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  2. Only through this would they maybe realize the absurdity of their outdated system. Another problem is they are not willing to invest in competent staff to make the replacement. The shiny new 'one window' online system made for BOI companies is always broken and it looks like it's been made by a junior just out of some Bachelor in Computer Engineering.
  3. Chinese got the pass because in their culture, it is finders keepers ?
  4. To you & Theoldgit , thanks for your time to reply & your help . I have talked to Theoldgit in the past about the refused application for my ladies UK tourist visa . The fact that she owns her own 4 bedroom house & licensed business restaurant , long standing bank account and supports her mother plus my sponsorship , the answer was "we do not believe she will return to Thailand ". There was no logical explanation for the refusal & I contacted the UK Chief Inspector of Borders & Immigration , John Vine , who took the time to reply to me twice . His advice was to reapply and could see no reason for refusal . Unfortunately there was no point as the reason for the UK visit was passed . www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/john-vine-what-s-gone-wrong-with-immigration-by-a-man-who-should-know-9647820.html The link above is an insight into the UK immigration system and its failures . Interesting read . We will apply again shortly with basically the same info as little has changed . Will keep you informed of the outcome . Thanks again for your input .
  5. This is Thailand! Farangs confused by wacky Thai roads Caption: Cannot proceed Sanook said that farangs in Thailand were confused by some of the things they see on the roads and sidewalks of Thailand. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1097115-this-is-thailand-farangs-confused-by-wacky-thai-roads/
  6. This is Thailand! Farangs confused by wacky Thai roads Caption: Cannot proceed Sanook said that farangs in Thailand were confused by some of the things they see on the roads and sidewalks of Thailand. This followed a post by Jan Willem De Lindvanwijngaarden that received a lot of attention on the "TIT - This is Thailand" page on Facebook. Jan included two pictures - one showed a fence that stopped people using a zebra crossing in Bang Saen Chonburi. The other showed posts blocking a bicycle lane near the end of Sukhumvit Soi 65 in Bangkok. These appeared to be to stop motorcycles with posters suggesting that bicycles could still get through, albeit having to slow down to do so. Sanook said that posters online were calling on the authorities to solve these anomalies in Chonburi and Bangkok. Source: Sanook -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-26
  7. I hear he transferred a lot more than that out of the country. 150 million is less than one percent of it. And it looks like he shared it with the right people.
  8. So that Thais cannot accused him of theft being that he has no intention of stealing at all. He just wanted to give the camera to the tour guide who can speak thai to give to the relevant authority(sarcasm)
  10. Surely the behaviours of the children must have given some indication to parents/teachers or other adults that abuse was taking place???
  11. Listen to someone who has lived here or base your information off the Thai government and tourist brochures. Hmmmm. That's a hard one.
  12. Sounds like how much a Pattaya taxi would charge!
  13. Will there be any counselling supports for the victims?? Result of extremely sick perpetrator and extreme poverty for the family, extremely sad.
  14. I'm am in the same boat and I don't see the merit of having 800k tied up at 1%. However I believe the 65k requirement states that it must be an inward transfer from a foreign bank. If you are invested in stocks on the SET then the dividend payments would not be from a foreign bank but a domestic transfer from the Thai Securities Depository Co Ltd.
  15. credit where credit is due - he's built some nice villas by the look of things.
  16. What do you suggest, stay at home and never go out? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. She's probably been freelancing since 18. That's 16 years of hooking. That's 5840 days on the stroll. Let's say she gets a guy 80% of the days. Her vagina probably looks like a catcher's mitt.
  18. That hit the rubbish bin 4 years ago
  19. If they came a month or so earlier they could have just slept with their windows open.
  20. Unfortunately I think Donald will continue to stonewall and play the victim game hopefully we can work through this and hold him accountable
  21. I thought I would give some insight on my recent experience at Jomtien. My retirement extension expires on May 24th, so on April 9th, I visited Jomtien taking a chance on renewing 45 days early, I wanted to get it done and dusted before Songkran. I have a British Embassy income letter dated November 17th 2018. I cleared the front desk and waited about 40 minutes to see the IO. My application was accepted and I paid 1,900 baht. Brilliant I thought. On the way home my phone rings, it was the IO. "Mister, you come too early, come back tomorrow and get passport and then come back after Songkran". So next day I went back to get my passport and was a bit annoyed to see the extension of stay in my passport but with VOID stamps across. Nevermind this week I went back on Tuesday 24th and was in and out in 10 minutes. IO says "Come tomorrow to pick up passport" I was happy, no wrong. I went out in the evening for a few beers and at 8pm my phone rang, it was the same IO. "Mister, your letter from embassy too old now more than 6 months, my captain says you come too late" I explained to him I came before and in any case the letter is only just over 5 months old. This completly threw him off course. "Ok tomorrow you come back but bring your bank book as well". As you can imagine this spoilt my night out. Next day yesterday 25th, I first went to Bangkok Bank to update my passbook, I dont know why I bothered there is only £17,000 in there anyway. I went into immigration and caught the eye of the IO and said to him that he called me last night. He said " Ahh yes I call you, no problem, you can go and get your passport from the lady over there, its all ok, sorry about that". So I picked up my passport with my new extension of stay very happy but confused all the same. This the first time I have ever had a problem. Interesting lessons (1) Never try to renew too early ie 45 days at Jomtien. (2) The call at 8pm was almost unheard of. I still wonder why they called. Most likely, if I hadnt held my ground about the letter and asked, what I needed to do to make it right, I could have ended up paying a "Tip". (3) To actually get an apology is a first for me, they actually realised their error and issued the extension. Sorry its a bit long winded, if nothing else its a good bedtime read to help you sleep. Lol
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