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  2. I forgot about the midgets (1:42).
  3. I have already posted advice a number of times in the farming forum for both chicken and ducks and, a thought recently came to mind. My background was / is as a freelance poultry / duck farm consultant in different countries, now retired. A number of people posting in the Farming forum are interested in having or already have ducks. I expect most of them that do, do so because they enjoy eating duck eggs and would like them ‘farm’ fresh. Where did you buy duck eggs from in the past ? Did you buy the ones that were chalky white clean or the dirty ones ? Were the eggs displayed laying neatly in a basket or pointed end up on a tray ? The question you need to ask yourself about the eggs is, how clean are they really ? If you bought them because they were clean like chicken eggs beware … ! Chickens are land animals ducks are water animals. When in the wild and as is their natural instinct chickens lay on dry land ducks lay in wetlands or on floating nests; they try to retain that instinct today despite being commercialized / domesticated. The duck egg has a cuticle that is wax like in appearance and to the touch – it is there for a purpose – to inhibit water / excess moisture entering into the egg. Such protection is not required by chicken eggs. Why are the duck eggs you normally find in Thailand chalky white and clean ? because they are eggs that were fertile or should have been fertile, had been especially cleaned using a controlled chlorine washing system ready for setting in the hatchery where, they should of hatched in to baby ducks. You may be eating fertile eggs ! There may have already been contamination depending on the storage condition of the eggs. Note, eggs for a hatchery would have been stored in a cold store therefore, there is a higher risk when these are placed in the open air for sale. Duck eggs at the market that still have the cuticle ( cuticle on ) may have come from commercial egg laying ducks or parent stock ducks. Duck eggs should never be cleaned for domestic consumption other than by a non-abrasive damp cloth. Never use sandpaper as can be done, carefully, with chicken eggs. Duck eggs at the market may be made to look dirty in order to confuse the buyer in to thinking they are ‘farm’ fresh. Eggs whether from ducks or chicken should always be stored pointed end DOWN. The blunt end of an egg has an air pocket between the inner and outer shell membranes. This gradually enlarges as the egg loses moisture during storage. Keeping the air pocket at the top helps to keep the yolk centered within the egg and prevents the air pocket from rupturing, which reduces the risk of the egg spoiling. As the advert used to say “Go to work on an egg”.
  4. OK, time for a post mortem. I should have gone with initial gut feeling where I was going to predict the winner to be the Netherlands. Oh well. But check it out, Norway was the winner in the popular vote. I assumed they wouldn't do very well with the judges but they did even worse than I thought. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/19/norway-won-eurovision-public-9598213/ I was also tempted to predict Sweden but for some reason I thought the singer was better than the song. Italy and Switzerland in the top 5. I was really hoping Italy would win but didn't think they would. I would have been happy to see Sweden win as well. UK at the bottom. That's undeservedly harsh! Popular votes for Germany -- ZERO, how often does that happen? If you haven't watched already even though you already know the winner, I would recommend watching the Grand Final. Israel put on a great show and the songs were mostly good or very good. Madonna was kind of bad for her two songs and that was entertaining to watch. There were two political "scandals" one with Iceland where they will probably be punished by ESC and one by Madonna's dancers which will have no consequences she wasn't a contestant. Anyway, the winner!
  5. Make of it whatever you like, I actually couldn't give a toss about what you say or do on here or anywhere.
  6. There won't be a second referendum. The EU overwhelming vote for the Brexit Party on Thursday will put paid to that. We're winning again.
  7. We currently don't have the MP numbers for No Deal, but it is still the default when the extensions expire again. Remain also doesn't have the numbers to Revoke Article 50 or it would have been done already. The Remain traitors also don't have a mandate to revoke Article 50 - the referendum result was Leave. None of them have the political will to openly renege on that, which is why Theresa and her turncoats are still trying it by subterfuge. The Brexit train is still coming, if delayed somewhat.
  8. You're wrong, the Brexit voters (17.4M) will all vote for the Brexit party. The rest of the votes will be divided, same as always between the traditional parties. 17.4M is better than most general election turnouts. I've actually done this with a Town Council (created a one issue party with 10 candidates), and won every seat (It surprised me too). I'm guessing you're never run any sort of election campaign. Discontent wins votes across party lines.
  9. Why do you choose to boycott Israel though ? There are over 200 Countries in the World , 10-20 of those Countries are more deserved of being boycotted , due to the way they treat minorities . It could even be argued that Thailand is more deserving of being boycotted , due to them not giving the Southern Muslims an independent state and not giving the 3 million stateless people living in Thailand Thai Citizenship . There are about 2000 different groups of people in a similar situation to the Palestinians , Tibetans , Uigars , Kurds , Armenians , Rohingas to name but a few . There are numerous other countries more deserved of a boycott . There are over 200 Countries on the World and you choose to boycott the ONE Jewish Country . Israel is already boycotted by every Islamic nation , would you like to see every Country in the World boycotting Israel ? Maybe build a big wall around Israel and cut it off from the rest of the World ?
  10. A civil war? That’s the usual nonsense spouted by Brexit lovers. If we don’t get our no deal catastrophe there will be a civil war. Dad’s Army more like. If Brexit is defeated it will simply fade away and die ... just like Brexiteers do every year.
  11. Parents educating kids? You mean like allowing 3 kids no helmets and all under 15 riding to school..... get real.....there is either no understanding or belief in the cause effect equation... 26k die every year....and all they have are 7 dangerous day slogans and campaigns with check points that have nothing to do with enforcing road safety and how to drive.... 5.3 million baht in unpaid fines last major holiday and we’re there any for running a red light or passing on a double solid line? the unpaid fines tells you they just don’t buy into the regulatory- enforcement thing.... it has no meaning to them so not taken seriously....there’s no fear of non compliance...
  12. You are mis-interpreting this graph by assuming that the sum oxidative rates of individual macros equates to the body's overall metabolic rate. This is NOT true, especially in the fasted state. "Oxidative rate" and "Metabolic rate" are two completely different things; it's like comparing apples and oranges. Basal metabolic rate involves more than the sum of the oxidative rates of carbs, fat, and protein. In a fasted state this is especially true because hormonal changes caused by the fast significantly effect BMR, as I pointed out before (Norepinephrine and Growth Hormone). These hormonal factors have been well studied as to their efficacy in countering a slowdown in metabolic rate. What's more, there is a significant difference between the effects on BMR of a predominantly carb-based metabolism vs a fat-based metabolism which exists during ketosis. Yes, of course the body will eventually slow down in a fasted state, but that will not happen until fat stores have come close to complete depletion. Science strongly supports this not only in physiological and biochemical studies, but in observational studies as well. Otherwise, how do you account for people who have successfully fasted for weeks, months, or even over one year with no debilitating effects? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angus_Barbieri's_fast https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2495396/pdf/postmedj00315-0056.pdf
  13. Mr. Sawadee 1947 - Many thing you surly don´t understand - try to think and make all together. Not only think about your self.
  14. This is what you said - I corrected you, the OP no longer has a valid O-A Visa are you getting it Now if I posted some incorrect info like you did please correct me
  15. Hopefully they won't learn from the Chinese: https://www.kinderworld.org/videos/meat-industry/pigs-burned-alive-china
  16. Looking forward to it. Maybe it'll be called The Summer of Hate. Rooster
  17. Don't wish to rock the boat ....just curious about US medicare. I have zero knowledge about that. Australian medicare gives zero cover while overseas. That's why tourists take out "travel insurance"
  18. Not with our electoral system. What it will do is usher in a Labour Government or Labour coalition because Nigel Mosely will split the Tory vote. A Labour coalition can only come about by a second referendum ... as the coalition partner will insist on it. I don’t even think Corbyn can hold on to his ambiguous position as they are losing tons of votes to the Liberal Democrat’s. He’ll have to cave on a confirmatory vote. A lot of talk about the Brexit Party, but a failure to realise that a second referendum will end Brexit. The Brexit position is losing, not winning.
  19. Why does the US constantly need to "confront" other nations, and how is it gonna fare against China, considering how well "confrontations" have gone in Afghanistan, Irak and countless other places? Will the US ever learn (that problems are generally not solved through confrontation... especially against a nuclear power...)?
  20. As someone (In my old age) who is reliant for most of my income from shares, I am relieved to know the Liberals are back in power
  21. Living only 100KM south bigger question is where do they get the water from. Desperate drought in my area at least! thats for both water and tourists, the later they dont exist till December
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