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  2. Understood, but with two threads covering the same subject (#207) and with one of them wandering into 'passports' etc it's inevitable that wires occasionally get crossed
  3. https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/robert-mueller-report-public/h_9c4caf0f146c13f1511fdfc2116c55dd
  4. The Ocat E20 has an Octane rating of more than 95 ? If so then I wonder if they may have long term plans to phase out both 91 and 95 gasohol in favour of E20 ? Problem there is many cars won't tolerate 20% Ethanol so would be forced off the road, and then could they supply enough E20.
  5. He got the METV but was refused a multiple entry non-o visa.
  6. Image of me thumping my head against a wall. AAARGH. Lactose-free yoghurt is manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose to lactic acid. Please find a corner somewhere, and take a happy stance in it.
  7. I think you have all misjudged this guy, and his motives. Look carefully at the structure. The sea off Phuket is merely a convenient place, near the equator and with cheap skilled labour (), to build the thing. Actually, it is a habitat for the moon, and it sits on top of the ballistic missile, stolen from N Korea, which will get it there in no time at all. The Thai have nothing to worry about, it will be gone soon. 555
  8. They'd probably end up on the moon or Jupiter - after narrowly missing a black hole.
  9. I, unexpectedly, had to return to the UK for 2 weeks (returned last night). My wife rushed to the Wat and had the monk bless a piece of white string to tie around my wrist and ensure my return and safety whilst I was away. After 2 days in the UK, I fell and cracked a rib and broke a bone in the same hand that I was wearing the string. First time that I have suffered a broken bone in 30 years. Won't be wearing silly string again. When I reported this to my wife she replied, "If you hadn't worn the string, you would have died." You can't argue with Thai logic!
  10. When I first started to think about having A/C installed at my house the thought of watching the installation people carry out the work made me feel uneasy . I am physically fit and active and do as much as I can my self in the way of house maintenance . So for a brief moment the idea of purchasing all the required A/C equipment / parts and assorted sundries my self and then install every thing in its correct physical position and run the power cable from the CB board to the A/C , then just getting an A/C engineer to come to the house to fit the pipe work then test the system, did cross my mind . Any more thoughts on that scenario
  11. oh I thought this was going to be about CNN, MSNBC and the BBC.
  12. I'm pleased for you, because I will be checking and because you chose to double-down on your response, If I find differently will be reporting you and this site to the Police. Though as you seem so assuredly right, you should have nothing to worry about...
  13. I hope they will find and arrest the attackers soon. The Spirit of IRA is still there. The solution is not a war again but a European similar to Germany's reunification.
  14. I know you can buy it in pharmacies in Bangkok and Pattaya but not sure about Chiangmai, might have to get it from a doctor over there.
  15. Trump's new acting secretary of DHS. All of his subordinates are actors in his reality, or not, show! Secretary Big Joke!
  16. Please, someone. tell me he is not lying their half dead with 12 stab wounds taking a selfie.
  17. You only need send US dollars to a "FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT" here if you want to "accumulate" dollars in Thailand "before" you exchange it into Baht--in order to take advantage of moving exchange rates. Most people send dollars directly to a Thai bank who exchange said dollars into Baht. or If one is using the current Social Security setup, a Foreign Currency Account is required for such transactions. If your US bank told you they can't send US dollars to a regular Thai savings or current account, then they're grossly misinformed, or wanted to make money off you by charging currency conversion fees. What Bangkok Bank told you was correct but I think you misunderstood the context of what they were telling you.
  18. You can top up, that what I do. But I believe not with the new free ALLmembers card is just for the points, unless anyone confirms it can. The card for credits, you have to buy, which is not a big issue as you will get gifts and coupons worth more then what you pay for. The same with the plastic cony/brown cups it comes with coupons that 'gives back your money' if you normally buy coffee or slurry every day.
  19. ''It's even been wei ghed''. Don't think so. Some crackpot doctor in 1901 attempted to weigh it. Came in at 21 grams. Can you weigh something that doesn't exist ? How much does the tooth fairy weigh ? or an angel,? or santa.? That will be the 21 gram soul. Surprisingly science at the time was skeptical, and still is.. Basic science he should have known: For something to have weight it has to have mass, therefore volume. If the soul has the same density of lead 11.34 g/cm3 the volume of the soul would be 1.85 cm3 If the same as polystyrene 1.04 g/cm3. vol = 20.2 cm/3 [think that's right] This assumes the soul is a solid homogeneous object. A hollow soul would be bigger. So where is it? The nutjob then went on to murder 15 innocent dogs to weigh their souls. conclusion ? they don't have one. QED. Another loon tried it with mice, replicated the same result. So no mice or dogs in heaven. Next experiment he tried to photograph the 21 gram soul leaving the body. Epic fail.
  20. The breaker is acting as double pole isolator with value chosen above protective device back at the distribution point. No mention of safety level when breaking only the live conductor. Sorry about that.
  21. Yes I seen many reports of home visits being done on weekends and holidays.
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