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Click the green download button to get your copy of the Thaivisa Calendar 2017


A big thank you to everyone who submitted photos.

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Many of us have a Thai familly, a little mark for every "one pra" Buddha day would have been a good idea.

Your choise no problem, but so it is an "only for farang calendar"  will not put it in the house :smile:

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Damn fine effort!!!


A big thank you, to all those involved with the making of the 2017 calendar!!!


Just a thought.......427 downloads but only 5 likes and a couple of comments!

Surely a bit more gratitude to the photographers and the folks who put the calendar together is warranted?

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This is great, thanks for the effort.


quick questions if I may


1) when it says something like (10th / 11th dec) "Constitution Day" followed by "Constitution Day Substitution" - does that mean it's effectively a long weekend and many things are closed? (Banks, bars etc.) (There's a few throughout the year like this)


2) there's two father's days - 28th July and 5th dec. are they different in some way?


again, many thanks!

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