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  2. I hope they both survive competition is always best for the consumer. The world needs airbus to make crappy planes so cheapskates can still fly. I am just teasing so please no hate mail.
  3. Headline of the day Former GOP House Intel chair: McConnell eating 'manure sandwich' with Trump's national emergency https://thehill.com/homenews/house/430169-former-gop-house-intel-chair-mcconnell-eating-manure-sandwich-on-trump-calling (The Hill tilts conservative)
  4. To be fair he did not - but he did imply he was better at interpreting x-rays than a qualified doctor. BTW less than 10% of rib fractures are visible on x-ray.
  5. Which ISP in the States is it? And if doesn’t happen on an Android tablet but only with your PC, is there their conclusive evidence that the problem is throttling by your ISP rather than something that’s going on with your PC?
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  7. Athletes have been making political statements for generations. Do you just not like it because his viewpoint is different to yours?
  8. I have recent experience with DHL from UK...it's really slow, about 14 days when quioting 5, and certainly not worth the money in my opinion. I was watching it online (tracking) and you wouldn't believe how long it was taking from different hubs etc...seriously frustrating experience having paid about £30 for the experience. Royal mail signed for is really good value and takes 5 days. (Think it's a fiver) I learnt quickly through losses years ago (living in Samui) to never have anything sent (even a simple letter) without it being signed for. Funny cos sending out of Thailand unsigned was never a problem.....
  9. It seems you know FA about Rawai or Chalong.
  10. The guy is standing on the side walk where pedestrians are suppose to be safe from motorcycles.
  11. What a great idea, 1 soi dog for each soldier, that will help reduce the soi dog problem.
  12. Businesswoman wants to become Thailand's first transgender prime minister Jeremy Harmer, Tassanee Vejpongsa Ms Ngarmpring greets locals as part of election campaigns in Bangkok As Pinit Ngarmpring, he was a CEO and sports promoter, well known in the world of Thai football. Now, under her preferred new name of Pauline Ngarmpring, she’s pursuing a bid to become the country’s first transgender prime minister. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1084589-businesswoman-wants-to-become-thailands-first-transgender-prime-minister/
  13. Businesswoman wants to become Thailand's first transgender prime minister Jeremy Harmer, Tassanee Vejpongsa Ms Ngarmpring greets locals as part of election campaigns in Bangkok As Pinit Ngarmpring, he was a CEO and sports promoter, well known in the world of Thai football. Now, under her preferred new name of Pauline Ngarmpring, she’s pursuing a bid to become the country’s first transgender prime minister. The 52-year-old is one of three candidates put forward by a political party for the post in next month’s general election. She says she wants her nomination to bring hope to the marginalised and open up political space for future generations of LGBT+ people. Full story: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/thailand-first-transgender-prime-minister-lgbt-election-pauline-ngarmpring-candidate-bangkok-a8780446.html INDEPENDENT: 2019-02-16
  14. Again a swing and a miss. Sent from my iPod touch using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. As an Australian I have followed this case closely on TV.com and in other media. Of course I'm very happy with the outcome. I find the division of opinion on these matters disturbing, the hatred the intolerance and ignorance goes beyond acceptable opinion or freedom of speech, I am not singling out Thai visa posters as this is prevalent in society and is fuelled by the political agenda of those who stand to gain from division. To those who express opinion intolerant or hateful, against the humanitarian treatment of those whose countries are war torn or lacking in justice and human rights. Please ask yourselves are your thoughts your own or are you simply chanting a mantra brought to us by the bureaucrats determined to keep us divided as division will not allow society to progress. Think freely, be educated, question everything. Everything.
  16. I think McDonalds coffee or even 7-11 coffee is better than Amazon coffee and a lot more economical.
  17. Non-certified can also mean the guide did not have the Thai tourguide license. I don't know exactly what happened, but reaching conclusions based an articles like these is quite often incorrect. According to the original article he was diving from Racha Yai BTW, so not on a cruise to Racha Yai.
  18. 19 injured after bus crashes into Sa Kaeo property By The Thaiger 19 people have been injured after a bus plunged into a local house today. FM 91 BKK reports that the accident happened at 8.10am this morning near Wattana Nakhon District Office in Sa Kaeo, on the Cambodian border, east of Bangkok. At the scene police found 19 people injured as a result of the incident. They were taken to Wattana Nakhon Hospital. Police are investigating the incident and talking to the injured, witnesses and bus driver. Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/national/19-injured-after-bus-crashes-into-sa-kaeo-property -- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-02-16
  19. "...Of the ten most favoured prime ministerial candidates, Prayuth Cha-o-cha led the field polling 26.06% with Sudarat Keyuraphan of the Pheu Thai party coming second, with 24.01%..." This is statistically meaningless. The headline is misleading, to say the least. "...In the party race, the poll shows Pheu Thai, 36.49%; Palang Pracharat, 22.57%; Democrat, 15.21%; Future Forward, 8.18%; Seri Ruam Thai, 4.97%; Chat Thai Pattana, 1.39%; Pheu Chart and Bhumjai Thai, 0.91%; and Thai Raksa Chart, 0.43%..." This IS a statistically significant margin. Hey Nation! Why is this not the highlight and headline of your story? "...The survey sampled opinions from 2,091 people of minimum age 18 years and with varied occupations and educational backgrounds between February 4th and 7th..." Where? In other polls, it has been Bangkok and its immediate surroundings. If the poll was conducted in Issan, for example, would Prayut even be in the top three? (hint: NO!) Thai PBS and the Nation are doing a disservice by publishing this without proper context and/or explanation. What a surprise from the cheating cheaters who cheat.
  20. Thanks guys. I think I've found the solution.
  21. What a farce of a comment just more naive Thai cop negativity. For the OP No not all reports are sent. If it was filed as an incident report or miscellaneous such as lost property, they with not send it for prosecution. And yes, if they determine no crime occurred or it lacks criminal elements (such as a mutual combat argument or fight) they will not send it for prosecution. If you have more details it may help but if you were told "no crime" it will be kept on file and not sent for prosecution.
  22. Phuket: Area to have water shut off for 12 days By The Thaiger The Phuket Water Authority (PWA) has announced that water supply in some areas of Cherng Talay will be cut from February 16 to February 28. The supply will be shut off in some areas during day and night. Water will be shut off while work is being carried out moving and replacing water pipes. Areas to be affected in area around Cherng Talay. There will be either no water or very weak water flow to the areas during day and night. -- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-02-16
  23. Not really the point. While I appreciate all of the opinions this discussion about how a Thai person gets a loan is not really appropriate here. 40% of Thais have a loan from a bank. That's a fact. If one wants to get into a technical discussion of banking it should be in the banking forum. Many ways to get a loan. Brother loans money and land collateralize loan. My wife's mother gives land to the children who give her money to live. I'll make it simple. Sell the house that Paddy expat gave Lilly Thai and both live off of the money - the alternative is starvation and the children being doomed to no education rice farming jobs - to listen the posters. Why anyone would marry a woman without a job or no job prospects is beyond me but that is not the point either. I only made a simple point. If they guy is being kicked out of Thailand because he used all of his cash to buy a home - reverse the process and use the equity in the home to help him stay.
  24. On a visa exempt entry into the country one of the rules is the need to show 10k baht cash or equivalent in either currency or travellers cheques (20k if you're entering on a visa). Not often checked, but when entry is denied it's one of the commonly used reasons.
  25. Though I get what the analogy is trying to say it's pretty poor as following that logic the Bouncer would be the one who's asking to leave and the patron is (or more accurately SHOULD be) trying to make sure they don't leave though the 4th floor window.
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