is cheaper for Thais than for foreigners.
  22. That old wreck of a truck can make a pollution cloud all in its own looking at the smoke coming out of it .. Weren't the authorities cracking down on old smokers like that .?
  23. There does not appear to be anything anywhere which says 12 points in a year. It says 12 points period. That means you could generate those 12 infractions over 20 years, and you will lose your license and need to go to traffic school. I would be happy to be proven wrong, but neither the OP nor the Sanook report it is based on gave any indication that points could ever be added back to your license once they were gone, except by attending traffic school. Would a 5 year renewal count as a new license, resetting your points, or does it just import your existing record from your current license? More details would be nice.
  24. Biggest working motorcycle in the world by all account's .. The aero-engine based 410 cu-in Gunbus ..
  25. The only other single cyl production bike I can think of that gets anywhere near the capacity of the NSU is the hideous Dr Big 800 Suzy from the 90's ..
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