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  2. That doesn’t help anyone... The existing rules are clear. No need to change them. It is harsh, especially under the current circumstances where the economic climate in Thailand has cased a lot of struggle for both Thai’s and foreigners. The only solution to ensure longevity here is to save up 400k and keep it in a separate bank account and never touch it.
  3. Okay, true. But, why did this junta hugger not tell this his junta buddies six months ago already? Why did he never complain about the monopoly game of the government? Why did he never complain about not joining COVAX and why did he never complain about blocking private sourcing of the vaccines? Answer: He always has been nothing but a junta hugger. This even has been more important for him than his reputation as a scientist.
  4. But perhaps there's been a calculation establishing that 300Baht per tourist will build a total revolving fund which covers all situations: A, B, and C.
  5. No, the speed limit has only changed on one stretch of road near Ayutthaya at this time. Do try to keep up.
  6. Yup he’s full of horse shazer he needs to get the people vaccinated ASAP what a absolutely divvy needs to learn from the uk a country that does not fick about!!!!!!
  7. My missus is looking at me as though I've got 2 heads, giggling away to myself on the settee.
  8. I bought my ETH back in October of 2018 when it was around $100 a coin. Added as time went. Everything invested now in my crypto wallets is pure profit from cashing in and/converting other cryptos thus trading up.
  9. I've ordered from Makro, Tops, Tesco and Big C and all have been good. I like the fact that you can book a delivery slot with Tops, Tesco and Big C but I generally use Makro. A word of warning though, if you order fresh meat don't use the express services because it's delivered by motorbike and might arrive rotten. Standard delivery arrives in a refrigerated van in perfect condition in my experience and you can check before accepting it. Avoid HappyFresh. Anyone used annsfrozenfood or britishop? They both seem like good options for British meals.
  10. They are cautious and calculating. I would also be if I was Pfizer.
  11. Fine, but we need to stop Covid, so neutralizing antibodies are the endpoint, to avoid infection, not keeping people from getting mildly sick, since they can infect others.
  12. AZ seems to be the only other option in June right now besides the dreaded china one ! I'm (sixty eight ) and have a appointment for June 24 to get examined and vaccinated by one of the village doctors up here in Sakon Nakhon ! I told my wife to call the village head today,so she visited the doctor he recommended. The doc said make the appointment and see what happens for choices on what vaccines are being given! I will decline the China vac if that's all they have ! My wife's family said they are scared to take the china one! Good luck with getting the coun
  13. You certainly put out an avalanche of questions. First of all, not all 55K Brits are so much in need. Let's consider those most at risk, older people. Although there are clotting issues similar to AZ, the cases involved women aged 18-48, so not the target group. The question remains when the J&J vaccine will be approved in the UK. That would be a sensible criterion. This vaccine is easier to transport in-country as well, and requires a single dose. There are various British facilities in Thailand besides the Embassy, so perhaps the vaccination effort could be dissem
  14. I would just deport him and blacklist him. I would not even bother giving him a second chance since he is obviously not even trying to abide by regulations.
  15. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4973708/failed-flu-vaccine-to-blame-thousands-deaths/ Do your homework. You can't take the shot out, once it goes in..
  16. Today
  17. I would print out the digital copy.
  18. Where in the linked article did it say that foreigners would be treated any differently than Thais with regard to testing and cost after May 15?
  19. And don't forget, buying imported food in the US, especially stuff from Mexico, is far more reasonable than importing anything into Thailand.
  20. It's ok. P.S. I'm drunk and have been for three days now.
  21. Leaver

    Pattaya gym

    The situation is far from similar. So, would you buy a life membership now? Would you even buy a 1 year membership now?
  22. I realize that it keeps Thai people employed, otherwise, I would think reporting every ninety days without an address change to be bureaucratic overreach. As far as visa renewals, it should be a simple matter of paying a set fee and getting stamped in for another year. They have no need to know the income of every intended long-stayer. Better yet, scrap the language requirement for permanent residency . after six continuous years of residing here. "Work" should be defined as any enterprise which takes money out of the Thai economy. not teaching English to Chinese students, online. The result o
  23. Seems like the OP has finally realised that despite all the bright neon lights of Thailand, it's basically a 3rd World Country, with 3rd World governance.
  24. so they got A Tip off? someone owes him money for the delivery and does not want to pay so that's friends are for ?
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