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  2. 1. Submission of application for the COE After you receive a go ahead from the embassy/consulate: 2. Flight 3. COE for the date of arrival
  3. if you spend more than 10 minutes researching this guy and his history, you wont believe a word he says
  4. ah! the Express what would Chancellor Coffer Master do without the Express, the ultimate source of fact and guidance! doesn't even have smth useful on page 3
  5. Hi All, I'm not looking for a penny perfect quote. Roughly speaking, assuming a 30% deposit and 70% loan, what will be the cost per million baht over say 10 and 15 yrs? Roughly what is the interest. For what it is worth, I'm looking to buy a condo on the 7-10MB range, in Bangkok. So borrow 5-7MB, something like that. I have a work permit etc. I've tried googling this, but come back with such a wide range of answers it's hard to tell what is what. Thanks in advance.
  6. Should have holed the first few of those boats as soon as they entered UK waters years ago, preferably in mid-winter. Word would have gone back even if the illegals didn't!
  7. Thanks BritTim. Very helpful. Do they ask to see evidence of your address you will be staying? I usually just rent an appartment when i know my dates. But with waiting for repatriation flights, how do i make a booking? Could you book a refundable hotel room for a few weeks? Or do they require proof of stay throughout your whole stay ? I'm assuming i can't show an airbnb booking due to the legality of that in Thailand.
  8. I had an Acer that lasted for many years and was brilliant, ignore the haters. Lenovo are fantastic, especially the Thinkpads but they don't come cheap. Asus also make some great laptops. I currently use a quad-core MSI which wasn't cheap but was worth it. Just stick to a well known brand and avoid HP and you'll be fine.
  9. And they pinged you at 102 km/h ..... blimey: thanks for the heads-up Santi, Im going up to Udon next week. I still maintain that 90 km/h on a 4 lane highway is an utterly ridiculous, unrealistic and impractical limit
  10. If it has a fuel filter blockage that could be the problem. If it doesn't have a fuel filter then the carb main jet is dirty. Try draining the carb and see if that will make it start. If you are not mechanically minded about motorcycles then get it collected to take somewhere Phantom are sooooo simple.
  11. And yet, there are many people that still love it there and have no intentions of ever leaving. Really just depends on the person and your expectations going in.
  12. The OP has not posted nor openly visited the site since 2005. Shame really as I visited Betong many times from 1992 to 1997 and knew it well. How on earth did you happen to find this topic?
  13. You are exactly the kind of person they want to get rid of. Spending money on travelling. Terrible. The pensioners on TV will not be happy.
  14. Seems Russia vaccine has been approved (the article below).. The daughter of Putin has been vaccinated. Should be safe...
  15. Vettel is a poor loser and a cheat much the same way Schumacher was a cheat although Schumacher was also a supreme racer. Lewis is talented, no question. As as for the best of all time, we’ll never know, the fastest and most reliable cars usually produce a winner. So the Mercedes team are probably one of the greatest ever teams. Now if somehow we could have a season of races using identical cars that would be awesome and I’d forecast Vettel to finish 6th.
  16. Because I do marriage extensions yearly, and Thai Driving Licence renewals, and even asking Thai bank for letters it has been useful. Also it shows on Your Thai DL your Thai ID Number the province where you live has given you, not your passport number, so much better as ID.
  17. Normally buy a large multigrain loaf every day from Tops at 79 baht. Today 91 baht. Some jump from yesterday. I know they have just had a bit of a refurb but an almost 15% increase overnight? OK. Rant over. Back to my sandwich.
  18. basically i had same as u--may 1 check but then i faxed the form 3911 to them middle of july-- then was allowed to add my bank info into irs website and now waiting payment date. what does it say when u go to "get my payment" website?
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