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  2. I can't. After 2 years you have to retake the test. Moreover, it will make me a resident again which I don't want.
  3. I am aware of the income method and I'm also aware it was canned because huge numbers of people were making false declarations to their embassies in order to get the required letter of so called proof, people who once again were gaming the system. And no, I don't condone or support dubious activities by agents although I do support their use for genuine visa related activities where they can save time and avoid frustration for a fairly low fee. Again, if people chose to go the route of back to back O-A's, with the acknowledged higher bar, that's their prerogative. The question in my mind however is why anyone would want to go through that additional aggravation every two years when a much easier option exists in-country. In some cases at least, if not in most, it must surely be related to their unwillingness or inability to prove funds in Thailand, a loop hole we're now seeing closed for many. TBH it's the scammers and gamers who have made this whole business more difficult for everyone else, folks who have done a runner on medical bills; people who have tried to live here on tourist visa's...and every other angle that exists that people dream up.
  4. "Is it just me or do you guys miss not having a garage?"
  5. ok, here are the pics of his home meter and AC. Please tell as much as possible what those important #'s mean. 20amp or 30amp main breaker for the 3/9 meter will be good size, right? The RCCB (safe T cut or whatever) can be 30amp because I was told by the Spark any lower then 30amp they do not have them here unless I go with a different brand then maybe a 20amp RCCB. Conclusion and clarification; 1. The main breaker can be a little over like 150% of the meter amp. 2. The RCCB breaker can be a little over the main breaker. I will definitely tell Spark to change the wires to proper size. There are 1.5mm sq copper and a 2.5mm sq copper coming out from the shop meter. It should be like only one double wire like a 16mm sq or bigger copper wire. Also his shop roof is aluminum, so I will definitely tell Spark to run the main wire (from meter) using yellow pvc pipe.
  6. Sounds like it is time to get a new Canadian Driver's License
  7. Growing the gap between the rich and the poor to the highest gap on the planet is certainly a novel way to achieve this
  8. To re-do the oath would mean the the high and mighty are fallible and make mistakes. So about as much chance of that as me becoming a Durian farmer
  9. If the foreign residency is actually waived, yes she can adjust status from J1 to IR1. Look at USCIS for guidance or, as suggested get an attorney who can help you. She should get a work permit, while paperwork is processed. She would not be allowed to leave and come back without advanced parole.
  10. That's a lot of instant noodle soup and latex pillows..
  11. IMO environmentalism isn't a political movement. It's just being a good occupant of planet earth. Doesn't everyone want no garbage around? Pity that so many don't care about throwing their garbage around,
  12. If you miss not having a garage then you are ok
  13. Of Course!! we don't want a workplace discrimination lawsuit in our hands.
  14. They wont stop until that word is beaten to death...Thailand has become the hub of stimulas's
  15. And 99% of the fights occur in Pattaya And probably 50% involve Ivans
  16. They don't accept damaged passport as ID. No drivers license. I was a non resident since 2015, so expired.
  17. This campaign targets the population with higher purchasing power Most Thai's I know with spending power have realized there is a big wide world outside of Thailand, That where they are spending their money.
  18. The strength of the Baht is not up for 'addressing'. Those at the top who are really in charge of the country don't want the Baht to drop, as it's obviously in their interest to keep it where it is - sod the rest of the country.
  19. Too black and white. It's possible to be an environmentalist and not be sucked into the, IMO, faux scientific "consensus" propaganda. Personally I believe in climate change as it has in the past and will in the future, but I doubt we humans can change it, much, if at all. The planet changes from ice age to hot age and back - it's a natural cycle. Did so before humans existed and will continue to do so after the last human perishes. Even if we could change climate to something we liked- pleasantly warm everywhere, only rains at night between 2 and 5 am, etc etc, a dirty great meteorite can come along and end us all anyway. Life on planet earth is precarious at the best of times. If we are not dying of diseases, we are killing each other at a great rate in wars.
  20. For example, I have an annual contract with True for a residential internet package (internet, TV, data and mobile) and whatever promotion or offers I get or credits I get is routed through True wallet which requires registering and the process can only be done with a valid Thai ID number. The same thing applies for grab and few other things.
  21. The corrupt rich, telling the middleclass, how the poor feel....
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