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  2. Local prices and tourist prices are not only in LoS . Its everywhere here in south east asia. And fair enough, when we work we often earn 300% + what a local earns.
  3. Unless you act as their pimp, as many boyfriends/husbands do with western hookers. Even then, it probably won't end well! In Thailand many working bargirls have Thai boyfriends (or Toms) or husbands, but not sure how successful these relationships are.
  4. Thanks but does that mean you don't get the visa renewed at the next extension date or you immediately lose your current visa, and have to leave the country.
  5. Yeah. It's sad. Even though using citizenship as a gatekeeping function is understandable, it's still disturbing. In my pre-international experience, we had all sorts of other screening criteria that were not always fair or 100% relevant. There are always outliers. Some people don't have the degree you're looking for but are amazing, and there's no reason for them to spend years and $$$ getting some piece of paper. Then there are tons of others who meet the minimum qualifications but are worthless. But you know if you drop those minimum qualifications, you're going to get a deluge of applicants who aren't what you're looking for. Even when you frame the posting as "exceptional candidates without X," you still get it. Everyone thinks they're exceptional. I'm guessing there are half a billion non-NES who think they could teach English in Thailand. Beyond the deluge of applications, though, is the racism of parents/clients. They're unlikely to want to hear about how so-and-so may be a native of X, but they're a Fulbright scholar and have a U.S. master's degree and won six times on Jeopardy! They want the comfort of an American, a Canadian, etc. Good point about the skin cream. I was thinking about that exact thing the other day when wondering how I'd discuss the diversity of American culture with my students.
  6. Perhaps "Thumper Trump" is considering moving there, given the current bind he's in????
  7. If your talking about the laser for sway bar / suspension alignment then they have it at this Cockpit branch, also got a dyno and wheel alignment equip. https://goo.gl/maps/HVLXf8NdE8ZMT9sP6
  8. It would be the same letter done by the bank when using the 800k baht in the bank option.
  9. Looking at Google Earth, I can't see an access way between the police station and the hospital, There seem to be buildings completely blocking the north side of the station. Historical imagery does show some wrecked vehicles on the hospital site, but no indication that they were taken there directly from the station. I'm happy to be proven wrong.
  10. In other countries this is called a severance package: you serve/milk your country for five years and on the way out you skim the stimulus money to ensure a comfortable retirement.
  11. Well, more funny is that the private school my GF is working at has hired lots of Phillipino english teachers and even 3 Chinese ones. But it is a private school ...
  12. One of the veteran lady officers a few years back also wanted a copy of every single filled-out page (even of foreign visas) of my passport (this same lady had done extensions for me in prior years and asked for no such copies). I politely argued with her as to whether that was really needed and she insisted....and she also acted a bit disappointed when I reached into my folder and quickly produced a full set (I take the kitchen sink with me as you never know 100% what they want on a given day). As to the bank letter being dated the same day, that's really unnecessary if one wants to go early to Immigration; but, given I'm doing my annual extension this coming week, I guess I'll play along and get it the same day. Now, as concerns updating the passbook (presuming they want it updated the same day), that I cannot provide. I bank with SCB, keep the 800k in a term account, and it cannot be "updated" regardless if I or SCB personnel stick the book in their update machine.
  13. You do not have to have a US address to pay US tax (perhaps for the direct online service?) - my IRS address has been Thailand for the last two decades and tax return is submitted online via independent software. Suspect almost all will want to maintain US bank account or two although SS can be direct deposited to Thailand. Be sure to sign an electronic transfer agreement with bank prior to leaving as many require personal visit to sign (if you ever want to make money transfers using SWIFT).
  14. i know a group of Thai sports friends as well, but can I tell you about their childhood? can i tell you things a GOOD friend would know? definitely not. sometimes we talk for an hour or two.....sometimes a group of 20. it's always very basic Thai conversation. to me, i wouldn't call them GOOD friends, but acquaintances that I see quite often.
  15. Would have made no difference at all. Religion was just the excuse powerful men used to conquer other races and steal their land. If there was no religion they'd have invented some other reason.
  16. What is, " 2.) An official letter from the bank which certifies your ownership of the account, dated on the day of application, also showing some same-day activity (deposit or withdrawal). " Never seen one. What is in it and what does it look like? I have the bank book and assume I can get a statement what would the letter say that is not already obvious?
  17. This is the end game now that the Russian debacle has been exposed as a perpetual obstruction
  18. Good point. It doesn't apply in this case, as we're not talking about an EU citizen. This is probably a situation where racism can cut both ways. They're white (Irish-looking, really) and western in every way. But there seems to be some hostility toward non-EU Europeans. Funny how the Thai education system wants to westernize but embedded in Thai society is a lot of bizarre racism. It'll all work out.
  19. get a hobby or interest that will cause you to interact with thai men and it will happen, if you dont it wont
  20. A sensible statement from this guy. It’s his case to investigate and decide if charges are warranted. So far he thinks no security threat.
  21. Are you aware how long time it takes to cook potatoes?
  22. NES really means a lot here. Non-NES and you will be discriminated against all the time. come on, this is a place that sells cream to make your skin white. it's all marketing, not really about what the person knows. nobody asks what the person knows, it's where they are from. white american girl for sure is at a premium. some guy who knows everything and is a great teacher and blah blah blah but from some strange country......nope. seen good people paid 18,000 based solely on country.
  23. nah...you can eat most anything but you must know what yer body can tolerate that you can measure with yer BG testing device...I eat spuds, noodles and a bit of the local jasmine rice but in quantities that I know are not dangerous...after a lot of measuring things become instinctual...also good to consult the glycemic index tables available on google to get a handle on the foods yer eating... as a diabetic on medication (metformin and insulin) you can always alter the dose if you are 'naughtie' but then things can slide outta control very easily... the issue here is blood glucose control and what you can do to protect yerself with monitoring, diet, medication, etc...exercise can be very effective as well but that may require a lifestyle change that may not appeal to some folks...
  24. Bill Weld has already risen to the challenge. I haven't heard Trump coin a derogatory nickname for Mr Weld yet. Perhaps he's had his hands full with the revealing report having just been released. "We'll see"
  25. Have a look at Pacific Cross, very reasonable from what I was shown, can start at a policy for B1.5 million and then way up according to what suits you. john
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