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  2. Here is what you are probably talking about....I listed the hospitals/providers below. And obviously even the Tricare website list is not complete since Pararm 9 Hospital told me in May 2019 they will accept Tricare for in-patient service. But the pickings are slim. http://www.tricare-overseas.com/beneficiaries/resources/provider-search Bumrungrad International Hospital Bangkok Hospital Medical Center Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital Chiangmai Ram Hospital BNH Hospital Piyachat Ruengvisesh Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital And below is a quote from a 24 July 2019 JUSMAGTHAI Tricare Office Newsletter
  3. The talking was the service. No more negotiation, NOW!
  4. Sorry..I meant only treatment in govt hospital and also pay for any prescriptions etc NOT private hospitals obviously Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Because you make the rest of us a target by your wimpy weak attitude ....
  6. I believe so too, he looks nice and funny with his happy smile - even more since he is PM - but he is just as cynical as other politicians, and Macron knows who's speaking to.
  7. Perhaps better poster models for this cause may have been selected. Just saying....
  8. when it comes to showing flight details did you have a return flight or only a single one way from Thai Airways?
  9. You're saying the principle doesn't matter? Give me $10. Right now, to my email.
  10. This might be helpful. And if not, quite the ice breaker. Maybe even literally. 'Robot tail' could help reduce risk of falling for elderly, say Japanese scientists https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2019/08/05/robot-tail-could-help-reduce-risk-falling-elderly-say-japanese/ Had some nasty falls myself, though still not quite at the "elderly" age bracket. Guess just a combo of not being that stable (yeah, alright...go for it), bad luck, and sometimes lousy timing when indulging. Both my parents had bad falls over the years, and at least with my Mom, got to be a "thing". Healing takes longer with age, and getting back on feet takes a certain amount of determination. Another case - a close friend, had a wee fall off her bicycle. Low speed, nothing dramatic. Hit a nerve end or something, and had to go through years of non-stop pains. Let's be careful out there.
  11. What on earth the police would not know a real pp from a fake one. Seems just more farang oppression
  12. Is this Section 38 app available for IOS ?? It doesn’t appear when I make a search for it, normally if it isn’t available in the App Store country you are using it will tell you, I didn’t get any such message. Anyone using it on IOS , and if so where did you find it ?? TIA Andy
  13. You guys are far nicer than me. I've walked away from a demanding baht bus before but that was in Thailand. In Laos I lean towards letting them throw a fit if they want too, maybe this is a mindset I'll regret but I don't see why you guys would let scammers push us around so readily.
  14. Savan consulate 1yr multi be your best bet I expect, 60 day extension on your 30 day visa exempt and repeat that not bad easy option but if likely stay well over 6 months the type o multi entry be safest bet .
  15. its the price of a beer, a tip, why stress ? oh yeah, its the principle.....
  16. If it happens politely refuse and then pay if things turn nasty.
  17. I don't think there is a risk of losing money. My impression is that as long as this scheme has been working, from the U.S. bank's POV they were doing DOMESTIC ACH transfers. Sending to a rather odd bank for a domestic transfer but still domestic. So I've always seen it to some degree as a loophole scheme and I'm not surprised that changes have happened, assuming they ever actually enforce them.
  18. If it happens politely refuse and then pay if things turn nasty.
  19. I'm going to try that next week.
  20. The epitome of non-coordination/incompetence. A huge development is being built next to the airport, a few months ago we read that CPN had not acquired approval for the shopping centre, and now this.. Meanwhile the PM is concerned about fires in the far end of the Portuguese empire while in his own country they can't organize a <deleted> up in a brewery.
  21. A Thai drivers licence comes in so handy and means that you don't need to carry your passport with you, from check-in at hotels, boarding domestic flights without passport, id at clubs/bars and then there's the minimal hassle by Police if they see you have a Thai drivers licence. You can download a standard rental agreement online and have your gf sign it, use that with passport and photos to get your Residency Certificate (500 baht optional to get the cert the next day). Then have a doctors medical and take all the above with your International Drivers Licence to get your Thai licence. Then go along to a bank and open a savings account with all the above documents......sweet times
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