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  2. The article states that 440,000 people have HIV and 98% are aware of it, and then it goes on to say that 200,000 are unaware they have it. Are they implying that there are actually almost 700,000 cases? Or is it just more bad math?
  3. Thai women are always very irritable. Women don't like men talking as they think the foreign men are acting like women (them). Can come to the point where they think you are not Thai enough for them and that is what they want, and then because they think you are not, their heritage and nationalism kicks in rearing its ugly head that you know nothing.
  4. Udornthani has a separate 90 day counter and it only takes as long as the number of applicants in line.
  5. The OP is well out of it. Nothing worse than a complaining, whingeing woman. Be grateful it's only been 4 years of YOUR life wasted. The worst thing the OP could do now is try to patch things up.
  6. The US price is close to 400 baht. I would not expect, you would compare a domestic wine with an imported one. So I'd really need to show you a price tag of 600 baht. If you think I would actually go to the store and take a photo for you. In general my point remains it's a couple of hundred baht which is far outweighed by the other savings I achieve by living in Thailand as opposed to the USA.
  7. If you are from the UK as your avatar suggests why would you care what the USA embassy says ??
  8. I am here since 2000 and met a lot of people. I never had really bad experiences. So I would extrapolate and pretend that most Thai people are good/nice citizens. Now I am pretty sure some may have had a few bad experiences. I can than easily understand they also extrapolate.
  9. there is nothing to show that in any way. except spin of course. as soon as you make these kinds of assumptions of some "higher standard" than the other side you have completely lost any objectivity.
  10. Revenge, beheadings, stoning. That's so medieval. The modern path practiced and perfected by Christians is to occupy countries, massacre and exterminate indigenous people, drop atomic bombs on civilian populations. And they do attach a noble cause for all the mass murder they commit.
  11. He is referring to a social media post of Bill Gates where he posted a picture of electrical wires hanging everywhere which prompted the government to be so ashamed to announce they would start putting the cables underground instead. And sure a Bill Gates type of thing would work. I recommend OP to become a billionair and then post a picture of animal abuse in Thailand online shaming the government to change course. Of course it is quite difficult to become one of the richest people on the planet, but if OP tries really hard he might succeed.
  12. Last week at CW (Bkk) for 90 day reporting: Arrived 08.45, got out 14.30. I was ticket number 221. I can't do on my Mac. My fault. Why anyway? Stalinesque control-freakery. Where else do you have to report every 90 days? N. Korea? Most countries manage fine with checking passport in and out + hotel occupants submission. In Malaysia you get 3 months (free) and only see IO at the airport...then vanish for 3 months.
  13. In a real advertorial there would be a list of brand names from his own production line.
  14. That's what happens at the Surin IO but all I do is hand over the passport and sit there everything else is done for me, takes all of 2 minutes.
  15. Patient: Doctor, doctor, sometimes I think I'm a wigwam and sometime I think I'm a big top. Doctor: I know exactly what your problem is, you're two tents.
  16. To the OP, have you looked in the spam folder of your email account and found the warning notices there? If you get the “You don’t have permission to reply” when trying to make a post to reply in a topic, there is a box to tick in which you tick to acknowledge past warning(s). Once you acknowledge your warning(s), you will be allowed to reply in a topic. //Closed//
  17. No, it is Thai Immigration changing the standard/rules. What we did before was not a loophole. For those who still can get embassy-letters, the rule is still "income," as before. The new-rule, for those w/o embassy letters, is "Minimum net income after taxes and other expenses which you remit to Thailand on a monthly schedule." No, it proves they now have a new and different rule applied only to those with canceled embassy letters (due, at least in part, to immigration's demands for a new-standard at a meeting in May 2018). Some, who have enough net-income to qualify, and who can manage the monthly schedule, will manage to avoid using agents or moving. Many more will be using agents than before, however, which was the point of the exercise (and the bank-money rule-changes). I agree on that (why I say always have a "Plan B" at the ready) - but "grandfathering" of those already here was something many believed would be part of any future rule-changes. This is a degree of humanity which was being projected on Thai-immigration, based on our own humanity and past-grandfathering. This was clearly an inaccurate perception.
  18. Oh, ok. I last entered the country in Oct. and got the retirement extension in Feb., so that's not a source of the problem. Assuming it still fails, do I still have time to mail it in?
  19. Yes smedly, it was a decent post (xylophone's), as is yours. Jemain Jenus did a hard-hitting piece in the media. I reckon he must have been reading the TVForum Man Utd posts. His main focus was that it was a gutless (my word) performance. Morinuo said Pogba was 'like a virus'. This guy has to be top of the list to depart. And I don't think anyone will take on Sanchez at 380k a week. The club needs leaders on the pitch. They are searching the world for talent, but 'leaders on the pitch' now that's a different story. Put the top 6 team's players on the table and make some teams up. Utd would 'maybe' get a player in the 3rd team.
  20. You denying that Clinton didn't commit perjury and obstruct justice?
  21. Having looked at a few other studies I can see that the Japanese account for between 4 - 5% of all tourism in Thailand and that this number has fallen over the last few years. Still, Supreme Leader and his merry band of knaves would much prefer to bury their heads in the somtam as per usual. Useless juveniles. Hmm, I wouldn't be so sure about that either, Thais might like to associate themselves and their culture with Japan/the Japanese, but that doesn't mean it is so in reality . There are perhaps a few ethnic similarities, but Japan has a very different, quite unique history and has been a developed nation for some time, unlike Thailand which clearly isn't there yet in any meaningful sense. Their work ethic, education, intelligence, manners and code of conduct in general are streets ahead of Thais and Thailand I'm afraid to say. Having worked with Japanese business people for many years in Bangkok in my past I can tell you that many of the large number I worked with both enjoyed BKK and found Thais to be friendly, but also often found them to be a puzzling and at times backward lot - certainly not similar to them in any real regard. Cheap golf, cheap beer, cheap and easy sex and all the other trappings keep them coming back... for now.
  22. Wat Chan has a reading of over 400 for this morning so I presume is back to burning! Considering the strong winds and rain the pollution hasn't eased much at all. Also with the burning and deforestation it is driving up the temperatures which create the conditions for the ferocious storms. So problems very much not solved!
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