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  2. Rooster, Some great stuff in there this week, thanks. The bits that kept me tittering including anagramming GoGo bar names while sitting in them. Having run a GoGo for seven years, I can honestly say I can't recall any customer with a piece of paper attempting that. Writing their phone number to give to one of the dancers in an attempt to avoid paying the bar fine was the closest I can recall regarding writing an epic in a GoGo. The Crocodile Farm and the offer of 10,000 Baht to take away a corpse must have been like winning the lottery thirty-odd years ago. Regarding shooting two pretties in the Yaris made me wonder about the "58 year old woman shot her philandering husband in the stomach through a door while his "mia noi" waited outside;" Was it by any chance his back door?
  3. 15 years a go a single burger at the Mac was 19....by then the euro was 52.... Yesterday a pizzacompany pizza was suddenly 379 instead of 319 5 months ago. A Zinger burger is still 62 since some years....
  4. I didnt ask her for a date and I dont want a girlfriend either . There are other things in life apart from relationships .
  5. How much commission do those Elite reps make??? Anyone know ....
  6. Whatever the dubious merits of your assertions, they have nothing at all to do with my questioning lannarebirth's characterization of Buttegieg and Gabbard as being essentially Republicans. In fact, maybe you should direct your ire at him since he's the one calling those 2 Republicans. Not me.
  7. No problem for the past eleven years at BBL Nong Hoi. They have a template pro forma letter to which they add my details and print it off. But do not forget the cream cake now, a little goes an awfully long way !
  8. Yes me too with Acer, every day the key for the letter 'j' or numbers 6 and 8.
  9. Well that's great news! Then there's no reason to delay any further. Given all of Trump's crimes, impeachment should be easy and fast, yes? Let's say by the end of the year?
  10. Particularly ones living in England. Maybe he wants to become her sponsor?
  11. I wonder how much soap she dumps down the drain washing that mop?
  12. By formally changing your address at a new immigration office. TM30 or TM28 forms or both.
  13. Ya got a problem with grand juries? That's how they work. These proceedings are the equivalent of a grand jury. The trial takes place in the Senate.
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  15. She checked online. I guess i should also try to call on Monday.
  16. I would just email Manila saying your want to start the application process/schedule a telephone interview. In the email include your full name, SSAN, address, phone number, date of birth, email address, and when you want your benefit to begin. You can apply up to 4 early before your requested "benefits begin date." For example: say you want your benefit begin date to be 1 Jan 2020 which means your first payment would arrive 3 Feb 2020...well, you can apply up to 4 months before that 1 Jan 2020 date which would be 1 Sep 2019. https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/applying3.html It will probably take Manial a couple of weeks to get back to you....responses from Manila can be slow. Or you could give them call during the two days/limited hours they accept calls per their website. I would go the email method. Up to you. Good luck....welcome to ol' geezer club.
  17. Thu request means nothing happens until late Monday US time (Tuesday the 21st here) and the 23rd is a holiday here; and being more than $10,000 special reporting requirements must be met so expect all has combined to make it longer than normal.
  18. Sir, I honestly believe you don't understand today's Democrat party. If you're not full on hard left socialist, or dare to stray off the plantation for any major issue, the Democrat mob comes after you and accuses you of being a Republican or a Russian asset. Ask solid leftist Tulsi Gabbard.
  19. Switching sides of the line with my eye does not require an adjustment. It seems accurate enough, I just don’t trust it....
  20. Bad for workers rights? Do they have any in the age of bogus self employment,zero hour contracts and the glut of migrant labour courtesy of freedom of movement?
  21. How did she find that out. I just tried calling but of course no answer. It appears on a list of consulates that was updated this month so I find it odd it is closed.
  22. NFL.....i assume the Browns won a thriller over the Seahawks who are a dam good team...i aint watch the game yet just seen snippets while watching another, 1 pont in fornt with seconds to go....Baker even running for a touch down with a 6 oclock shadow .... Skins get a win....against another basket case in the Dolphins. Back home week 2 of Aleague.....Victory go down against the Wanderers, looking a bit lost team thrown togther like just 3 weeks ago....but i have a strong feeling the new coach is the real deal....no longer forced to wear the suite and tie with Mirabella embroerd on the collar Kruz inhis customery trakkie dakkies and top, wont say there were unlucky to loose just not quite yet....nice change to be unpredictable in forward thrust style i thinks...even if there not getting to many chances yet...and guess who is a commentator? yep you guessed right....old Kev Musket, wonder hwat hes thinking...2 weeks and both Vicoty games hes had the plesure to comment....on
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