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  2. I don't know if Americans are favoured here (compared to people from other wealthy countries), but if they are this would be somehow strange. The odds of a native English speaker working as an English teacher, while being in Thailand on a tourist visa, are way higher than those of a person whose mother tongue isn't english. Imho it would be reasonable if an IO would be more suspicious towards the native english speaker.
  3. I demand that we must know where the baseball bat came from. Some "slugger's" bat is now famous.
  4. OK, Dundee, what confuses you about my post? 12 like it, but you are confused! Kindly enlighten us!
  5. In this day and age, you need a landlord that is versed on TM30 and a bank that knows the process for the local IO. In either case, if they can't accommodate you, take business elsewhere.
  6. There is no EU military. EU is an economic and political Union, exclusive of military. Well obviously your not keeping up with the news. This is just one of many contentious plans, being drawn up by those unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels.
  7. sorry but i dont get Europeans, complain about crime and safety in their homecountries and then decide to move to a country with even higher crime and murder rates, ive seen and talked to people saying how safe thailand is because when they look at bangkokpost news and thaivisanews it is little crime, i laughed and said try checking thai news. and UK is one of the countries with lowest murder rate in the world also London. UK population 66 million people - 736 murders = 1.11 murders per 100,000 people. thailands official figure Thailand population 68 million people - 2,229 murders = 3.24 murders per 100,000 people in 2016 (latest figure) but also some sources say in 2016 thailand had more than 3,000 gun murders = 4.41 gun murders per 100,000 people, so the figure is higher with the stabbings and assaults. and a article on bangkok post (that i can not link) regarding suicide in thailand they said 3,000 - 3,800 murders yearly in thailand 2016. thailands murder rate it is different in every report and analyze, i found murder amount for each region in thai (north,central etc) of thailand and they all had the exact same figures for all crimes also exactly same arrest figures, now is that not weird?
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  9. I bought a Sony smart TV and an inverter fridge with my last interest payout from a fixed deposit...and got my fourth extension a few months ago...not sure what country these people are talking about.
  10. You can extend on 20th without penalty as immigration is closed on 19th. Just expect longer lines
  11. Is the land transport office in Bang Lamung open on Feb. 19, 2019? This is Makha Bucha day, or Magha Puja Day is also known as Sangha Day or Fourfold Assembly Day, it is also designated as a national holiday.
  12. It happens in the US with various crops. Many used to try to drum up support that it was UFOs landing but those people have moved on.
  13. and yeah ,, fergie wasnt so far of the mark ,, i like matic and shaw as players but i was genuinely horrified when i saw an eye level camera shot of the both leaving the park,, i'm wondering if anyone else noticed this or something similar again i'm wondering if they werent worth SO much money the clubs would be so keen to get them bac ,, cos to me neither looked anywhere near the shape needed for an 'elite' athlete to perform at the required level
  14. Savannakhet let me get a TR with a black remark-stamp from Phnom Penh (similar wording, different ink-color). They might not be as kind if it had been put there in another consulate in Laos. But Vientiane would have none of it 3 mo later - even showing all of the "may need to show next time" list in their "remark stamp." I call it "remark stamp" because the staff at Vientiane said, "If you have a visa with this remark, we cannot issue..." In fact, it is "just a remark" - no basis in law, etc. Maybe, "remark stamp telling staff to ignore relevant laws," would be better.
  15. Go take a look at Sermsook, school uniforms, classrooms, lots of books, definitely not child care. I think I paid 2000 baht per month. The English program my son goes to now costs 50.000 per year. ISS charges 350.000 per year for the same.
  16. You do not need to start a limited conpany just to run a small restaurant. In fact I would advise you not to start a limited company at first. Instead, your wife can run the business as a sole trader. If the business really does well you can reconsider at a later date. A limited conpany will take time, effort and money to run. The life of a sole trader is easy by comparison.
  17. i had a chance at Mexico, Colombia and Panama and dropped the ball, because I just had to be in exotic Asia, A fool never learns, Many places are, not only glad to have us, they have single-payer health care and modest social programs.
  18. Today
  19. Withholding tax: You withhold the tax where necessary, at the applicable rate, and prepare two withholding tax forms. You give one copy of the form to the person or company you witheld from. The second copy you submit monthly to the Revenue Department by the 7th day of the following month, along with the tax you witheld.
  20. Assume you're talking visit visa? If so, I've just done 2nd successful visit visa for my Thai gf. I also have not seen that SU07 form before. I also didn't supply any utility bills, they wern't requested so not sure where you are getting that info from. I included - sponsor letter, proof of income, 3 months bank statements, title deeds, employment contract, copy of my passport, my work permit from Thailand, and in / out visa stamps into Thailand, photos & messages (yes I know they're controversial but I still include them). That's what I've done for the last 2 years and both no problem.
  21. Sorry, title should be clearer, I'm talking about Hat Yai Airport Immigration getting an upgrade, not the immigration office. I've tried to stay clear of them, happy with getting a Multi-O each year and doing a border run if a work trip doesn't take me away first. Maybe edit the thread title.
  22. Actually, Thais did participate with the US in Vietnam fighting. See: In Buddha's Company, Thai Soldiers in the Vietnam War by Richard Ruth. That said, I think Orton Rd's post regarding participation in Korean & Vietnam wars was a criticism of a prior comment about Thai generals bedecked with medals. I hardly think any of the current crop of generals logged any time in either of those wars. So, yes, what do they receive all their medals for?
  23. There is one way to avoid the tax (not applicable to every situation though) and one way to minimise the tax. Avoid: Place your sign on the inside of your shop window or premises. This only really works for high street locations, but you do see it in Bangkok. Starbucks uses this format from time to time, especially in shopping malls. You will see their illuminated mermaid sign inside the shop window rather than outside the premises. Minimise: Carefully design your sign. Look at the illuminated 7-Eleven facade signs at the front of their businesses. The illuminated 7-Eleven logo is in the centre of the facade and is a separate panel. That single panel is taxable. The red, white and green horizontal stripes that stretch the width of the facade are separate panels and they are not taxable, because they are decoration and not part of the sign. That's quite clever, because you spot the red, white and green colour scheme long before you see the 7-Eleven sign. 7-Eleven also make extensive use of tax exempt signage adhered to the inside of their shop windows. Hopefully that will give others helpful ideas in the future. I'm now going to start writing my future bestselling book: How To Save Tax in Thailand.
  24. Are you still repeating that lie about Obama and 3 percent' I know I explicitly pointed out its falsity when you alleged such in another thread.. Then I guess we could have called it an honest error on your part. Not so much now. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/gdp-growth
  25. You make it sound like Tories want Brexit and Labour want to remain
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