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  2. I've selected a snip of your comment, not to play "gotcha", rather, I mused that I could substitute "God and Spirit" with any number of man-made constructs and it would be "true" to the people who subscribe to it. You could also delete it entirely and the sentence still works; in my opinion, it would be more honest and realistic, and is rather self-evident. A more honest, simplistic view of us, as a species, is we are merely another strain of animals on this planet. We are born, search for and consume food and water, defecate, reproduce, try not to get killed by other animals, and then we die. Same as the soi dogs around my moo baan. What sets us apart from other species is once our basic needs are met, we get bored and start concocting questions and making shit up to answer them. Then we try to sell to others in the clan. Who am I? Why am I here? What's my purpose? It's a billion dollar industry designed to extract money from people desperate to avoid a truth they refuse to accept. Sometimes the simplest, most obvious answer is, in fact, the answer. Occam's razor.
  3. Cheers, I’ll accept that at face value. [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Unless you meet your grab outside the airport gate, or something changed this month, Grab are banned from ALL Thai airports. There's a big sign at the gate saying so. Drop off should be ok though, but not tried it since the ban. I've dropped the Mrs off in the car, and v/v with no problems.
  5. That may have been her goal since day 1, a "leukrung" is prized amongst Thais, and it joins her to you. You can get a DNA test if you wish, but you need to decide where you want this to go, what is your end game id the dna result is positive. Answer that honestly first.
  6. Agreed but at one's table it is pretty hard not to... this is not a typical non interference situation.... my advice in this situation is to grab the neck of an empty beer bottle and prepare to do battle if necessary.... either that or simply cold cock the mother frigger put his lights out then leave...
  7. At least she won’t be abused by him again....he promised he would be on good behavior....who believes him? I wonder if alcohol was part of his lifestyle......
  8. Once in a office one of the girls told me Noi did something. And I asked who is Noi and she told me the darkest girl in the office. I still didn't know who it is because I don't really look who is a little whiter and who a little darker. Later I spoke to other office girls about that and all of them confirmed that they all know exactly the hacking order in their office of who is a little bit whiter or darker. It seems most Thai girls have this internalized. Nobody has to tell them that white is better and they need to do something to be whiter. They just "know" it anyhow.
  9. Either way, they can expect to spend many years in a Thai jail while courts figure out this unprecedented case if caught.
  10. What crazy requirements? Wanting to assert whether foreigners who want to live here long term have the means to do so?
  11. Maybe the problem is that westerners DO behave as they would in their very liberal home countries, when they are in cultures that are as foreign and exotic as it's possible to be. Whether we like it or not, this can have very different ramifications according to our gender.
  12. 12 times is attempted murder for sure... I would not say the guy was trying to play hero... come on anyone would try to stop some nut case probably drunk trying to pull the shirt off a woman at a table...
  13. I forgot the Name of the Place down Jomtien 2nd road. If you go through the roundabout straight and follow 2nd rd after about a Kilometer on the right hand side near the Back Fabrik (German Bakery) who does also English Breakfast but uses German Sausages till Brexit comes. But if you use the U-Turn in front of the Back Fabrik and drive back about 200 meter you will find the place. Good English Breakfast and he uses fresh Mushrooms and no sloppy canned tomatoes. Before I went frequently to Jolly's in Soi Buakao opposite Chaba Hut, but last year they increased the price to Pharmacy levels and the fresh mushrooms are exchanged for lousy 2 (yes two) canned ones. And I asked a few times for some more mushrooms, still they ignored and gave TWO. By one of the waitresses you need to pull with a set of pliers at her ar*e to get a smile in her face. That's the last time Jolly's have seen me.. (even I am German but fresh Mushrooms are an essential part of a good English breakfast in a country where real button mushrooms cost a few hundred Baht)
  14. The Thai economy has been harmed since the coup. What is it so hard to understand that every coup dealt a body blow to economy. We nose dived to GDP growth in 2014 to 0.7% and since then struggled to achieve the growth of past and previous elected governments. When we hit such a low GDP base, anything above was spun as positive. To put salt to injury, the junta messed up the election to stay in power and created even more harmed to the economy. They embarked on excessive defense spending rather than put more money to creat productivity like in education and healthcare. They spurged on large infrastructure spending without determining if they will be profitable. The political uncertainty scared off FDI which went to Vietnam and other neighboring countries. Pity that the BOT is not forthright in condemning the junta and coups in general for harming the economy.
  15. Why are they incompetent? What's the problem exactly? You're only raising this because the Dutch FA have postponed a round of fixtures. I don't agree with that or whether the Dutch, english or any FA does it. I didn't agree when ManU were given permission not to play in the FA cup because of some game overseas. Fixture congestion happens every year for the teams that stay in the competitions. You'll remember a few years back Pellegini playing a team of kids vs Chelsea away FA Cup because a few days later we had Madrid in CL. It happens. Enjoy the fact youve got loads of games.
  16. It will reduce the cost and saves the AC for working too hard (like it is cooling a room with open window) to invest a little more in insulation. Put mats with reflection foil on the ceilings. Here I do have square mats for the square ceiling panels. 60x60cm. A big difference. Even on cloudy days. It is the radiation from the sun, that even goes trough clouds, which heats up your ceiling and tables, everything horizontal. Insulation for ceilings come in many forms, rolls, square mats, panels. It depends on the situation at your place on which one to use. Now with this hot season the walls are hot too, I don't have but I plan to do is put inside drywall with spacers on the concrete walls and as Crossy already wrote is try to get shading on the outside walls. Plants, trees, extended rooftops, plints mounted on a distance, many ways to reach that goal. Consider reposition your frigde. Rgds,
  17. Have tried out and installed roughly 100 aircons of all major brands. Just did my new 90sqm condo. CENTRAL AIR INVERTER. 1 unit ca. 9000 BTU running 24/7. Keeps entire condo dry at around 45% and at 28C. I installed 2 more 12,000 BTU for fast and cold... Mistake... 2 more 9000 would have served perfectly. I have double glazing and live under a foamed roof. Super good prices on these units. Only ones that compare are Panasonic at a higher price so. Have them in another large condo. Pleased but only Central for me now. Electric bill ca. 2,400 month... Good luck.... MS>
  18. If you've been in a 2-year relationship and still put one everytime you shag, then fairplay
  19. The Burger joint on Nani I noticed when I was here in November, but as you note, it seemed closed (at least whenever I happened past) pity, as I had been craving a burger. Friends of mine finally took over a large Patong hotel recentlyI, hope it works for them. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  20. Probably cant handle a few beers even .
  21. Like that Waco commune bloke....Mind you his todger had lots of work...
  22. Glad that everything worked out for you in the end - but, wow, what a bloody palaver you had to go through, though, thanks entirely to those bungling incompetent cretins at Indigo! Might he have been saying exactly the same thing about Jet Airways at one time, I wonder?
  23. Yeah right always blame Mother Nature for your mess whenever possible.
  24. Get a room on Ratchadamnoen for 250 baht and the red bus goes all the way for 8 baht . May have to get a taxi back if its after about 1 am as the buses are infrequent by then .
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