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  2. Logic from any nationality unless of course you are Thai basher
  3. There is Global Handwashing Day? ...and seven essential hand-washing steps?
  4. The need to show a copy of your lease/proof of address when extending the retirement visa was one, nobody believed it was required until eventually everyone elsewhere had to do the same. TM30 implementation was also initiated in CM many many months before the rest of the country, people elsewhere wouldn't believe there was even such a thing as TM30 until it eventually spread. The certificate of Residency was also a first, CM was charging 300/500 for it and was eventually told to stop, their workaround was to offer it free with a wait of ten days or for a fee, available the same day and many districts copied this model.
  5. Actually you have to wonder about those who having lost the argument about renewable energy now resort to caricatures and personal vilification.
  6. Childish distractions again. Here is the same story on Yahoo news Here it is on Breitbart Of course you won't accept those links again because its not msn or cnn. But guess what they don't cover all the news. They only cover that which promotes their bias. So it is rather difficult to talk about news when you have limited yourself to such a narrow band of information. But it does explain why you always seem so confused.
  7. Yes we do. And we also do not recognize the shrill, incompetent, foolish, reckless, feckless, ignorant, partisan fool he has become. He is a pale shadow of his.former self and like his master, he has rightly earned all the ridicule and scrutiny of late. No doubt Trump will throw him under the bus like he does anyone who is either no longer useful to him, or a liability. He has become a massive problem for Don Donald. Trump knows nothing of loyalty, and deciding to work for the man ends up being the worst decision of each man and woman's career. Sorry, little sympathy for this corrupt and failing man.
  8. Don't invest any more than you are willing to lose! Read up on Kingsgate.
  9. It must be acknowledged, a very efficient police! R.I.P. Poor kid! I hope the gunslinger will pay a lot for his gesture, at least he will be eliminated forever by the police!
  10. I don’t want to deny you the ability to criticize the Thai police but an alternative view is that the father of the boy was committing a crime and had his son in attendance whist doing so. He then avoided a Police checkpoint and than rather than face the consequences he fled I presume committing another crime. If he had been responsible in relation to the above the boy would still be alive. In the US there have been numerous examples of unarmed persons particularly black people being shot by police. It has happened in Australia as well persons being shot by Police. In the UK there are daily pursuits by Police of stolen vehicles and other criminals during which members of the public are put at risk, as dangerous as being shot I would suggest. So are all of the above incompetent and lacking in training ? I would suggest that you open your eyes and instead of being an armchair critic from the comfort of your home see what happens in the real and often dangerous world.
  11. Don't use grease - washes out. Use Neverseez - or Koprkote
  12. 555. So now we're quoting Twitchy! Don't make me laugh. Too late, you already did. 555 555 555.
  13. Gone are the days when I was young and so horny I was willing to do visa runs of this nature. If this shambles is the best Thai Immigration can do then I can see many leaving.
  14. What proof - the video only mentions O-A. No mention of extensions at all.
  15. Have you ever fired a handgun from a moving vehicle in a car chase? Me neither. Seen it on the TV a few times though, wonder if that's were Sombatsky and Twatch got the idea.....
  16. So you want a medal as well? Busting a gut trying to set an example in the moobahn are we? How's your blood pressure BTW?
  17. i bet those making less far far outweigh that minority though
  18. I like all of them a billion times more than 45. But Gabbard less so. Surprised that Mayor Pete is really being taken seriously but he's earned that. My early favorite All the Way with Amy K is still standing! But just barely. No final predictions yet from me. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  19. Nonsense. Trudeau pretty much ko'd Trump. Trump's biggest demand was the end of Chapter 19, the dispute resolution mechanism. He wanted US courts to be the venue. He completely caved in to Trudeau on that. Even the former head of the Conservatives believes that. "It wasn't an idle threat (from Trump)," said Ambrose. "They were extremely critical of Chapter 19 and I think right up to the last minute it was their intent to scrap it." In addition, Ambrose said Canada scored success on having international labour standards and environmental principles entrenched in the deal. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ambrose-nafta-scheer-trudeau-1.5261699
  20. Very interesting article. I am not an expert and can make no comment on the science involved but it makes sense to me. A very cloaked attack on the obvious major corporate player here at the end though. If I was still actively involved in the industry, I would adopt a strategy of complete isolation. Nothing comes in, anything that goes out, stays out. The only open issue would be the chance of infection via commercial pelletised feed. Considering the temperature and process, that seems unlikely.
  21. I have been asked by a friend to inquire about what he needs to do if he leaves his home in Nakhon Sawan province and goes to Hua Hin and stays at a guest house for around a month. The guest house usually informs Hua Hin Immigration of his presence? Upon his return to his home province, (NS) he must file a TM28 at NS Immigration Office? If this is correct please comment. Any advice or help appreciated. rc
  22. You didn't answer my question but are happy to just criticise those attempting to do their job. Even as a remainer you have a vested interest in the UK's success in the negotiations. Now, you clearly don't rate Boris so who would you put forward.
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