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  2. Just deal with the bit about the first Brexit dividend being an attack on UZk worker’s rights.
  3. Too many variables to give a precise answer to your questions. For example, if by 'as good' you are refering to the look of the finish - some factory paint finishes are not that good. The paint used by manufacurers is different to re-finish paints as they bake at higher temperatures. In addition car manuafcurers used water based paints these days as do most of the re-finishers in Europe. Water based application in a refinish setting is a little different and relies more on air movement to dry the paint than heat. It can be tricky to get the conditions right for water based applications witho
  4. Probably dead. Health was suffering, work was emotionally killing me. Much better here.
  5. A nice tree in Darwin, sorry about the construction and gloomy sky...
  6. I thought of saying we belong to the middle child brotherhood but that might be considered sexist by my 2 sisters so I'll coin a phrase and say we belong to middle "siblinghood"!
  7. When I did mine in November the DC embassy wasn’t doing the visas and COE... You should apply online with the NY Embassy... Took less than week to get visa, COE 1 day very quick once visa is completed... You upload everything to them and they process it for you!!
  8. I am prepared to bet that I know far more about my country's history than you do. Including the not so nice bits! Unlike you, though, I don't refer back to one aspect of it whenever I've lost the argument!
  9. Typical response from you,you can,t address any of the points i raised so you deflect.
  10. you need to read to read up. It's not just Norway. The US & UK also.
  11. No. Just do not have a phobia. Please do not look at what the USA have done to.... with their invasions and wars against the locals.
  12. I've seen some good movies by Scottfree films, might be Ridley Scott?
  13. Your usual response to everything which damages the UK. Yet you call yourself a patriot!
  14. Yeap...higher payments are always helpful, but Social Security was never meant to be a person's only source of income in retirement. A person needs to save/invest during their career to round out needed income in retirement....or hopefully have a career that provides a separate pension to combine with the Social Security pension. Yeap, I know savings/investing is hard to impossible for many, but as said Social Security was never meant to a person's only source of income in retirement.
  15. A lot of the people who live in Natai Beach worked in Phuket and are now doing a similar thing. A new chicken sticks opened today near my house, and a van driver I know a coffee shop last week. Many others have sprung up over the last few months. I go out of my way to support as many of them as I can, (if they are reasonably hygienic) and buy extras for friends. I try to spread myself around, going to as many as I can. Buying less food from Tesco Lotus who will survive and more from these people battling away. Cheap for me but it can make a small difference to them. Plus
  16. Dr Donna is your friend for that. Get it in around half an hour, online (Bangkok based), 400 Bht. Numerous people from around the world have used her clinic with no issues.
  17. Why would they do that to apply for a visa Because the medical certificate has always been a requirement when applying for a Non-immigrant O-A in your home country pre Covid and failure to provide it will see a denial of visa. While a person's regular doctor could very well tick off the other diseases on the form without any tests already knowing your medical history, ticking off Covid without a test would be just asking for trouble. Granted; and that is why I used the date that's been suggested this may come into effect under Sect.14 of the immigration act for an
  18. This might help https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1174754-septic-tank-clean-out/
  19. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1385508/Brexit-news-eu-trade-deal-deadline-extension-latest-uk-member-states-european-parliament Brexit DELAY: EU to extend deadline until APRIL as MEPs unable to sign off trade deal THE European Union is set to delay ratification of the Brexit trade and security deal amid concerns the preparations still need more time. more... By Joe Barnes, Brussels Correspondent 12:40, Mon, Jan 18, 2021 | UPDATED: 13:13, Mon, Jan 18, 2021
  20. These guys at the Michigan state capitol over the weekend have absolutely NO fashion sense!!! Where are their red MAGA hats??? Just preparing for a peaceful protest, I guess... https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/18/us/inauguration-protests-vigilant/index.html Officials remain vigilant ahead of Biden inauguration after small weekend protests (CNN)Demonstrations in state capitols across the United States were muted this weekend after warnings of armed protests, but officials have indicated they'll remain vigilant in the days leading up to Pres
  21. Kindly explain how hauliers etc. could get ready when not even the government knew what was required! We've had nearly a year of expensive media campaign telling us to get ready for Brexit, but when we went to the government sites in those adverts the best we got was "Watch this space, we'll let you know what you need to do eventually!" As events have proven, that's been too little, too late.
  22. Thanks for the link, Natai Beach. And I agree with you. ' Get rid of them. ' 42 Thai id!ots. No excuse.
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