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  2. Yes I agree, I had planned to use their service every time I flew in and out of DMK or Swampy. For 1200 baht (or 2300 out and back in again) it sure beats standing in line for an hour or so each way. I theorize that now BJ is gone, they will be allowed to bring their service back again soon (I am hoping).
  3. Yes, please, if you've still got it. (I've already fixed the wheel on my LG remote twice. ) Suggest a meeting place or PM me.
  4. correct ..... unless it costs you thousands of baht extra, just forget about it and move. why make life hell when you don't have too ..... 'some farangs just make their life difficult without thinking '
  5. I included you in my quote so you would notice what he posted was wrong.
  6. Buy a yellow notebook at 7-Eleven, write "Tabian Baan" on the cover and put your name inside of it. It'll look the part and be about as useful.
  7. If he wins then he would have access to his seastead, wouldn't he? The irrational thought you accuse him of is yours, surely.
  8. That statement is meaningless unless we know at least the population of your "network."
  9. She does need a visa. 7by7 is suggesting that she gets a visa in advance. As I said to you in an earlier post, if you do decide to try and just turn up, be prepared to be disappointed. My wife's BRP says Spouse/partner, Leave to remain. I thought it was a reasonable assumption that you live in Durham too and Manchester and Edinburgh would be closer options.
  10. I got yellow book and ID a year or so ago, Its all done at city hall, see list below for required documents
  11. You are rubbish http://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com/expats/docs/TaxRefundsonThaiFixedDepositAccounts.pdf
  12. Thanks again 7by7. It seems our posts are crossing over and therefore may appear out of sequence. You say that there is no hidden agenda by anyone. That is a pretty bold statement. I merely suggested that there may be vested interests in play. You further say that the rules and regulations are there for all to see in the actual directives and guidance. Problem is that the directive (38) and the guidance are not entirely in sync therefore causing confusion.
  13. You consider Phuket News a legal authority?
  14. Time served sounds reasonable to me. A big nothing as far as I am concerned. It's not like she had or revealed any state secrets. Just another NRA hard-line gun enthusiast who happened to be Russian and didn't register as a foreign lobbyist. Big whoops.
  15. She’s been through all of that, and the virus is currently undetectable.
  16. Yes, exactly as I have said before. The old cannot cage the young up, in an idiotically narrow and bigoted vision of the future. The overwhelming majority of the young are, multicultural, outward looking, progressive, liberal, decent and caring people. The take back control call, doesn't ring any of the usual paranoid bells with them, they know that in the long term THEY have control. Education is a wonderful thing. Fortunately for the Brexiteer leaders the young are too decent to take the revenge they are IMHO entirely entitled to. If I were in their shoes it would be "Up against the wall" although know that nowadays that approach to politics is unacceptable, which is of course correct.
  17. Just did my extension at Rayong immigration a couple of weeks ago, for the income method they said you have to have 12 months of 65,000 or over no month under, no leinency on the new rules, so had to use the 800,000, and yes I am an American so no income letter available, will wait and see what will happen next year
  18. They don't check in mine either I have a 20 year old nanny from Burma and when I'm feeling lazy I give her my credit card to go and buy household stuff while I'm at work or sitting outside in the car Never once has she been refused, been doing this for years
  19. Yes I see that now Joe, but the post just says "all bank accounts over 20,000 baht will now be taxed."
  20. A pity you cant reprogramme a wife / girlfriend!!
  21. While we are on this topic, has Thailand allowed the use of CBD (Hemp Oil - without THC)?
  22. Unlike, I suspect, anyone else here, I have been caught up in this demonstration as on Thursday as I had to get to client's premises in Mortimer Street (just north of Oxford Street) and then from there to Pelham Crescent in South Kensington; carrying the tools I needed to do my work, which are heavy and cumbersome so public transport is out of the question. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the illegal demonstration on Waterloo Bridge and that at Marble Arch, but the road closures due to the illegal demonstrations at Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus meant myself and others had to crawl along in a stop start manner (worse than even the usual peak hours) to try and find alternative routes. Which, of course, vastly increased the amount of polluting exhaust we emitted. Hugely reducing the air quality inside London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone! I eventually gave up trying to get from south of Oxford Street to the site in Mortimer Street and parked my vehicle in Poland Street (Soho) Car Park. Walking from there, I passed many of the demonstrators at Oxford Circus. Most of whom were carrying plastic bags, drinking water from plastic bottles and eating takeaway food in single use polystyrene or plastic containers! These people who claim to care about the environment are not only causing a huge deterioration of Central London's air quality, they are also producing a huge amount of non biodegradable, plastic waste!
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