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  2. The best bet is to stick your head inside one of these straw bales when walking outside and it may filter the air that you breathe. What will farmer Somchai do with the remaining straw stubble left rooted in the soil? Answers on a postcard please to...........
  3. The last time I renewed my UK passport the old passport was neither holed, cut or stamped cancelled. When I went to Immigration at CW they simply stamped my new extension into my new passport without comment, other than requiring copies of the relevant pages of my old passport.
  4. Correct, but the all is an interesting read, in my opinion. It gives certainly a realistic approach of the importance of this fishing thing, in other words : insignificant, but nevertheless highly emotional for both parties, thus a waste of time, energy, finances, just to satisfy both parties self-centeredness. "the UK fishing industry (which includes the catching sector and all associated industries) was valued at £1.6 billion, against £1.76 trillion for the UK economy as a whole – or just under 0.1%. The UK’s trade with the EU, bot
  5. Seems the current PM didn't reform the RTP afterall. Crooks stealing from crooks.
  6. Nope still can't see it... but then again I never saw Jesus in a slice of toast either.
  7. Sprinkle chilli flakes around, they get them on their paws, lick the pours, they hate it
  8. The USA is not a banana republic: we don't grow all that many The USA is an orange republic, at least for now Stone's sentence was commuted. Why? If he were pardoned, he'd have to testify or face more jail time. Commutation leaves him free but still able to keep his yap shut by taking 5th. Didn't happen by accident...
  9. All reputable large scale studies show moderate drinking (1 to 4 drinks a day) increases your life expectancy. By reputable I mean studies carried out to determine the truth, not to prove an agenda! See https://www.alcoholproblemsandsolutions.org/drinkers-live-longer/. A bottle (75 cl ) a day is about at the top of the moderate range. Red wine is especially good for you. If you can afford it at the ludicrous Thai prices for drinkable wine then keep doing it!
  10. @Helmet Grunter totally agree but i wouldnt say its a thailand thing its a human thing, the majority of people are selfish.
  11. Per capita Germany is 3rd. UK 6th. France 9th. So what?
  12. My Thai friends own a BMW x1 twin turbo diesel SUV, they needed a cheap second car/SUV, so they bought an MG ZS, I asked what the thought of the ZS, the reply was, "It feels like a lightweight toy".... Another farang friend bought one, the power steering failed, had to be taken away on a transporter. What I find a little odd is that new MG's in LOS get a 4 year/120,000 km warranty, what ever comes first, yet in the UK they get a 7 year/80,000mile (129,000km) warranty, plus in the UK a choice of two engines, just one in LOS. The MG performance brand is going t
  13. Pour bleach on the area and add chilli flakes around and on top of the wall
  14. UK passport issued at Trendy will cut the corner off the old passport thus making it immediately invalid, that's why they give you an application form to complete and take your new passport to the immigration office to transfer any relevant stamps and enter your new passport details to the system.
  15. I know that.Anyway she can earn 150.000 bath a month here.So for us its a win win situation.I been living in bangkok for 6 years.Enough for us now.
  16. JJ Spring Roll Vietnamese food Dark side Delivery only Fee 30 baht or variable https://m.facebook.com/ปอเปี๊ยะจริงจัง-JJ-Spring-Roll-105097678052677/ Spring Rolls fresh or fried Choice of fillings I like the fresh spring rolls. Bahn mi baguette sandwiches with lemon grass chicken or beef Bo bun rice noodle bowls Small portion of fried spring roll included Order by fb messager or line I have sampled their menu and found their food to be quite delicious. The bahn mi lack pate
  17. last time I checked over my 21 years here...foreigners; which is the thai word for farang, are anyone not Thai. So defend the statement as you may. Yet it was directed at foreigners, and yes those adorable Chinese fall unfortunately into that category as well.
  18. Nothing to do with what I was saying, so ludicrous back at ya. Which EEC/EU countries benefitted most agriculturally and industrially?
  19. Good point. Many of the agents use KK office. The OP should check in passport which office his stamp was issued. He could then have hotel do a TM30 in Bangkok if wishing to obtain extension at MTT.
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