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  2. OK, I'm just joking. BUT, the all too common TV member that posts often on here tends to be confrontational and does not seem to get along well with life here in Thailand. These people are definitely no nos for our place. We have been renting for over 10 years so I have quite a bit of experience ! Have only had a handful of problems but they have helped us to choose more wisely. And I am nicer now too
  3. E Visa, are you all saying to come as a 2:3 week tourist you have to all these things and not just get at the booth on arrival ?
  4. I have been on this forum for yers. I do know your past. You can't really run away of your past, when it really matters. Sanemax.
  5. For VOIP, make sure you have a good internet connection with a public IPv4 address. Cheaper 590 baht plans usually comes with CGNAT shared IP address and it is bad for voip.
  6. Yeah. I know that my current account is to be deleted in 3..2..1.. I accept the fact. But I do wish to take few of the rather sad personalities down with me. It makes me happy
  7. As you only joined this forum an hour ago , could be that you are a banned poster returning or could be someone with another account ? Needs to be investigated
  8. Matzzon


    Do not trust a free VPN service, due to that they do not have any responsibilities to you. They also offer a more bad service and not as many countries like you would want. The speed is also bad. The best ones you have to choose from is Nord VPN and Express VPN, where I can vouch for Express VPN as the better one.
  9. Tomcats will go after anything- male or female Sent from my Lenovo TB-8304F1 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. No,you are stupid if you choose retirement before marriage. You only need 400k two months before applying for the extension,and you can withdraw all of it if you want, or only 40k monthly, compared to 800k in the bank 5 months, and never below 400k for another 7 months,then top it up again to 800k. Who cares about a few photos and a visit from immigration? I am not living out in the sticks.
  11. I think you'll find he's joking, Lacessit
  12. You are the next one to be ousted from Thaivisa. You are recurring account, who has been the Russian thought for years to come. It's time for you to be cancelled.
  13. I know I could just tick a like about your post. Meaning your spot on. You are correcting an experienced poster about the understanding of extending "permission of stay". Another " expert" on TV with extensive knowledge across the board still maintains its the original visa that's being extended.
  14. No! The way I see it, Biden isn't confirmed as running against Trump yet...he's part of a large group that's still jostling to be his opponent. And he ain't a shoo in by any stretch. Biden wasn't operating in the same orbit as a Mayor Pete or Beto either....he was on the world stage, so if he's done something shady with an ally in the past, the President has a right to wonder what went on. He hasn't asked Ukraine to fabricate dirt on Biden. Biden has made himself look guilty of shady behaviour....his sons actions probably aren't criminal but they are enough to topple Biden from his high horse of let's make America moral again.
  15. “New app for expats in Thailand to be called ‘OSS Foreigner” If past experience of Thai Immigration is anything to go by it may get renamed ... “SOS Foreigner”
  16. Tickets for the Buriram match can be had on the day. 150b in the main stand. You'll need to hire a car, with or without driver, to get to Panon Rung. Kao Kradong, extinct volcano, just south of the Chang Arena. Good views of the region as its very flat.
  17. Since there's way, way more belts than the ones the passenger sees in the baggage claim hall involved in getting bags from plane to carousel, what's so unlikely about a belt "in the middle" failing? You said yourself that bags from other flights started turning up on your belt. But of course that doesn't fit your narrative that it's Thailand and Suvarnabhumi is staffed with incompetent dullards who all hate us and lie to us all the time.
  18. Sanemax is really a troll, which has been for ages protected. His account should be gotten rid of by now. Enough of that years of trolling he has done by now. Enough of it already.
  19. Chinese might find their welcome in Cambodia is not as it first was... Hun Sen may have invited you to the dining table with a loaded handshake, but taking over is not welcomed by the locals.. respect the borders you do not own S.E Asia yet.
  20. Okey, sympathy for stupidity and you shall not judge a person living by his own laws? Sorry, I prefer to set the limits a little bit before that overdriven length. Bit, maybe you can answer a few questions then: Shall you have sympathy for a person that deliberately overstay his permission to stay? Is the the new modern soft touch we must have? If you shall not judge people that breaks the law. Why would we then need court rooms? If it´s such a small thing, why does countries have visas and Immigration police? Why do they just not let people come and go like they want?
  21. They,'re not being paid a living wage however,they,'re being exploited ( see above post) and receiving state benefits ( payable by the tax payer,i.e mugs like me )so try and do a bit of research before you go off half cocked.
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