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  2. i have lived 19 years so read all this stuff originally but to be honest it is something i have never come across , my 50 yo thai mrs lies on the settee with her feet up, so i would really assume its a really old folks thing or some devout more buddhist than buddha or an argumentative thai being pedantic. Now while we are on about feet....What pis**s me of is thais sitting cross legged in restaurants surely thats just as offensive
  3. As he's a foreign official under investigation by his own government, he should be denied entry to the U.S. on grounds of being a threat to national security.
  4. Yes, I said "Most foreigners" - not ALL. Never generalise. Always there are exceptions. No illusions at all. It is their choice - to keep or not to keep! But if someone chooses to stay, they will definitely have to adopt to the choices in life the natives throw at them.
  5. I can remember our chaplain being questioned rather rigorously on the subject of celibacy before marriage. Nice man, but out of his depth. I kept quiet and enjoyed the show.
  6. I get that. Obama had terrible foreign policy. So, why not correct it? Why continue to support this war? Why make excuses for MBS? Why support a vicious serial killer? Trump is once again on the wrong side of history.
  7. You honestly saying that the vatican money mob could not auction off some of their " treasures " to finance the rebuild????? Thought jesus was against all the financial hording etc?? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Good Day To All, I would appreciate any help trying to watch the British Superbike Races, Starting off Tomorrow and over the weekend at Silverstone England. Any motorcycle followers that could help with advice would be great. The others , motogp and WSBK have video passes, but apparently Eurosport have tied up Broadcasting, or there isn't the demand. Its definitely worth its own app / video pass but just don't have one. Thanks for your help. Black Bird Issan Area
  9. I encourage such diversity of intellectual thought among my creations. Even stupidity taken to the nth degree involves higher thought processes. Look at conspiracy theories, those loonbags are like novelists.
  10. Direktzahlung bei Flugverspätung/- Annulierung. Dienstleister kauft Ihren Anspruch auf Entschädigung. Sofortzahlung 80% gem. EU Verordnung 261/2004 nach Auftragsannahme. Keine Wartezeit, kein Inkasso, kein Prozessrisiko. Flugnummer und Datum bitte senden an: aerolaw@gmx.de
  11. https://news.thaivisa.com/article/34293/video-foreigner-gets-criticism-as-he-shouts-at-the-scene-of-an-accident
  12. Good luck with the business. One thing to check will be how keen Immigration are to re-issue you a new retirement visa in the future, should you want to reapply. I let my retirement visa lapse in 2015 because I was working on a contract in another asian country. When I reapplied in 2018 I was given a verbal warning from the Immigration officer that I should renew this one every 12 months even if I start a new contract because they wouldnt let me start the process from scratch a third time. Why thats the case I cant say.
  13. The boat that you can get for ฿50 will wait until it is full. Also, it may have neighboring migrant nationals onboard. So the way their boats get stopped at checkpoints is different than if a boat is 100% foreign nationals (Western tourists). They might get held at the checkpoint longer or talked down to a bit before being allowed to continue. Not all the time, but I've seen....well...... The Western tourists are usually a quick spot-check and then that boat will continue. You need to get that $10 from a foreign national, SuperRich, etc before heading to Ranong. They are hard to find. Those that have them it will be ฿450. Again, it must be crispy new (no marks, creases, or tears). They might accept $20, $50, $100 now....not sure how the change would be. I remember one time several years ago when the new bills came out and some tourists wanted to use $20 bill (for two people) and he was denied. And then he tried to buy from one of the visa tour runners at the pier. They wouldn't accept it. So he had to pay like ฿900 (in baht) to get his $10 bills. If you do it at Saphan Pla vs Andaman club purely for the cost savings, I think it is maximum ฿200-500 depending on if you have your own $10 bill and if you take 50 baht boat vs ฿400 baht. Up to you. Let us know how it all works out.
  14. The figure is coming down, but the actual deaths is going up. Someone is fiddling with the figures.
  15. Here's a horrible piece of information I acquired somewhere or other. During the French revolution, after victims were guillotined, there would be ghouls who would pick up the fallen heads. It's said that 1 in 5 of them would try to speak.
  16. On other news i heard dogs were found barking over songkhran Sent from my crappy device using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. Hi TerryLH, She says like you, but I don't know the law in Thailand.. Tony Sent from my ASUS_Z012S using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. Yep, all deaths suck, some are just faster and more peaceful than others. RIP bro, could have been me.
  19. well............ I can think of a few that post fairly often and claim to be the cream of the crop , Their self-importance bothers me even more than the ones having difficulty or just pondering change.
  20. That is unknown at this time. I don't plan on changing my dependable SS direct deposit in USD to my Bangkok Bank account via New York. I know it is in the IAT format already. Once IDD is proven to work I might change unless the exchange rate done in the states is not good.
  21. The extremists in Islam do exactly the same thing, picking the the bits they like. Plenty of bloodthirsty stuff in the Koran. Creationists and intelligent design IMHO are a pathetic attempt to accommodate evolution while simultaneously trying to shove it under the carpet.
  22. I remember the case of a French waiter, working in Australia, being sacked for being rude and arrogant. When asked, he said: " i'm not arrogant, i'm French." 'nuff said.
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