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  2. Top THAI execs agree to help out by cutting their salaries By THE NATION Sumeth Damrongchaitham Sumeth Damrongchaitham, president and CEO of Thai Airways International (THAI), said the airline is only reducing the salaries of top executives, not operation officers. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1118589-top-thai-execs-agree-to-help-out-by-cutting-their-salaries/
  3. And the spaced out Remailer calls a poster paranoid??? What is it with Remainers who think Leavers are part of a Russian conspiracy? Guess that’s one of the main reasons for the Euro-remainers increasing panic. The UK won’t be there to support your federal armed forces when you poke the bear too much.
  4. Is it me or are the questions getting more ridiculous? Previous application for spouse visa required details of mother and father - I can even understand if they are asking for immediate family... but friends? Where do you draw the line? People she met recently? She must have a few hundred facebook friends!
  5. Font is a bit smaller, but do like the new color, not so hard on the eyes.
  6. My experience shows that what remainers usually perceive as being signs of an incredibly rude and unsightly nature of personality is when someone points out to them that they are wrong. It becomes even nastier if the person in question moreover is able to explicate exactly WHY the remainer is wrong, and in addition, is prepared to show empirical facts that clearly exemplifies how crazy the remainer's arguments might be. In the event of such case, the remainer is clearly dealing with an asocial madman who – in the event that the remainer is totally unable to defend his complete and utter lack of knowledge – should be subject to name-calling and racism to prevent this sinister character from revealing the remainer's incompetence by providing sound statements supported by empirical facts – which is apparently perceived as being a “Brexiteer”. With that in mind, I will continue to be as big "Brexiteer” as I possibly can.
  7. 10th of a Rai is 160sqm = 12.65m x 12.65m Sent from my SM-G965F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Crisis, what crisis? Well the LAB govt didn’t manage to sort out their own mess of 1979. They wouldn’t be capable of resolving their self declared crisis around Brexit either. Not that there will be any particular crisis anyway. The govt and business have had three years to prepare for it, no matter how hard they lobbied not to. Only the most stupid of Remainers will have believed their propaganda so much for it to become a self fulfilling prophecy. The rest will have to adapt and thrive with the rest of us.
  9. "... The steaks were recovered but weren't allowed back on store shelves. ..." But they had a parking lot sale on "Tube Steak".
  10. 'The families of each of 11 Lao migrants killed in a chartered van crash in Sa Kaew early Sunday morning will receive at least Bt700,000 compensation from insurance companies, a senior official said Monday.' All that's left to be determined now, is....In which lifetime.
  11. India is for those that cannot afford inland Cambodia . However, some of the Portuguese mixed hotties in Goa could turn a gay man straight......
  12. Note to self... Along with removing knifes and acid from the property, add gasoline.
  13. Should be offering EU US Oz citizens 90 days visa exempt, just limit back to back to 2 and after that need setv and funds proof. Lot of the westerners who floated around for 6 months or couple years spent fair bit of money and also encouraged friends and others to visit via social media appeal . Really has taken a massive down turn, malaysia and vietnam taking lot of those numbers, changes to thailand is massive from expat areas of silom to esplanade railway market to pataya and beyond .... indians and chinese will be considerable more hassle and less profits .... Junta has killed the golden goose and that fat leech general rolex got the last of the golden eggs stashed in his safe next to a borrowed patek philippe .
  14. It basically chose who could run for government office-do you remember?
  15. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai Pen Rai ... what's the diff?
  16. Because there will be up to 350 casinos in the next few years. I think there are 88 now?
  17. I had a friend a few years ago that got cut off. It was a serious problem for her. The good news is if in a pinch, if on this side of the globe, a drop in visit at a Social Security office was all that was needed to reinstate the benefits and back amounts. A 500 dollar r/t flight, and done. I'd do that before hoping on the mail....
  18. Today
  19. Top gear Stig was hired to do the high speed crash test ..
  20. When falling asleep because the baby kept you up is acceptable, or I didn’t see it, or it was raining or dark, what will really be done. Enforcement and inspections-forget it-background checks-good luck...
  21. AV8 v BMW 1000 at the top gear test track a few yrs ago ..
  22. Yes, it's a despot thing: the slightest bit of flattery goes a long way. Even if there is some sarcasm, they could very well overlook that part of the statement and get their paper-thin egos boosted. That country that is still considered a "shining beacon on a hill" gives guidance to these guys these days. I spent a few months there in 2007, he was running the country out of a military barracks. People were rousted out of their beds in the wee hours and brought to "the barracks." No secret, these rousts (note: NOT arrests ) were told of on the TV news (btw, the young fellow reading the news was his nephew). Frank would deal with each one personally. One Indian man told of his experience; Frank said "if you did nothing wrong, what are you nervous about?" The man told him "because look where I am." Frank laughed.
  23. Except tourists don't have a clue about Thailand other than what they see on the pro Thailand youtubers videos that it is paradise.
  24. US and Canada is probably the strongest alliance in the world.
  25. That's not enough, many hotels take a copy of your passport for security reasons - it doesn't guarantee they're going to register you. If the hotel doesn't also get the TM6 arrival card number, they can't register TM30 for you.
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