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  2. Actually the OP has a valid point as well as a good solution to the issue. i agree with him. Whenever someone asks for directions to a place I either provide a Google link or a set of GPS numbers. And thanks for the posts @WaveHunter. I was about to write a similar question about labs but found this set of post which answer my questions. I don't want to deal with hospitals or doctors. I know the set of blood tests I want done and rather not waste the extra time and expense having to consult with a doctor when I can just order what I need directly at a lab.
  3. Sounds strange when an officer picks out one group of people to say they can have confidence in the force. Should not all people have such confidence?
  4. Any comments on this: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-campaign-lawyer-stirs-outrage-by-saying-ex-cyber-chief-should-be-taken-out-at-dawn-and-shot/ar-BB1bwTcZ?ocid=spartanntp
  5. Hello, I seem to have missed this, & hope it's true. I'm stuck in a SA country, not my cup of tea. Can I come back to Thailand now? Where can I read about the rules, etc.? Thank you.
  6. Yeah, Bangkok Immigration switched to doing that sometime in the last month. I think the only result of them doing this is that the crowds may be more manageable at extension application time because it spreads the deadlines for doing those extensions out,. Except of course for all the people who waited until the last day. Reports from MTT on November 30th sounded rather nightmarish. If I were any of those people, I'd probably sacrifice a few days of the current extension and go in earlier next time.
  7. Yeah me too. I just took the time to read this entire thread. It seems apparent to me that nobody in Thailand has received this form this year first or second mailing. As it wasn't mailed. Assuming this is true and seeing that Manila keeps telling people wait for the later mailing and the later mailing never happened, it seems to me radical as it sounds, that its fair to assume that no action will be needed on this form this year. Unless and until they mail it even later. Am I wrong?
  8. I'd liken it to spellings like Sioux (for its native American/French influence) or other words that have foreign influence like sovereign or reign.
  9. Poppycock. "Rich" and "poor" are not absolutes. Even if the uber-rich are studying abroad, there will still be vast differences in means within classes and schools.
  10. Ahh, got you now. The usual super sleuthing that happens to tie incidents together. Suspicious activity gossiped about, passed onto other retailers to "watch out" for, story makes it's way through the grape vines, report made to police, police gather CCTV footage, local journos get hold of it via normal contacts.
  11. Well the big red bus served its purpose and is now redundant,we could always knock that out to a brexit party in one of the eu states,that,d be a start
  12. It's now December 2nd. I have not received a SSA Form 7162 for either of the two yearly mailings done by SSA in Wilke-Barr. So what's the next step here. Contact Manila? Is SSA Manila even acknowledging there is a problem this year?
  13. Just read it,it was written with more slant than the leaning tower of pisa.what makes these economic migrants,(although the snowflakes like to call them refugees )all head for the uk?aren,t they supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country they set foot in?genuine refugees that is? What makes migrants think they,ve got the god given right to come to the uk?the uks got its own problems with homeless people sleeping rough and just about the worst oid age pension in western europe,lets sort out our own problems first before taking on more,we,re not a world power anymore just a bankrupt laugh
  14. No, we are not leaving; we left at midnight on the 31st January 2020. Did you not notice? We left because too many people fell for Vote.Leave's lies. That you have to now call pointing that out 'nit picking' and 'clutching at straws' is purely because otherwise you'd have to admit how foolish you were to fall for them! We now have to make the best trade deal with the EU we can.
  15. They are Thais <cue Chart Thai> It's not like dirty foreigners are crossing illegally. It's kon Thai crossing back into the caress of Mother Thailand bosom. No doubt they'll be given a lecture and made to apologize and promise to never do it again.
  16. If you would like a closer approximation to pi on a calculator just remember the sequence 113355 and divide 355 by 113.
  17. I`ve often wondered about the scout uniform that`s being worn to school. Do the boys get taught at the school about the scouting traditions etc? It`s just I never see the boys going off to a hall somewhere in the evening to meet up. Are they a part of the scouting movement?
  18. And its up to the host country wether they let them in or not,
  19. A posted speed of 90 means 120+ to those who believe they are God's gift to Thailand and HiSo special people. Now? A posted speed of 120 means 150+ to those who believe they are God's gift to Thailand and HiSo special people as well as professional car racers.
  20. So explain to me why a certain member of the (self elected ) government who is convicted of drug trafficking is in government
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