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  2. When you speak too much Google assumes you are a woman. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. You can but you have to buy the previlege. Privelege does not come for free. Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Its main purpose is arguments on thaivisa, lol. OA is the visa you get from home country, 1 year entry for the purpose of retirement. No need for money in a thai bank.
  5. People do that because they know they can get away with it as there are zero highway patrols, especially at night. And that is also why they drive as they do, because no-one is going to stop and arrest them. That only happens after an accident and never before.
  6. ...what would/could.... a 'billionaire on the run'....possibly have to do with democracy....??? ...wake up Thai people....
  7. A woman in western India went above and beyond to protect her car from soaring temperatures by covering the vehicle in cow dung. Sejal Shah, who lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat took cues from an old insulation practice of rural residents, who used the same technique to cover their walls and floors in times of extreme weather conditions. Parts of India are recording temperatures of above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) this week, including Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Odisha, according to The Weather Channel. To ensure safety, officials in certain areas advised people to stay indoors between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. “Best use of cow dung I have ever seen,” wrote Rupesh Gauranga Das, who shared the now-viral photo of Shah’s Toyota sedan on Facebook. He continued, “To counter 45 degree heat temperatures and protect [her] car from getting hot, Mrs. Sejal Shah has plastered it with cow dung. Getting cool.” In the comments, Das revealed that the photos were sent to him on WhatsApp. While he claims that they have been taken in Ahmedabad, the car’s registration shows that it is based in Mumbai and registered under the name of Ramniklal Shah, according to Indian Express. Full article
  8. It's all to do with those "internal diversity meetings at Google and numerous other Silicon Soyboy companies"... (Read the comments): https://betanews.com/2018/12/06/google-translate-gender
  9. I disagree, most people aren't all that adventurous and tend to stay where they were brought up or went to high-school/University. Even if it's not that great a place. Earning a lot of money isn't all that important, and for most of us a woman we don't like will take it all away from us anyway. I wasted 30 years of my life earning 'big money', instead of being happy and having fun.
  10. And they WILL execute, Nasty too by machine gun. Read one report where a dude shit his pants on the way to the Gun so they stripped him and hosed him down and then carried out the deed
  11. Leaving the question of why he was travelling on a fake passport with a serious wad of cash to one side, or where said cash will end up, and coming back to the issue of facial recognition systems. Scoring 16%, 16%, 0% and obviously looking nothing like the dark looking fella on the far right of the picture, so another probable 0%, does this mean that he has lost face? Something I thought anathema in this part of the world. I wonder how that system would handle dealing with my passport photo and me in real time, after a serious night or weekend on the piss? 1. 2.
  12. You better never complain about “unelected” EU politicians again. Seems like your very own PM is “unelected”.
  13. Books are balanced mate. 2nd highest turnover in the league, no debt
  14. You may have to create a serious accident for those wheels but worth it IMO
  15. Gabba wont help unless he is in pain or having seizures. It doesn't stop tremors or muscle weakness. Why isnt he not being treated in hospital asap?
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