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  2. Thai Chinese would not go to the wat by public transport or chartered bus. He would drive. Moreover, if he is thai chinese, there would be no public confrontation with the police. Face saving issue.
  3. Why can you not come up with useful suggestions rather than posting stupid comments.
  4. This systemic patriarchal indifference I.e. that let’s a man out of custody (if he was ever in custody!) highlights the depth of patriarchal driven violence against others that have less power. we as men must stand up look very deeply at our own patriarchal inheritances and reject those parts of same that are however subtlety aligned with, indifferent to, or complicit with any sexual child and female directed violence.
  5. 16,000 to apply and the cost of any alterations that may be required to comply. Lack of parking space is one reason why many villas wont/can’t comply under the laws.
  6. Here's an idea. Staff all the desks. Everytime I go through swampy half of them are empty. I've almost never had to wait in a queue at Jakarta or Singapore immigration. If they can figure it out, why can't Thailand? Don Mueang is even worse.
  7. The jail sentence passed on Thaksin was for a blatant piece of corruption and the verdict was long overdue. As for the EC, the do seem to be making it up as they go along which considering the healthy budget they had and plenty of time to sort everything out suggests a shambles to say the least.
  8. Thank you for your consideration - your meat-eating doesn't directly offend me. What some in this thread don't see is that healthy whole plant carbs are very healthy for diabetics I can tell you this from the research and many years of personal experience. Yes, my diet is very extreme and so is my diabetes (many years) if I did not have diabetes I would not be so extreme. "The basis is eating whole foods and eating less then what you consume and not eating excessive carbs (even plant based) What is excessive depends of course on the individual." I agree with your above statement - smiling.
  9. I can easy make many more pictures like this...it's thai logica....same as motortaxi's driving against traffic..
  10. There is another part of that equation that needs to be considered, because if the defence are being exposed by lack of midfield cover or other players not picking up the runners, then they are going to be suspect and let in goals. It's not always just the defence, because the midfields ability to be able to dictate and control play limits the amount of exposure on the defensive positions and also controls the game to be able to put pressure on the opposition. A midfield general, a midfield playmaker or two, plus a decent striker or two up front and perhaps sort out the mess which is more about the number of defenders on the books than anything else – – Valencia, Bailly, Rojo, Darmian, Dalot, Jones, Smalling, Lindlhof, Shaw, Young, McTominay, and finding the best partnerships. Perhaps one good stopper/central defender in there who could control the backline would be a start. Finally, just to end on the note on which I started, if a defensive setup is exposed to opposition players who are allowed to run and not be picked up, then they will always look suspect.
  11. That seems a very good idear, next time i do a Transferwise Transfer i will look out for any additional comments that can be added to the transfer to include pension that may show up on any Transferwise print outs, Thanks for that. Regards TB
  12. Anyone any idea what has happened to Pon? He hasn't posted since March 25th. His comments about companies on the Thai Stock market, whilst being fairly short, were the only source of market commentary that I have found so far in Thailand.
  13. I always order cheap things from aliexpress with free shipping, I never tried banggood from Thailand. For bigger/more expensive things I usually try to find them on Lazada. On Lazada expect a 10 to 30% markup compared to aliexpress but delivery is usually very fast.
  14. The writing is terrible. If the girl is 13 in 2019, she would of been 1 in 2007 when he started courting her. I'm thinking the girl is now 25(13yo in2007) and she is bringing charges against him for his exploitation when she was a minor.
  15. and you mean it is only Chinese and all Chinese that are working in this alleged manner or is it a more widely spread practice and maybe not all Chinese ? Also, you are stating that "it all paid in cny as package deal back at the origin" and that therefore no Thai Baht is paid to inbound tour operators in Thailand. I Say !
  16. Injured Brahminy Kite (bird) rescued in Karon By Kritsada Mueanhawong An injured Brahminy Kite has been rescued by locals in Karon, Phuket. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1097116-injured-brahminy-kite-bird-rescued-in-karon/
  17. How do you know he upset the local hoteliers? How do you know it was the “hoteliers” who “put the boot in” ? Was the 800,000 divided up between all the local hoteliers? Do you have some information regarding the specifics of this case or is that just what you imagined to have happened? It only costs 16,000 baht to apply for a hotel license legally.
  18. So we ARE too wee, too poor and too stupid to be able to manage our own affairs? Thank you for clearing that up.
  19. The lazy fat arse lady should have the decency of doing it the Malaysian way.... digging a hole in the ground surrounded by bushes to do her urgent business. Then cover it up with sand. Which swimmer would want to get turd in their face while out in the water ? Worse. He might even blamed it on the Chinese tourists in Phuket.
  20. Injured Brahminy Kite (bird) rescued in Karon By Kritsada Mueanhawong An injured Brahminy Kite has been rescued by locals in Karon, Phuket. The mature Brahminy Kite was found in Karon this week. Locals who found the bird contacted the head of Khao Phra Thaeo Non-Hunting Area, Pongchart Chueahom. The Brahminy Kite had a wound similar to a bite wound under its wing. It was unable tp fly. It is now being treated at a pet hospital in Thalang until it is ready to be set free. Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/phuket/injured-brahminy-kite-bird-rescued-in-karon -- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-04-26
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