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  2. Thats is a rather typical lefty behaviour . Accuse others of being violent and bullys and then violently attack and bully them......because *Thats what they do* (even though they dont do that)
  3. The Mueller investigated Russian interference in the election and possible criminal cooperation with the Trump campaign. He found lots of Russian interference. He did not find conclusive proof of criminal cooperation, but made clear that Trump was not exonerated. He documented obstruction of justice, but stated that it was state department policy to not indict a sitting president. Trolls post biased, fact-free rants that are often outright lies. Your posts fit that descriptions.
  4. Sod the BSA... I'd caption this as Bird wiv no Bra. Guvnor.
  5. No!!!! You get the reentry permit before leaving Thailand! Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. You mean the roughly 175 people who bothered to respond to the poll at this point? Definitely. Those folks in government need a good laugh.
  7. If a foreigner wishes another foreigner who didn't commit a crime to get banned for five years, there's gotta be a mental issue behind it. You hit the nail right on its head, how many people even look at the stars and think that life's more than just criticizing others? How many foreigners stay here who are so full of hate that they use their keyboards in a way that it already hurts? Aren't we all somehow sitting in the same sinking boat, once called the Land of Smiles? Shouldn't people care for each other, instead of pouring more gasoline on a fire, instead of stopping it? Reality can be so brutal, and it's hard to believe that we live with such people in a country where many of us are somehow fighting to keep their families together to stay with them. I knew a guy who was on a long overstay who never had the chance to follow the laws because he got very sick and developed a severe type of cancer, but that happened after he'd spent millions of baht on giving his family home, his kids a good education. He felt so bad to ask anybody for help, and people started pointing their fingers at him at a time when the Chemotherapy didn't work out for him, and he'd lost all his hair and two-thirds of his weight. He was too sick to fly home, and he wanted to spend the rest of his time with his family. We all understood him very well and did what we could to help them. We finally found a way to pay his hospital bills, with his friends and family back home and some friends who live here. But then he passed away, and it was a sorrowful time for all involved. Nobody was even trying to blame him for his overstay, including the immigration who's supportive, and they were okay to see some photos and medical letters. But his kids then lost their daddy when they needed him most. It's either the medicine killing the cancer, or it's killing you. And it killed him in a ferocious way. Why would anybody make him to a highly criminal gangster? But now I know that there are people out there who do not have any kind of dignity. A 14-day overstay is neither a crime nor should anybody get deported being 14 days on an expired visa.
  8. Then, what you should have said is that those that are more strapped for cash will go the marriage route. For those that aren’t (strapped for cash) they would be stupid to go the marriage route when the retirement route is much less hassle, regardless of the immigration office. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. So what's your point. You need stay los with ongoing O-A? If you qualify for extensions based in retirement then insurance is not an issue.
  10. Trump has a right to wonder. He does not have the right to abuse his position by blackmailing a foreign government into investigating his political opponents. I thought they taught civics in the US.
  11. I have seen Thais do this before. They did not have a cylinder head gasket and so put the old one back using sealant. AKA a Thai bodge. Get it to a main Toyota dealer and fit a new head gasket. As for whatever else is wrong.... you dont provide enough info.
  12. Why is the world full of so many nutcase leaders? Trump, Johnson, Duterte, Prayuth and Khamenei off the top of my head.
  13. Either Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. I have to admit, I did no research on this. But within this 30+ coup d'état(s) Thailand have seen since its existence in 1932. Has there been yet one Junta overruled another Junta. Yeah, technically speaking, they call them now an elected government. I LMFAO.
  15. Motorcycle cleaned at Car Wash Service, yes or no? No. Don't like m/c wash services either. Nor do i like pressure washers. Good old elbow grease and DIY.
  16. What a time we live in. The Trump presidency is like a never ending car crash.
  17. One work shall be one, impeach and remove BS BJ ASAP !
  18. Pib


    They are all secure if you enable encryption during the VPN connection. Yes, you can have un-encrypted VPN connections depending on your VPN settings. Now if you are talking privacy issues in terms of do they keep logs....give logs up to the authorities if required....well, you will see reviews which rates privacy issues and also reviews that are dead wrong about the privacy issues. VPN plans come in prices from high to lower. ExpressVPN is one of the highest priced ones but also one of the best ones in terms of speed. Nord is a mid to lower priced VPN provider with mid to high range speed. I'm only mention those two since they have already been mentioned. I do not use either...I use PureVPN which I'm happy enough with as I got it for around $1.15/month for 5 years. So, so many VPN now days to choose from....just google "Best VPN" or something along those lines and then read the reviews keeping in mind the review are often biased due to affiliation/sponsorship/ad payment from the VPN service. Below website constantly monitoring VPN speeds....not to imply this is the speed you will get from Thailand to wherever you are connecting to. https://proprivacy.com/vpn-comparison/fastest-vpn-services
  19. Yup, but it's always much easier to blame your problems on somebody or something else than it is to take a long hard look at yourself and admit you could do a lot better. Plus, if you buy into the activist scene, you get the instant comfort of feeling morally superior to the benighted masses. What's not to like?
  20. This is the link where you can buy. https://www.bosch-home.in.th/en/products/washers-dryers/tumble-dryers
  21. Hello Bogbush! Thanks for your quick reply and many thanks for your advice! Did you have to give these TM2 and TM3 forms to Thai immigration in the end when you enter Thailand? Also, the TM2 form is really confusing especially #7,8,9. I found a sample but it's for Malaysian entering Thailand. How do you fill out these forms? I have uploaded the file here which I got stuck filling in. tm2.doc
  22. no no no in those few brief moments i think this accent of downeys is going to be up there with dick van dyke in mary poppins https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/jul/21/dick-van-dyke-sorry-for-cockney-accent-mary-poppins-disney and yes all 3 eddie murphy dolittle movies were utter ka ka i still like the rex harrison version but then again i am that grumpy victor meldrewish age
  23. Yes, you can do that but wouldn't it be better to get a tourist visa if you are going to stay for such a short time per year?
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