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  2. The dictionary I looked at said 81% and I tend to agree with that number. 10% is very close to the accuracy plus or minus of a poll like that.
  3. let's wait and see, maybe he rented it for the night, looooooooooooooooool
  4. Even more interesting, after 35 games this season = 70pts (3rd place) (finished 3rd) after 35 games last season = 71pts (4th place) (finished 3rd) Showing remarkable consistency considering the stadium disruption and spending hardly any ££££££ on the squad.
  5. And people with 'Permanent Residence' according to Peter.
  6. There's people's various opinions of all sorts, and then there's facts and news... In the latter category, in recent years, you'd have to consider: --the march away from democracy --the circus of Immigration changes and inconsistencies --air that's often not fit to breathe, and water that's often not fit to drink --farangs getting thrown in jail for things that Thais would get off with a handslap for --the rise of a palpable anti-foreigner attitude by some in authority... --the constant cavalcade of senseless bus, van and road deaths etc etc etc... And if I wasn't already living here and making adjustments and precautions for all those things as best as possible, all of the above would certainly have me thinking before deciding to make a move.
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  8. Smart move building at the dam, the last house in Phuket to have water.
  9. So the Chinese are putting money into the coffers of the well connected Thai elites. I think the current policy is doing just that. Big corporations making money out of the Chinese. The ruling elites couldn’t care less about the well being of the small people. They don’t even pay much taxes too.
  10. for the sake of not paying taxes....mhhh... you see examples here in thailand, what about jetset monk, where is he now ?
  11. Nothing wrong with plant based/ vegetarian/vegan diets if that is what people want to eat; but to claim they are the best for our health infers that somehow we have evolved over the last few tens of thousands of years from being carnivores to herbivores. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170607133246.htm https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/02/190219111704.htm
  12. I currently have a postpaid plan with ADSL , 5GB mobile data and the AIS Playbox. The thing that is unusual to me is my SIM gives me the 5GB but I have to pay for each outgoing call and SMS. I can give up on the Playbox. I cannot seem to find an AIS plan that has ADSL, voice and SMS/MMS. It seems like they are heavy on the mobile data which I can do with only 1 or 2 GB Does anyone know if AIS has such a package or do I have to switch to a different provider?
  13. Hi Are you saying the No 3. is indicating pension or interest or dividends are an example of income that can be used, as opposed to just pension. The way they have worded this particular example is a little bit open to different interpretations. Personally i like the other one where to qualify you need a monthly income deposited in to a Thai bank of 65k a month after all a income is a income where ever it comes from (Legally) As far as they cannot legally reject it goes, and i am sure you are quite correct, but can you imagine if i contested it, saving face and conceding wrong doings or mistakes are not part of Thai culture. the ironic thing is i am pretty certain if i went to another immigration office i would be walking out with a new Extension. Regards TB
  14. Had a TZM150 for awhile, will never forget it
  15. It might be a test to see if we can keep the thread going in his absence. How about this???
  16. is this from the : start with a big fortune to make a fortune afterwards ? invest 130 billion for ?????
  17. Nha Trang's not bad. beautiful beach in the early evening as you say. Almost gives a feel of what it was like a long time ago....people enjoying and playing in the ocean just as the sun's going down. The locals are quite distressed about the sell out which brought in hordes of Chinese and Russians.
  18. Most of the Donbass folks are Russians anyhow, and the Ukrainian people living there would rather in a state with a GDP which is four times higher, than the Ukrainian one. The right step. Let the people decide , where they want to belong too.
  19. they seem to like bashing their women about in this country, its a male dominated society, women are second class, 9 times out of 10, cops dont want to know about domestic violence, as they are part of the problem, its only when things come into the media spotlight, they reluctantl act, i am now waiting for the opologists, to come out of the woodwork, lol
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