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  2. Who can blame them, there has been so much false information allowed to flow from various government sources nobody believes a word what is said, plus the only vaccine that there is an abundance of is the Chinese variety which also does not instill confidence so absolutely understandable the drop in figures .......
  3. With so much at least good content out there, sometimes it's tempting to dump a t.v. series that doesn't completely hook you in the first episodes. For me Aranyelet was one of those. I was lukewarm for much of the first season, but something told me to keep watching. I'm so glad I did. It really, really gets much much better and for me became must see TV. Three seasons. Aranyélet (TV Series 2015–2018) - IMDb
  4. Thailand should have ordered a whole host of brands months ago, like the UK did. But no, they wanted to feign support for their Sino masters and line pockets in the process. It's bad enough having to take a rushed through vaccine at all, but being coerced to take the least effective one from the country that created this whole mess is a little rich. The government is starting to panic that the serfs won't roll over and take whatever they are told to take. Because if they don't, things could unravel quite quickly. Millions of doses of Sinovac on the shelf and Thailand le
  5. If i book a flight with Thai Airways, what are the chances they will go under before the departure?
  6. Hi, thanks very much for your thoughts on this issue - I was thinking along the same lines, so will do my best to get across that she is not aiming to live in UK via the visas. Keep safe, Paul
  7. But the WHO recognized Thailand as one of the top countries in the entire world that were best at handling the virus...
  8. Sorry, the tourists are not coming. Not this year at the very least.
  9. Government expenditure has always been a component of GDP in every country, that's why it is important to also look at the borrowings side of the equation. In theory, the government could borrow a huge amount and see their GDP increase by several percent. But everyone would know where that GDP growth had come from and the currency would weaken as a result. As things stand today government borrowings are quite low, around 50% of GDP so there is plenty of scope to allow them to borrow more without doing any structural fiscal damage.
  10. Sure in can the 500k will be all done on one day and only one day then it will be posted on here as news and free health insurance for everybody taking the jab will be given. And you will starting talking with Chinese or <deleted>ting chillies
  11. They definitely need to get private hospitals and private organizations in on this. Where I'm at in the U.S, a small state of 8.5 million, look at the number of shots for other than government organizations - more than half. This is about 5 months. 7.2 million jabs.
  12. Respectfully, the topic is whether Thai banks are strong or not. The topic is not whether Thai banks are stronger than banks in other countries, countries where the economy is also very different. Thai banks support customers within the Thai economy, the OP says, and I agree, they are more than capable of being able to do that. It is irrelevant to the debate that Banks XY and Z in countries AB and C are ten or twenty times bigger, it's their job to be bigger because their economies and their footprints are also bigger.
  13. All teachers are vaccinated the last week of this month and get 400k free health insurance for taking the Chinese vax
  14. Bangkok’s latest vaccine clinic soft-opens at Big C Bangbon By Tanakorn Sangiam BANGKOK (NNT) - Bangkok City Hall has opened a new vaccination venue at the Big C Supercenter in Bangbon, where health workers are now offering the jabs at a limited rate to test the flow. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1217597-bangkok’s-latest-vaccine-clinic-soft-opens-at-big-c-bangbon/
  15. By Tanakorn Sangiam BANGKOK (NNT) - Bangkok City Hall has opened a new vaccination venue at the Big C Supercenter in Bangbon, where health workers are now offering the jabs at a limited rate to test the flow. The upper floor of Big C Supercenter in Bangbon, Bangkok, has been converted into a large vaccination site which will serve up to 2,000 people per day once fully opened next month. This 2,000-square meter vaccine clinic is staffed by a medical team from hospitals in the BPK Hospital Group, a group of eight private hospitals in Thailand, while the vacc
  16. Having celebrities help promote people getting vaccines is quite normal in the face of massive vaccine hesitancy. From a societal POV it's very desirable for as many people in Thailand to be vaccinated with any Covid-19 vaccine that is available ASAP, but from an individual POV it's also normal for people to decide that they have a brand preference (for good reasons or not). It's arguably too much of an ask given global supply and demand to expect Thailand or really any government to necessarily be offering brand choices. Something for people to hope for but not very reasonable to
  17. One example would be for a SIPP moved to a drawdown pension.... Well if it's a SIPP say 400k Year 1 You move 50k to a pension in drawdown so once transferred, you then take 12.5k tax free cash and £12.5k taxable income (but not taxed due to your personal allowance), and leave 25k invested in the pension in drawdown. you can keep the money withdrawn tax free that you don't use in an ISA. So year 2, say the SIPP that was left of £350k has grown 8% and is now 378k, you move another 50k, to the pension in drawdown 12.5k tax free, and the 37.5k from which you can take y
  18. Science Say's you cant contract corvid in direct sunlight or on the beach let alone having a swim ? thats if you can trust what scientist say after WHO S___e . what l have learnt from Covid 19... 1. Lawyers destroy justice 2. Psychiatrist destroy the mind 3. Scientist destroy the truth 4. Major media destroy information. 5. Governments destroy the people
  19. They're optional. (Note, there's no red star next to the fields.)
  20. Your right about the colony.Two pals returned 2 months ago.Both on the way back.
  21. The page doesn't validate the passport number (you can put in complete gibberish and it will accept it). You do, however, have to check the Card Type/Passport No. radiobutton first.
  22. Phuket to reopen to international visitors on July 1 By Praphorn Praphornkul PHUKET (NNT) - The government has confirmed its plan to reopen Thailand to foreign tourists, starting with Phuket province as a pilot destination on July 1st, using the Phuket Sandbox model. To help restore the confidence of tourists, COVID-19 vaccines are now being given to the people of Phuket. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1217596-phuket-to-reopen-to-international-visitors-on-july-1/
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