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  2. We built our house while we lived overseas. The sister-in-law would supervise as she lived around the corner and would send us photos at every stage, footings, cement pouring etc etc, we would return every 3 months for a year until we moved here, the house only had the roof tiles to go on, rendering in and out, fixing of the windows and doors to lock up stage and then the internals would start. We had a one bedroom bungalow at the back which we extended forward by 3 metres from the external verandah which was 3 metres wide already so its actually a 6 metre wide extension after the roof of the verandah was removed to incorporate the house. We lived in the bungalow during the final stages of the house which took about another 6 months to complete, so the overall build was a year and a half, it was built by two guys only, they brought in a crew to do the rendering, house is 300 plus square metres over a single level, hence the reason it took so long to complete. It is doable, but you have to have someone on site at every stage and make sure the builder understands that he will not get a payment if you do not get pics from the person you get to inspect at every stage, and make sure your progress payments do not turn out to forward payments, i.e. stick your progress plan, usually 5 stages, footings, plumbing, electricals, bricklaying, roof frame, lock up, so 20% at a time and your almost there. All materials were purchased before hand and delivered on site, what needed to be stored undercover was done so in the bungalow. It also pays to know the builder and his work, e.g. previous homes he has built so you can inspect the quality. We still employ the same guy to do work on the house he built us as we have been really happy with his quality of work, however I will say this, as the years go by, his quality is starting to slip as he ages and is drinking more heavily, still, his work and prices are better than most around the villages and he does listen when I say, add an extra support beam, even when it doesn't need it. Make sure your knowledge on pricing is up to scratch, because I have hear of a couple of farangs paying big money to build as their partners or relatives, get a kick back from the builder or hardware, so don't be a mug, just saying. Happy building
  3. Any undocumented (ie., at an official border crossing) migrant that enters the US through areas not official border crossings can still legally claim asylum and have the right to due process of law. Until an immigration court denies such claim and order deportation, the migrant is allowed to remain in the US. Militia members presuppose undocumented migrants are committing a felony for which militia members lack jurisdiction. There is no basis for citizen's arrest. Should any of migrants detained and mishandled by militias, and subsequently be successful in seeking asylum, they might have standing to sue the militia. If the federal government failed its responsibility to assure their safety during claim for asylum, it could be sued as well. One might even carry a legal argument to calling the border militias "domestic terrorists," ironically breaching the Patriot Act.
  4. I'll just check, but i don't think Spain is in SEA....... Ok, i've checked, Spain is in Europe - confirmed.
  5. One can only guess that your not reliant in some way on a wheel chair or other assistance devices (and never will be)? And pollution is okay by you? Each to their own I guess. BTW - don't forget your monthly shower or bath either before putting on clean clothes! And you could make life easier for yourself by sleeping in the gutter - that way you can have breakfast in bed!
  6. https://www.expatfocus.com/expatriate-thailand-death
  7. The threat of the death sentence is the overreaction don't you think.
  8. And not only in Thailand unfortunately and not only external to the dwelling
  9. Yes that happens when no free abortion in this country but very sad start for this child Hope he recover well
  10. Not 17m people the pic specifically says amongst leavers groups, so a few 10s of thousands maybe. "I fail to understand why you as a Remainer keep posting clips to help the Leavers." Why on earth would you imagine that this post helps the leavers, it clearly indicates that the people who made the thing up were incredibly stupid. Let me explain, how can you have Unelected Bureaucrats, that you can vote for (Or not vote for if you don't want to, but would be able to vote for anyway). This is a clear contradiction in terms i.e. if you can vote for someone they can't be unelected. And BTW they can't even spell bureaucrat. Lord give me strength!
  11. If u are satisfied with the Thai retirement visa procedures all together then by all means simply stay. This thread is more for folks unhappy with these procedures looking at other destinations visa deal offers elsewhere. For Europeans actually Spain may be the least complicated and least expensive option imho.
  12. I bought from HomePro, and their price include a standard installation of the unit – i.e. up to a certain number of meters between outdoor unit, and indoor unit, and electric shall be in place for outdoor unit – for longer length, cover panels for pipes, and electric installation, you can get a quote. There are many other suppliers that also include standard installation, you can for example find aircons in Tesco-Lotus, (Bo Phut/Chaweng) or in more specialized shops like Sirisin. If you keep to major brands, spareparts and service will not be a problem. There are numerous aircon service shops all over Samui, and they normally can take care of all brands, and their services include refilling of cooling liquid, cleaning of filters, repairing leaks etc. If you can afford inverter type aircons, which costs about 50% more to buy, its worth considering that, as you in long term will same 50% ( or more) in power consumption, furthermore inverters are more quiet. I bought 7 Mitsubishi "Mr. Slim" inverters for HomePro in 2010, and they have been working perfect ever since. We regularly clean filters our self; however one unit will soon be due for refill of liquid (might have a small leak)... When installing electric for aircons on Samui, do include phase protectors (with magnetic switch), as the power supply is (very) unstable, and might damage aircons if not protected. A phase protector will switch the unit off when voltage goes below, or above, a certain percentage of 220 volt, nominel set for +/- 15%, and leave the power off for for example 5 minutes, so the compressor unit don't switch off and on constantly during voltage deviations. If you install 3 units, and have 3-phase power, you should have one unit on each phase. A phase protection can look like this (my 3-phase installation, box-door open, there are 2-3 aircon units on each phase, as I have more than 3 aircons)...
  13. There are some Thai organisations that work for this, but as usual here in the end most Thais seem to be only interested in money and just give lip-service to the idea of changing things. A very worthwhile cause though.
  14. I've heard that there is a bus service that has 5 buses per day, however on MSU's official website it said there is a pink bus available? Is it true? P.S How long does the journey take? 1hr30min?
  15. they changed it from 90 days to 12 months around 2012-2014, i am unsure the exact timing of that change, but i did it at cw, where the superior in the room next to n2 confirmed it with the io who was on n1 section
  16. Wish they put as much effort into clearing up all the other <deleted> floating around the sea
  17. The food in PI is crap. Plus their accent annoys the hell outta me, although they all speak decent English. A lot of them also have moles which for some reason annoys me as well. My choice would be Tokyo, although pretty expensive and no idea of visa requirements. It's more civilized than most western countries - clean / organised / different seasons / polite people / amazing public transport / lots to see and do but $$$$
  18. So what? Good luck investing in company that has no legs outside of the protection. Growth prospects - limited to none.
  19. If there really is a higher standard of living in Ireland then it is only on loan. There is already significant sympathy in Ireland for Irexit.
  20. Picking up trash...something I have always done...even to this day...has more to do with keeping the places we humans visit clean than political correctness... I once was visiting a Thai family out in the boonies when I witnessed two school aged children throwing drink cans and candy wrappers out in the front yard...when asked why the lady of the house tolerated this behavior...she replied that she tried to get members of family to use garbage cans conveniently located and was told to bugger off as this is the way people in this village have lived for generations... Can't argue with Thai logic!...apparently living among garbage appeals to some people...
  21. And what makes this discussion ridiculous is that you apparently believe that it is possible to put a halt or nearly so, to the drugs coming across the border. But on the off chance you don't believe that, why is this drugs issue so important?
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