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  2. She most likely has a new bloke or at least one lined up. How are you in the sack? Sexually satisfied women never leave.
  3. The negotiations according to Mr Gove...…….keep up lad. "The UK will continue to abide by the EU-wide Common Fisheries Policy during the transition period, but ministers said that from 2020, the UK will negotiate access to its waters as an independent coastal state. Access to waters and fishing opportunities will be negotiated on an annual basis in a similar approach as other coastal states including Norway, the Government said. Michael Gove, the Environment secretary, said: “Leaving the EU creates a sea of opportunity for our fishing industry.""
  4. Off-topic, baiting, bickering posts and replies removed.
  5. And beware even with a valid Tourist Visa ...Thai Immigration can deny you entry IF they suspect you are NOT a Tourist. Be prepared to be denied again for the same reason you were just denied.
  6. Thank you for your advice. It’s been invaluable and put my mind at rest a little. Because my kids are in Brisbane I’m always flying back to spend a month or so with them. Of course I always want to stay lawful and I respect Thai immigration laws. I’m lucky to have time and resources to chill and relax here. I suppose some would call me a longer term tourist. But I am just that, and the 60 days works great for me. I’ll be very sad if I get refused for a made up violation. Truthfully I just wish they would make a proper set of rules, and stick to them. Thanks again Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Please enlighten us; I've always been curious about that group, but don't know anyone personally. Why would they be "royally screwed"? I read that as having a compelling reason to be in Thailand without being able to qualify for any long-term visa/extension. Unless they work here illegally or have a same sex relationship with a Thai, I'm genuinely curious what other scenarios might exist. Those long-term tourists I know and also myself merely enjoy spending much (or, in many cases, most) of our time in Thailand. While the introduction of a hard limit such as 180 days per year would cause us some short-term inconvenience and the need to adapt, we wouldn't be "royally screwed" in any shape or form. As I've said before, personally I'd prefer clarity, as it helps with making plans.
  8. Anyway, it's over for sure. "I won't pretend I'm happy to save face". Back home or stay here is the question.
  9. I have tried and always fail. My due date is 1st May. It keep showing “Contact the immigration” popup. Whats wrong? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hi all. I wonder if I can do my 90 days report at Thanya park located near bang na / srinakarin road? CW quite far from my location and the Q was horrible. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sprained ankles, falling down drains, getting decapitated by passing trucks' side view mirrors...a small price to pay for freedom from the nanny state, the PC Police, etc.
  12. I agree, but in the context of an extension application it's a stretch to believe they mean gross income. When they say no less than 800K for the cash option, they mean the actual amount of 800K. Why would no less than 65K mean 60K is ok after tax?
  13. That’s no good. Driving fast when drunk is very irresponsible. Best thing to do is stay off the motorbikes in Thailand.
  14. Why marry them? Why don’t you just get anew one every night. If you can please them like I can they will want frequent sex. If you do know how to satisfy them they will get sex elsewhere.
  15. I don't think that our roof could support the weight of even a few solar panels. Everytime the wind blows more than 5 or 10 kph it seems as though my roof is about to blow off with all the corrugated roofing panels flapping up and down in the breeze. Home construction here is quite peculiar.
  16. Yes. I do it all the time. Oh, and the medical systems in the West do it all the time, too. Almost all drugs in the West (after the patent ends) are cheap copies made in China, some made in India. You do get a little bit of cancer from some of them, maybe, (Valsartan anybody?), but nobody is going to tell you, and how would you know?
  17. He not working, figure of expression 'working on getting a SETV in PP' The OP seems pretty decent honest guy and not exactly been here on yrs of entries so no real need bust his balls or not even read the posts well . Airports have got pretty nasty, even with visas and not many entries they spending lot of time flicking the passport pages ...
  18. They can't deny you entry for staying too long (180 days or other), because there is no law or regulation allowing them to do so. So they would pick something else they could make fit. 180 days is an unofficial line that once you cross IO's are supposed look at your entry history and reason for entry more closely. Yes you can appeal, which goes to the Minister of Interior. A supervisor has to sign off the IO's decision to deny entry so once the supervisor has signed it off it's unlikely they'd change their mind. They would hold you in custody until the appeal was heard. They can take 7 days to process the appeal. Although the underlying reason is the time spent in the country you would not be appealing that, but appealing the actual reason given on the expulsion notice. As this policy comes from the top it's unlikely any appeal would be successful, and I wouldn't want to hang around in a detention room for up to 7 days to find out Had you stayed over 180 days using back to back visas without breaks in your own country I would be concerned. But I don't think you will have a problem!
  19. My wife and I noticed a wallet lying on the floor, just after the checkout at BigC. It was one of these fancy RFID protecting thingies, with a secure compartment for, I think, 5 cards, and an unsecured part with a few more. We thought, open it, if there is a phone number we will phone the owner. No phone number. Let's look at the cards, maybe we can contact the bank, or they will give us the number. Contents, a Thai driving licence, a Kasikorn atm card, two Chase Manhattan cards, and some others, all in an American name. We put the cards back in, inte ding to go to the on-site Kasikorn branch, to see if they would give us contact details. Disaster - the thing jammed, and no way could we get the Kasikorn card back out - or any of the others in the secure section. We obviously put in one too many, and jammed it! Not wanting to cause any more damage, we took it to BigC customer services - who wanted nothing to do with it! We insisted on speaking to a manager, who understood immediately. We asked for a receipt, and that the owner should contact us to confirm the return of his belongings. The manager said he could not give us a receipt, but allowed us to photograph the wallet and such contents as we could access, and a copy of his report. All this took about an hour. Later that evening we received a phone call thsnking us for finding and handing in his valuables, amd offering to meet us for a cup of coffee. He apparently lives just fown the road from us. Nothing more was ever heard from him, not even for a coffee meeting. Som nam na.
  20. I think he has learned a very valuable lesson. He has learned that you can pick something up, for example a phone and then you have a new phone. BUT if you are caught people will through money at you and pay for it all to go away then pay for you to go home. That's progress, never used to be like this years ago.
  21. The minute he decided to walk out the airport without handing it in was THEFT, next...
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