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  2. Something seen some years ago. A certain local bus company (now thankfully defunct) had a massive reputation for arrogant and lethal drivers. Most locals still perceive that company as the bus mafia. One of their buses had a run in with an SUV driver. Said SUV driver chased the bus down the main drag, eventually overtook the bus (after the bus tried to fend him off by swerving across two lanes) and slewed his vehicle across two lanes so as to completely block the bus from going any further. And a traffic jam soon ensued behind, ensuring the bus driver had no easy means of escape. The SUV driver got out and proceeded to subject the driver to a five minute tirade, with a massive audience. The bus driver could do nothing other than make sure all his doors were closed, and sit out the tirade with extreme loss of face. The SUV driver then departed; the driver probably thinking that the cops would inevitably take longer than 5 minutes to arrive. I doubt that the driver made any attempt to call the cops. Part of the deal companies like this have with the cops is "Don't call us, and we won't make a call on you". (It mMight even have been that the SUV driver was a cop.)
  3. After all sense you wrote before, I must pick this line. One of the funniest, dark comedy lines of our times Don't despair, we younger ones will keep on fighting.
  4. What a comment haha. Does every thread have to contain a fool like you telling people to leave, really? This time you shouldn't be going home if you don't like Thailand but the entire continent of Asia! Have you been to all of Asia then and can reliably inform us all that each and every Asian, from the east of the Bosporus to the most eastern shore of Russia, uses 8 plastic bags a day amongst other items of single use plastics?
  5. It just shows the competence of the government. They cannot do anything without making a mess.
  6. Ignorance is not a legitimate defence. But then Trump doesn't care about legitimacy anyway, never did, never will. Only cares about the "appearance" of winning. But none of that matters to those who wear blinders and idolize this scum bag.
  7. Yes, those volunteer, Thai snorkeling trash collectors would be really hurting.
  8. Wouldn't it be a better idea to impound & sell the vehicles & funds go toward some worthwhile charity ? Initially crushings a good idea but a bit of a waste. But hey, just my opinion.
  9. I have just been to Bali and they have already banned plastic bags. Why can't Thailand follow suit? ACT NOW!
  10. An alternative to plastics has been created some time ago. Just as strong and resilient as plastics but BIG OIL petrochemical industry doesn't like competition. That alternative was/is HEMP. Biodegradable in a month after use. And the legalities of the raw material. Go figure why there is another continent floating around the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas.
  11. This report will not convince the Dems to impeach Trump because they know they would then be stuck with the repulsive Vice President who is just as bad but in a different way. Hopefully the Dems head down the road to fixing what can be fixed in a divided Congress. Several of the Dem candidates are promoting inclusion, but the Trump base seems to be woefully deaf to that tune. That's OK... that base is slowly shrinking.
  12. "...after all of Manchester.."? Sorry but that phrase doesn't really work; you clearly made that up. 3/10 must try harder at humour.
  13. Nikon D800, 105 mm, 1/1000 sec, f:2.5, ISO 800
  14. This has got to be the biggest blatant copyright infringement and if it's not then Toyota should be ashamed of themselves for such a copy and paste design. Anyone with a Mazda 2 will know straight away, https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motor-shows-new-york-motor-show/toyota-unveils-new-mazda-2-based-yaris-hatchback-us Sent from my SM-T900 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. It's very simple to verify the length of Karon Beach that is covered with chairs. No need for a high-level delegation with military escort and photographers. The current Google Earth image dated a year ago (22 March 2018) shows that there were five zones, each 200 metres long with double rows of chairs coloured red on the attached photo. The whole length of the sand beach is 3.3km. That means 30% of the beach is occupied by chairs. I think the zones are still the same today, maybe longer.
  16. Improve the infrastructure ! Sewage treatment plants actually do work
  17. Where they show their feet soles to adjacent dinners...... OP, the obnoxious bird, is she married to or have a farangy bf (Boy friend, not bloody fool)....?
  18. Omg. Could your question be more arrogant? No it couldn't! So if I have less money than you that makes me a worse neighbor than a rich man? So 63.000 baht a month... is poverty level to you? I can't write here what I think of you.
  19. Has your OA visa expired? If not you could get a new entry before it expires and not have to do an extension for another year or more. You extension will start form the date your current permit to stay ends. You can apply up to 30 days early. Your extension application will not reset your 90 day reporting date unless immigration does a new report for you. You can do your 90 day report up to 15 days early if you want to.
  20. The US is still the Word leader. You're from Finland, right? We can still drum up support, in a week, to send Midwestern farm boys to die for Finland if need be.
  21. "one of her cousins took great offence at me resting my foot on my knee in the car as I have long legs and needed to stretch. She said thai people doesnt like this kind of thing and i should show some respect. I basically told her to get stuffed." In Thailand, it is considered very rude to point feet or show the soles of the feet. Just because some Thais are rude does not make it irrelevant. I think that your response above (certainly not very diplomatic) shows that there are issues on both sides.
  22. It isn't actionable through anything other than a fair election. I bet you have said the same thing on a bad day. Oh, F life sucks!
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