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  2. More bad news for Australian expats on the way. Next month the Australian Reserve Bank is tipped to lower interest rates causing a further drop in the AUD against the USD. In fact It is predicted the Australian interest rate will drop to below 1% and the AUD will consequently fall to about 65c. It is now just above 69c and has fallen about 3c in the last month or two.
  3. Thanks, had no idea you cant bring a car longer out as a year that makes things difficult. I dont have so many problems in Europe, i just register it in Poland at my friends address and you can ride it anywhere. Poland is still much easier when it comes to something like this as Germany. : I was usually planning to ride my motorcycle all the way but i am getting older too and not really sleeping in tents anymore for a couple of weeks. Lots of ppl doing it the other way around already, a friend of mine Ed March, did it on a Honda C90 from Malaysia to England, crossing India Iran etc. Its not like 30 years ago anymore where no one could cross Russia. I want to go up to China first, thats the biggest problem so far, since China allow only driving licenses made in China and they still want to give you a guard you have to pay for. Kazachstan and Russia are no Problem at all and Pakistan and Afghanistan i am not planning to visit. : And THANKS ... you got it i do NOT planning to SHIP a RV after I build it in Thailand, there would be no reason for something like this.
  4. Good for you! When I married Hubby I didn't realize he couldn't swim. I figured he did because he owned at least four swim suits and grew up in a seaside city. On our honeymoon, we went to the pool at the hotel and he immediate stretched out on a lounger -- at an indoor pool! I got into the pool and asked him what was his problem, come on, get in the pool. He did and just stood in the shallow end. We were the only ones in the pool, so I went up to do a little horseplay (it was our honeymoon after all) and I realized he was scared to death that I was going to jump on his back and get his head under water. So, the truth came out and he admitted he needed to learn to swim. Like driving, this isn't something that you should learn from a family member, but rather from a professional. Here in Chiang Mai, there is an organization called Bronco Kids Sports Center in the Old City and they have some instructors who speak English. While the center is focused on giving lessons to kids, I think they'd be willing to do private lessons for an adult there. Kru Payu goes out to swimming pools in condos, hotels and moo baans to give private lessons, which might be better than trying to use the pool at the kids center.
  5. So much fuss about something that is for once very sensible. For all those complainers out there just ask yourselves what hoops your country makes a Thai who wants to live in your home country jump through.
  6. combination) also fills me up! I also observed alleviation in CBD oil, which helped with one of the continual agony, and allowed me to restart my exercise routine, which I sorely overlooked for over 4 years. Having a dwelling health ocanna cbd oil club makes it convenient to jump on every time and my Fitbit motivates me through logging my steps and workouts, and cheering me on once I whole individual targets. In addition, i have located relief in primary oil blends that lessen my anxiety, urge for food and relieve soreness. I've a entire shelf of professional oils to treat almost the whole thing! In ocanna cbd oil days, i am nonetheless prescription drug-free and have misplaced over 30 lbs. I nonetheless have ache, but it is https://supplementeffects.com/ocanna-cbd-oil/
  7. UJ, Thanks for the clarification. Can you please help sort out a/the strategy here?
  8. Here's the current group. I think the original three for the O-X visa program were Thaivivat, Viriyah and Navakij, which I'd never heard mentioned in any farang insurance circles before seeing them become part of the O-X insurance pool. I think the more recent newcomers are Pacific Cross, AXA and Bangkok. https://longstay.tgia.org/
  9. I wish people would stop spreading nonsense and inaccurate information on these thread In case people hadn't noticed people applying for a 12 month extension of permission to stay in Thailand have to meet certain financial requirements "IN THAILAND" - either annual income equal to Bt800k a year or a Bank balance of Bt800k for 5 months not going below Bt400k for 12 months Now stop this stupid nonsense now it is getting tiring and it is the same people trolling baiting these threads talking out their ass
  10. if we do not confront the Chinese now it will soon be too late.
  11. OK, I read it and I had read it before, and I still fail to understand how you come to the conclusion of total certainty that this requirement will only be for O-A visa applicants based on my reading of an obviously rough online translation. They talk about how the visa can be renewed annually and I think they are OBVIOUSLY referring to in Thailand extensions based on the google translation. Rather than repeated new applications for O-A visas. Or at the very least it's AMBIGUOUS. For example the Integrity Legal lawyer that I've posted videos from has obviously read the same sources as you, perhaps he's more fluent in Thai than you that I don't know, and he seems totally definite that the requirement will be for all retirement extensions in Thailand. Exactly the opposite of your conclusion. You may indeed turn out to be correct, and I hope that you are, but I still don't get your certainty about this. Also the translation clearly says this is a joint action of the MFA and internal Thai immigration. Does that not strike you as a very strong CLUE? If it was indeed only about applications for O-A visas, and repeated ones, immigration in Thailand wouldn't need to be part of this at all. I don't mean any disrespect to you. I just want to get to the bottom of this, and sorry, you haven't convinced me as yet that you actually have the evidence to fully back up your assertion of certainty on this. Wouldn't it be more ethical to say at this time there is some ambiguity about where this is heading and suggest people stay tuned and watch what actually happens (or doesn't happen) starting in July?
  12. 1) As previously stated by many, white folk aren't the foreigners who didn't pay their hospital bills. 2) 80% of Thais have never paid income tax. 3) If you've been earning and paying tax in Thailand, why aren't you in the Thai SS scheme?
  13. Do you also boycott Palestinian products , due to the Palestinian leaderships anti Israel policies ?
  14. I do not understand the renovated Marina Mall leasing strategy...( well, maybe I do, the Thai business way of thinking is to lease as much space to food vendors outside and do not care it takes clientele from the big name franchise restaurants that have invested in leasing long term inside the shopping center. Most of the restaurants at Marina shopping center (2nd Rd) are not packed , including the new building that was constructed just for restaurants ( tastefully done). So why does the business manager in charge of leasing and making the place attractive allow food vendors to sell food outside, taking customers away from the established restaurants inside. No one likes to eat in an empty restaurant. Is it a “I do not care” attitude because if the restaurants go out of business, the shopping center already had their long term deposit? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  15. There is no hospital non-payment issue. The debt is peanuts and involves many others rather than just 'farangs' A clear cut "if you tell a big lie often enough" it will stick.A la Joseph Goebbels. I put it it down to the severe lack of intellectual opposition in Thailand. No wonder the mongers and fraudsters thrived..for a time..in their cozy little bolt hole.
  16. I did enjoy your thread however the above paragraph over simplifies the bizarre attitude of the U.K.government. Several years ago under a review of the N.H.S., a proposal was put forward to enable British expats to access the N.H.S. free of charge. Not only was the proposal rejected but a surcharge of 50% was imposed. If a "refugee" turns up in a boat on the beach at Dover they will qualify for free treatment. Also a campaign was launched to reinstate index linking of pensions for all expats wherever they choose to live. The then "not so Prime" Minister David Cameron's attitude was shut up and go away or he would remove the 20% tax free allowance for expats and the campaign itself was defeated on the grounds of cost. Britain gives away billions in foreign aid every year. They could have taken the money from that budget. Then the decision taken by the Foreign Office/ embassy to withdraw help in the form of income letters which other embassies seem to have no problem with. There is an overt hostility towards U.K. expats, maybe born of jealousy by miserable bureaucrats who are stuck in there own crappy world with their ugly wives. I, and I think some may agree or not, feel less threatened by the government of Thailand, than the unbritish government.
  17. Google's ability to track your purchases seems to be limited to inspecting your e-mailed receipts from what I see. If you don't receive those receipts then Google won't know about the associated purchase.
  18. You mean this article (that has not been retracted or corrected? http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30369468 ”Huge unpaid bills For instance, foreigners made 3.42 million medical visits last year, and did not pay for 680,000 of them, while in 2017, foreigners made 3.3 million medical visits and did not pay for 565,000 of them.”... Please provide a link to where these figures have been shown to be wrong or recanted by The Nation or a Government Ministry?...
  19. We are consumers. We consume Thai goods and sometimes Thais and in return we bring and spend our money here.
  20. absolutely. love Trump for only 2 things. the other is his immigration policy back home.
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