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  2. Sorry who is Sherly? Is she an authority on this or just another TV member like the rest of us? The only Sheryle I know in CM is one with an S at the end.
  3. Same here and it will be awkward for the school to send out the 250,000 baht invoice for semester 1 in June, but I guess the show must go on.
  4. But for a bad error it would have been 2-0 as per my prediction. Should have been a bigger margin if Werner could finish or stay onside Nevermind, job done and onto Villa Park to complete the mission. I do wonder if Werner is saving his shooting boots for the CL final, remember Torres in the semi against Barca!
  5. Yes but no one has told him yet that "Knacker lacquer adds lustre to your cluster"
  6. Better to wait with the on-site schooling for another 2 weeks to let the 3rd wave slow down than forcing all students of all ages to get vaccinated... online schooling is available (though not really effective the way it works here...)
  7. Do you know 100% that "love" exists? Most do, but it's no more real or not real than God is, IMO.
  8. yes but 100 bags makes 50 pints
  9. If our health minister is confident than e have to get worried..
  10. Amazing Thai women, she looks so amazingly fit for someone who must be over 60.
  11. Are you getting any home schooling exercises for her ?
  12. If we then begin to make the vaccine mandatory, it is no surprise that the population feels under threat of taking vaccines with so many negative effects and no longer authorized in other countries.
  13. Well it looks as though it is go, However still a lot of questions unanswered, will you still need Coe?, Covid Insurance?, how long must you stay on the island before being able to move to another province, what are the rules if you come from a green zone but transit through an orange zone?, etc.
  14. He doesnt need to open his mouth to look stupid - just look at the medics shirt that he wears.
  15. My guess is that we will have a small trade deficit in April and the baht will drift slightly lower, toward 31.5 to the US dollar. Ur call?
  16. I'm not sure it's necessary to state that her visit is for six months. The visa is fixed length so she could elect to stay for two weeks or six months and it wouldn't change matters except the ECO might view a two week visit more favorably. In the past I have said that my wife will visit for a few weeks, had she stayed for a few months I doubt that would be held against her when she next applied for a visa. Perhaps you might consider saying that she will visit for a few months rather than the maximum time she is allowed to stay.
  17. Perhaps if they added a caption to the photo: 'Written using a covid vaccine syringe'
  18. The Swiss have been more circumspect of late The British Virgin Islands has been the place of choice for years now and is where most corrupt Thais bury their ill-gotten gains https://www.icij.org/investigations/offshore/mugabe-crony-among-thai-names-secret-offshore-files/
  19. IMO no such thing as 100% of anything to do with humans. Apparently we even share 98.8% of our genes with chimps. When I was in the military there was a male sergeant that was the ultimate macho guy that used to go around lording it over lower ranks. Last time I saw him he was transitioning to female- there was even an article in a local magazine about him/ her and how his wife was supporting him. So, when guys claim to be 100% hetero I remember him/ her. BTW, the point of "straight" guys being attracted to LBs is that while they won't be attracted to other men ( I can't
  20. Influential star Araya “Chompoo” A. Hargate was going viral again A viral celebrity is an obvious choice to promote a vaccine...
  21. An ongoing problem for me is being able to prove my address in Thailand (no utility bills &c. in my name, driving licence in Thai script). I've just noticed that Bangkok Bank is offering a new savings account which mails you a statement every three months. I was wondering if anyone knows: (1) Is your address on the actual statement, or just on the envelope it comes in? (2) Is the address in Latin script? (3) Are there any fees for running this account? https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Save-And-Invest/Save/Statement-Savings-Account Than
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