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  2. Some of the problem can be attributed to the increase in the value of the Thai Baht. The required sums of money or income are arbitrary, and bear no relationship to whether a person is able to sustain a life here. If money is the only criterion used to assess a person’s worthiness then it is shortsighted, the wealthiest people are often crooks. The simplest thing would have been to apply the new rules to new applicants, and to look more closely at existing cases in a more sympathetic way.
  3. I have a grin a mile wide reading some of the froth and foam here, my beef is trying to convince them a 2 1/2 year old should NOT be veiwing this stuff and i stand firm with the NOT thus i will take her out of the house and take here to a park , does that sound like any sense to you folks ? the rest of your thoughts aside from the topic is water of a ducks back with all due respects.
  4. The American people would treat it as they always do. Unlike the rest or the world that worries what others think of them. Americans could care less what the Chinese think. Kind of like they don't care what the Europeans think. It's the American way.
  5. You said that. So I search which one you talk about. Thankyou. So I wrong. Which president you talk about? i lazy to search more.
  6. I made a post just above in which I explained everything. Getting developing nations into line will is phase 2. I think we all agree they need to be kept under reasonable control. You agree on that, right? Right? Fail to answer, lose the argument.
  7. arrested fined deported banned no more posts from OP lucky he didnt have the 6 month visa, I wonder if we will hear from him again
  8. Bangkok has changed a lot over the years as have most other large mega-cities. The move from the backpacker area of Soi Ngam Dupli, and Soi Sribamphen, which forms a T-intersection with Soi Ngam Dupli to Khao San Road. Buying the Bangkok Post for 8 baht. No internet, no expressways, no MRT or BTS. No malls yet but Siam Square was the place to go. There were taxis but no meters. The list just goes on and on.
  9. I did just type out the information instead of cut/pasting the section as you have but I don't think I am misquoting. It is referring to visa class O-A and: It clearly says "must buy Thai health insurance online, which covers the length of stay in the KINGDOM" Now you might have a different interpretation for that section than I have but it definitely does NOT say 'for the length of validity of the O-A visa' anywhere in that section. The information Tanoshi obtained from Immigration, both in Bangkok and his local office, I believe, is a lot closer to what I have said. You may well be right and I might be totally wrong but, until we get an official definitive answer it's down purely speculation and opinion. Nothing more. We are all entitled to our opinions and I did not misquote as you have said, I used the exact wording that is written in The Police Order.
  10. A new study suggests that women, in fact, may be more dangerous behind the wheel than men. Researchers at the University of Michigan analyzed 6.5 million car crashes in the U.S. between 1998 and 2007. Female drivers were found to be involved in 68.1 percent of all crashes, according to The Daily Mail. https://www.syracuse.com/news/2011/07/women_worse_drivers_more_crashes_than_men_less_driving.html
  11. This sets the imagination firing. so for a pic the size of say a door it might need say 60 prints on A4 I believe black and white prints are just 2 or 3 baht but how much are colour?
  12. Same i have all the paperwork,even down to reciepts for the furniture,the ex was happy with 2 mil and new car,i have a large sum overseas that she knows nothing of,so to be honest it was chump change and well worth it to get the witch and her 2 brats away from me, she has spent most of it already on her Thai guy,who is younger than her,once it's gone no doubt he will be on the lookout for fresh meat.
  13. It is black or blue stamp that just states a fine was paid for being late doing a 90 day report. No problem for anything done later.
  14. Won the argument on TVF? Perhaps, perhaps not, but what about the rest of the 7 billion of us out there?
  15. Valid point; hence the need for a legal document stating who owns what before cohabitation.
  16. Civilization is what ends when you bring your type of solution. Russia used your solution, so did China, Cuba, Venezuela and many others. They all had different bogeymen to fight, but used the same solutions.
  17. No matter what the facts are, another fact is that people such as the OP get worried. That's a problem that comes with any crackdown - those you want to crack down on will know (or learn) how to evade it, while those you don't want to be affected will end up as roadkill / collateral damage.
  18. pm alltime lick maak japanese and chinese money, how much japanese pay him corrupt money ewery month because him like lick japanese and chinese busines mens <deleted> eweryday more. idiot do this, chinese not need keep in counbtry newer make any business, same come lot lot problem all country, lot criminals and problems if keep chine or japanese busines to country. all need take out country.
  19. Ah ok thanks. I’ve applied for two tourists visas before and after doing the biometrics we just were told it was approved and the visa is in the form of an ‘e visa’ as in, no entry in my wife’s passport. This makes me ask, are they now requiring the passport to be sent in ? We never had to before . I’m guessing the Australian Embassy is a little different that may explain it.
  20. That was a well put together Doco-----really worth a look.... thanks
  21. Please show me which country more woman than man die.
  22. Novice, 13, became abbot's sex slave at Kanchanaburi temple, claim father and son Picture: Daily News A father in Kanchanaburi in Thailand's west took his 13 year old son to the police amid claims that the boy was held prisoner for five days and forced to massage and perform sex acts on a temple abbot. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1128848-novice-13-became-abbots-sex-slave-at-kanchanaburi-temple-claim-father-and-son/
  23. Why not, because that's what most people do anyway. Not suggesting everything stops - only that growth slows down and then is maintained at a sustainable level. I think I've comprehensively won this argument because the comments I'm hearing are now just along the lines of "we are going to carry on regardless to defend our precious lifestyle". March on, ye lemmings.
  24. you like your women to be openly lesbian you may be approaching this dating thing all wrong or you just gave away a porn fetish
  25. So do you think it's OK to ignore subpoenas? That some people are above the law? Funny, I thought it was right wingers that supposedly have a brand that is more pro law and order. Hmm.
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