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  2. Its quite unnecessary to bring incest into it . It may be funny when you are drunk in a bar, but in the cold light of day, its not funny at all
  3. I forget your colours Jip weren't you an ardent no-dealer ?
  4. 2 year licenses have the word "Temporary" on the front, at the top.
  5. Daikin in their Super Smile and Super Smart inverter range have 11.9k, 14.3k and 17.7k BTU (and smaller and bigger of course). Not looked at Mitsu yet. If I could get away with the 11.9 it would be good.......but looking like the 14.3 to be safe..... No-one has commented but should the fitted wardrobe space be included as that is about another 2.5/3 sq m on top of the 19.53.
  6. Just a quick thought that we Revoke A50 and remain but as a sop to the Leavers we leave the Eurovision Song Contest so we can say we have left Europe.
  7. Apparently, he has been seen trying to buy “Fick Boris” wristbands...... If this deal gets through parliament the. Recital Party won’t have much to campaign on at the next election.
  8. In Europe a theatre is a place for acting and live music with real instruments, orchestra's and so... I've been to thai cinema's twice and both times i fell asleep from the cold aircon....
  9. Yes many seem to come up for air and a dribble in between licking windows on the short bus.
  10. There is a Tesco-Lotus, Big C. There are enough bars left. Many streets where you can buy a lot of food. I like going there because it is always busy, turnover rate of food will be good. Result is that the quality of food is usually good. There is also a small market left close to the Big-C. I think it is still one of the best places to live on that part of the BTS line. I live close to Bangchak BTS. But for shopping I always go to On Nut and I feel sorry that I do not live there.
  11. What a great post Marko. I don't want to get this wrong as I might try it myself. Does your intake of cider cure rotten teeth? I've only got 5 left (2 on top and 3 on bottom) and I'm pulling them out about one a year. I don't go to dentists as I don't thrust 'em. I have to put apples in the blender or I can't eat them. A carpenter friend was making me some dentures, from bamboo, but he was taking so long, another tooth had gone, and he had to start again. Is that your own urine Marko or someone elses? Interesting! I'll have a word with the wife.
  12. She likes me because I am fat and jolly. She likes that @NCC1701Adude down in Hua Hin, she even calls him Uncle. And hes real weird too.
  13. Perhaps a mod could look at some of these poorly informed posts and consider this thread is in zombie zone. Nothing productive and speculative nonsense.
  14. BREAKING NEWS Nigel Farage is currently being pulled from a sea of his own raging spittle, I’m told.
  15. don't think too gravely about it. "Arranging" paperwork is hardly criminal, especially if he has a family to feed, and if he's doing an acceptable job, he's probably still better than many other "teachers" pretending to teach English in Thailand, even if he's an idiot. Under the bottom line, I think Thailand benefited from making him legal.
  16. If I’m not mistaken, Chonburi immigration does not require a TM30 report for out of province travel, only out of country. On TV, we only hear of western tourists being denied entry. I don’t think Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian etc tourists are active in this forum. Some westerners apparently don’t have €500 to their name. There is currently a thread about an overstayer. He and his mother combined don’t even have £800. Finally, all nationalities face the same issues. You, as a Caucasian, are not as glorified as you like to think. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. I thought the O-X has always needed money in the bank and health insurance.
  18. He wouldn't try and ask the neighbors to buy the chicken because he's already shown how selfish he is. He'd open a new thread here that his neighbor's chicken is too loud and ask for advice what to do. Somebody who's blaming Thais to watch soap operas in their OWN house, on their OWN TV, must have some mental issues.
  19. Took ya a whole day to think of that? Im dissapointed. Early onset?
  20. As an American either side is passing if you are going slower than me
  21. Please do not cross post the same topic across multiple forums, please continue in the topic which is in the correct forum: //Closed//
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