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  2. Thanks fsda for this info, it puts a new light on Bitcoin for me in terms of confidence in the technology.
  3. Got news for you this IS the future! not "project fear"!
  4. And they keep their money clean, freshly laundered. Donald Trump Jr. Sought for Questioning by Prosecutors in D.C.
  5. The previous app is not in use at the moment and I don’t think it will be re introduced. Biometric appointments are still required and are proceeding as normally as possible.
  6. Today's news says that Pfizer cannot deliver what promised next week, so European orders have ben cut. However, the mentioned small number of countries have ordered vaccines from various manufacturers, also yet not approved ones, and they have a higher number of vaccines in order than population, when including the non-approved vaccines.
  7. Why would anyone like something on FB they don't agree with? I hate Trump, but I agree with your brother. Could you please tell us if he believes in Trump?
  8. So you don't think its racist to charge people extra money because they come from a different country, what would happen if you tried that in Europe, you would be charged with racism .Also like to add my wife brother earns a lot more than me and laughs when we go out together and see the prices we pay.
  9. Fantastic series, any idea where they filmed in Bangkok? They seem to have captured the late 70s well. Full series on BBC Iplayer What's the beer they are drinking? This was made before called Shadow of the Cobra about 1989 I think
  10. I've seen a lot of 'Remourning' going around. Remainers who cannot accept the loss of of their beloved EU masters. We need to help them move on and look to the future.
  11. For the past 4 years he was POTUS, and everyone expects that a POTUS is a respectable human being. How wrong they could have been with that this time around. Many have learned their lesson, and adding that after 20th January he will be a civilian, I doubt anyone will do business with Trump without being paid in full upfront
  12. 1.5 bar is the pre-charge pressure that is shown in the photo of the pump in the original posting.
  13. Clearly you have not spent time with people with certain kinds of mental illness or those who are easily led. Dealing with the mentally ill first: people who have a proclivity to get hyped up over nothing, perhaps having some mental issues with reality that happen to fall into the Facebook charm of keep feeding you the stuff that you keep liking. Start off by liking the wrong stuff and before you know it that is all you will see. The gulible are also in the same boat. If they are around people they admire or like or people they see on Facebook or social media who they s
  14. You watch too many movies and think they display the real personality of the actors. I take back my words if you deliver proof that your opinion is based on knowing Bruce Willis in real life.
  15. Turns out DiASil is not a coating: DiASil is abbreviated form of Die Cast Aluminum Silicon. 20% silicon is amalgamated into cast. Will check w/ my rebuild guy to see if they can be bored. Guessing...yes.
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