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  2. So we are going by 45 days? The notice on the US Embassy website: NOTICE: Beginning January 1, 2019, U.S. Embassy Bangkok and U.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai will no longer provide the income affidavit. We will not notarize previous versions of the income affidavit. For more information, please refer to our Fact Sheet (PDF 266 KB) and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 419 KB). We will continue to notarize income affidavit forms through the end of 2018. Thai Immigration Bureau officials confirmed that they will support early visa renewals for U.S. citizens during the transition period. Leads me to believe that it might now be earlier.
  3. stupid stupid stupid, cant believe he thought he could get away with it. plus never never ever trust a Thai, deserves all he gets and then deported, then the lucky authorities get a free business, nicely done. wonder how many others have been set up like this brainless guy. once again never ever trust a thai.
  4. This is Thailand? higher prices means more for the "higher" ups, service generally goes down. Least we have evidence of this fine upstanding companies investment in their buses and how seriously they take environmental pollution
  5. It's not as tho we don't know what Joe is all about... Hillary without the ability to draw female voters.
  6. Perfectly reasonable. You should submit your ideas to Immigration's suggestion box so Maj. General WingWingtingtong can steal it. Wait, do they have suggestion boxes? You might need to suggest that first.
  7. Unlike the Chinese today who are looking to escape a repressive government and make a better life? Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Your income affidavit is valid until June 30th. You could apply for your extension at anytime in June.
  9. You have been driving here 20 years and never noticed the solid white lines as you aproach traffic lights? He was writing a ticket and you decided not to wait for it. 500 baht was the fine a year ago for crossing a solid white line in BKK so no rip off, not sure if it has increased since then.
  10. I know quite a few guys who are exceptional in their field and amassed a fortune with this despite being naive and not very detail oriented on the business side. Sadly I also have seen some of them moving out of their comfort zone once they left their home country where they had diligent finance and legal people at hand to help with this shortcoming. It sometimes is incredible how naive these very bright guys can be and how they trust vultures who have put a mark on them. No doubt he had advice on his doings here and yes, it was terrible and costly. Hope he will get a chance to rectify his situation and and that he has learned his lesson. I agree with you on him not understanding the big picture and the number of violations listed underlines how clueless he seems to be running a business here
  11. Look on the bright side, you are supporting his mia noi
  12. In Holland, you pay 150 Euro when you change lane from the right turn to go straight
  13. I'm surprise that all airlines give out these fast track if you fly business class. That means Thailand is forcing these airlines to pay for these fast track tickets?
  14. Let them fight it out. I hope the democrats can unite this time and support the eventual nominee. Too many Bernie fans got played by Putin's dirty tricks last time in regards to the timing of the leaks before the democratic party convention. When information gets weaponized like that by a hostile foreign power that supported "trump" you need to worry what Putin is going to do this time. The current potus has done nothing to stop him. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. This may have been a mistake by the Court to cite an expiration of a statue of limitations (under Thai law) and dismiss the 3-0 arbitration decision. Without a detailed research into the background of facts, it is a typical requirement under a free trade agreement (FTA) that any disagreement between the contracting parties must be resolved by a binding tribunal arbitration panel wherein each party selects a representative and together select a third member - the article describes such a process. One purpose of an FTA is to insulate both parties from their opposing nation's judicial system which might be politically influenced by that nation's government and, thus, lower the risk of investment by the foreign investor/operator. If there is no sunset rule in the FTA agreement that would define when provisions of the agreement would terminate, there is no statue of limitations. Any sunset date specified by the FTA can exceed the duration of any specific contract deadlines executed under the FTA. No court in either nation to a FTA that is ratified by both nations has standing or authority to resolve any disagreements under a FTA nor alter or terminate the FTA provisions. The fact that the subject arbitration did eventually make a ruling indicates that the time limit of the FTA had not expired despite the government's project contract termination; thus, the arbitration decision was still legal and enforceable under the FTA. The government cannot unilaterally establish a statue of limitations on a FTA project. It must go through the tribunal arbitration process. Fortunately (and coincidentally?), the Supreme Administrative Court reached the same decision as the arbitration panel, albeit at much greater cost to the Thai taxpayers.
  16. No, they are used by the 850m people who have smart phones. Rich Chinese don't have smart phones? I don't doubt you're correct on the transactions being monitored. There's been a huge anti-corruption campaign running very successfully for the last six years. Also rich Chinese visit the dentist a lot. That's how they avoid plaque.
  17. Yes, meant to say Immigration Office, thank you for that correction and for your insight Ubonjoe.
  18. Beg your pardon Sir. There is no Chinese invasion taking over Singapore. You confuse yourself with Chinese settlers in the 19th and early 20th century escaping famine and looking for a better life. What Singapore has are Singaporean of Chinese descent vastly different from mainland Chinese.
  19. Most condos will have already filed for foreigners, my condo has very few foreigners but maintains a file labeled TM-30. The forms in it also say TM-30. So I would ask about TM-30. I only remember being asked for photocopies of my passport. If they say they don't know politely tell them they are required to file.
  20. Khon Kaen- Cancelled WP myself, cancelled extension same morning at immi, went to Laos, no overstay. Nan- Left town on Friday asked the office girl to cancel everything on Monday, went to Muk, IO thought it was kinda sneaky but let me cross no overstay. Ubon- 6 months ago. Tried to cancel by crossing the Nan border into Laos, no go, tried to cancel in Nan city Labour dept, was told to return to Ubon. Full day at labour office, couldn't cancel it myself had to get the school to help. Finish Labour dept at 3;30, went to immi cancelled extension. Next morning Muk, had 500 ready for a one day overstay, they never asked.
  21. I think I am correct in my thinking, I would just appreciate a 2nd option to make sure I haven't misunderstood anything. I am changing jobs, so my current employer will cancel my visa and work permit. I then need to fly out of Thailand and re enter getting a 30 day tourist visa at the airport immigration. My new employer will then obtain my new non B and work permit. I just want to check, will I automatically get 30 days? (UK passport, do I need to show evidence of anything? I obviously won't re enter Thailand with an onward ticket as I won't be leaving again once I get my new non B). Secondly, can I leave and come back on the same day, or does this arouse some sort of suspicion? Any place that is recommended for this? Fairly basic, but I just want to check I have things clear in my mind. Thanks in advance...
  22. It doesn't matter what you call it, nor that you really wanted what they wouldn't give you without paying, if you paid more than 20 baht for your construction permit then you paid a bribe and are a part of the problem. I don't know what you are talking about with the blackmail fears. Did you follow the Hitachi bribery case? Its not only political rivals who get charged.
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