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  2. Not really related to my point. If a person finds what they feel is the perfect place for them. Checks all the boxes. Yet, some recommend passing if they want 2 months deposit? I think that is a dumb decision. It is not always easy to find a place here that meets most ones needs. If they find one and the only sticking point is an additional months depoist, I would pay it in a second. In fact I have and never been disappointed and always got all my deposit back.
  3. No No No. Just change the colour of The vest from yellow to bright red so they can be spotted easely! Bottom line they do not care! Specially along Sukhumvit Road Bangkok. Along with pavements going the wrong way on the road! The police may aswell stay home and watch TV because they do <deleted>-all!
  4. What's in those jars?,Looks like a bio lab to me.
  5. I did the above this August with a very similar travel history to yours(2 years back to back tourist, 1 month break total) Might be lucky but no issues whatsoever at Suvarnabhumi. They did not even ask for my return ticket or cash.
  6. Got fruit yet? Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  7. The one that i am no longer in Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Your post had everything to do with the situation in the US, as at least 16 Republican Senators will have to cross their party line and join the Democrats to impeach Trump. Bad thing? I don't think so -- country before party seems a good thing. McCain was a famous US Senator, known as the maverick, for crossing party lines for the 'greater good'. The ability to cross party lines, and stick your finger in the eye of party dogma, is how compromise is reached. Not necessarily routinely -- but when needed.
  9. Doh! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  10. Come back to a world where all those you loved were dead? Not in a million years. Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. Yes, and with every EU-vote, where the UK just make the beginning of a comment, the others will say: "you want to brexit again ? "
  12. I think what is missing is a house number and moo baan indicator (look outside your house for something like 1234/56 Moo 7). Usually in the address is included the Tambon, Amper and Changwat (plus zipcode). Your Changwat is Chonburi, but not sure about your Tambon and Amper).
  13. I believe Buddhism is more that a philosophy, in fact I don’t think it is a philosophy at all. One could better describe it as a way of life, or a practice, but even that fails to encompass the entire scope of it. There are many practical aspects, as well as more mystical aspects. There are many schools of Buddhism. Varjrayana, Mayahana, and Hinayana. Tibetan Buddhists believe in many deities and for lack of a better word “worship” those deities as an aid to achieving enlightenment. The Buddha acknowledged the existence of Gods, in fact the Buddha visited the Tu<deleted>a heaven for 3 months to liberate his mother. During the Buddha’s paranirvana many Gods appeared, and was said the more advanced disciples saw them and could communicate with them. So, I don’t think you can define Buddhism as merely a philosophy, nor does it fit comfortably as a religion in the western sense. However, as far as communicating to both eastern and western people, I prefer the word religion because that is the established precedent used by most people in the world, while acknowledging problems with this definition as well.
  14. Australia has gone to the dogs many many years ago, they went to all the wars that had nothing to do with them. Australia is full of war heroes.
  15. Moral to story: Never run a beer bar in Pattaya. Though kudos to this lady doing it at 77 years old
  16. Hey Triple F, maybe you could click on the link to get the answer!
  17. For everybody? Or just those that are top of the gravy train.
  18. It's amazing how the noise at some small projects can drag on for over a year.. smaller crews and less capital... suppose to end at 1700 in some areas, but it is 2200 or 2300 on others... not sure how they differentiate. Dcondo at the top of Suthep might be a good alternative. H3 is a jewell, but the footpaths and tour busses... Mai krap. A friend snowbirded at Baan Thai for years and now does Lanna 3 Apartments.
  19. I doubt very much that if every penny counted, they would be going on international holidays. In any event, do you really think the Ministry of Tourism or even Finance fo that matter control the value of the Baht?
  20. Yup Liberals are just full of the milk of human kindness. BARF.
  21. "And the added benefit would be that the location of the driver would be known at all times meaning that crime could be lessened too." NO IT WOULD NOT!!!! Do these people even know how a GPS even works??? It would give you the location of the Vehicle it was attached to... NOT THE REGISTERED OWNER or THE DRIVER...
  22. But I thought Boris has now this great deal? Or not?
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