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  2. Is that how you justify your cruel and unusual method of disposing of jingjoks?
  3. The letter from the WH to Schiff and Pelosi, the subject of the OP, lays it all out. "In order to fulfill his duties to the American people, the Constitution, the Executive Branch and all future occupants of the Office of the Presidency, President Trump and his administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under these circumstances," he said. The letter also says, "Put simply, you seek to overturn the results of the 2016 election and deprive the American people of the President they have freely chosen." This is just one of about 10 attempts to do just that. Like the others, it will fail.
  4. The purpose of the post is to advertise the services of the online lawyer, not to inform.
  5. I call BS on this. Seeing a jinjok stuck in a sticky trap is horrible. They would take ages to die, unlike chickens, fish, etc which are dispatched relatively quickly. The comparison between the two is irrevelant. 'Chickens with heads ripped-off' - were did you get that from?
  6. Finding a large quantity of used condoms is very alarming at a karaoke bar must be a lot of singing going down
  7. My point is that they pick and choose on who to enforce their regulations, which is totally wrong, and you still have to do a side visit to the bank to get the passbook updated, and only a teller can do mine, sometimes requiring a lengthy wait. Not the end of the world, but the same rule should apply to all.
  8. Actually believe most on actual R&R stayed on New Petchburi Road (by design) where the action was nonstop for them - The above hotels were more frequented by those from the upcountry airbases. Golden Palace was a personal choice. Nana and Grace were also popular in that area.
  9. It has changed. The application and supporting document have to be send to division 3 in Bangkok for approval. They do not keep the passport while that is being done. They have not done the visa application and then the retirement extension on the same day for a long time now. You have to wait for a about 60 days to the application.
  10. E.U. aims to resume free trade talks with Thailand. Shame on them. Should be NO negotiations until Thailand returns to democracy and holds HONEST elections - and imprisons its traitorous criminals for the rest of their days!
  11. I’m sure they’ll provide you some solace in the months ahead.
  12. Two attempts from USAA Bank failed. One in July and one in Sept. USAA does not use IAT and I guess I am not lucky as some.
  13. What natural warming trend would that be? And what is causing it? As for seeing no change in temperature? That's just flat out false. Have you heard the tundra is melting? Depending on what portion of the tundra in question, that means it's warmer there than it's been for anywhere from 11,000 to 33,000 years. A massive study in Nature just concluded shows that for the first time in at least the last 2000 years, the present is unique in that virtually the entire surface of the planet is getting warmer at the same time. So is that natural and what went on before unnatural?
  14. Says a bloke who almost certainly eats animals that have had their throats cut, fish that have died in pain and stress and chickens that have head the heads ripped off. People are such hypocrites when it comes to animal welfare.
  15. The first line you wrote is true, at least for Georgia, so something must've happened when the lawyers for your parents got together. Women in the states are no longer entitled to as much as they once were.
  16. OP, just keep in mind that a visa has an "enter before date". You need enter los before that date. If for example you had a setv and entered los prior to that date you would be given 60 days of stay upon entry.
  17. Thank you. Yes, it did seem like there are lots of condos available. The sheer breadth of choice has made this all the more difficult to decide.
  18. Who cares about morons paying 15-20k for an extension? I gladly pay my 1900 baht and go there 90 days later, and I'm doing my 90 days report at the same time. So, it's not really a waste of time.
  19. There are Republicans sitting on all the Congressional Committees investigating Trump.
  20. How's this for a deterent: move house, try a condo 16 floors up, they shouldn't bother you there. I'm sitting at my (outdoor) desk next to the (outdoor) kitchen. In front of me, maybe two feet up and away from me on the facing wall is a photo of a previous King. Behind that photo live 3 tokays, I can see two tails hanging down now. Why on earth would I (or anyone else) want to get rid of them. I sweep the verandah of dried <deleted> every morning - no problem. Snowflakes nowadays, having moved to Thailand, having problems with the local wildlife. Some people move to villages in the UK that have a local Church and then complain about the noise of the church bells on a Wednesday (practice) and Sunday mornings. Sad really.
  21. that sticky stuff they wrap around a stick to catch flies also catches geckos. i find that sad as it messes up their climbing feet more geckos/jinjocks/tokays the better as far as i am concerned. never had the diarrhea on the walls. big ones tokays dont come inside, ok have seen one inside behind a picture in the hotel entrance hall. didnt last long the staff got to it after they saw me looking at it. they are worth money. small ones only <deleted> little insignificant bricks
  22. 39 year old karaoke worker ......... I thought it was just us foreigners that were stuck with the old boilers? Anyways, I think it's sad so many women get killed by guys in Thailand. There's plenty of ladies to go around, just move on and pick another one.
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