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  2. Thai found phone . Moved phone to different location why he not in jail for 10 days like the foriener. I tell you if i see crash car or bike. Thai badly injured i will walk away incase i get the blame happy now
  3. Is vpn streaming , over the vpn Server fast enough for 4 k streaming without picture freezing ? Amazon fire tv 4K stick or Apple TV 4 th generation. 4K box would also be a good Option Gesendet von iPhone mit Thaivisa Connect
  4. It was about a drunk driver who hit a motorcycle. Does it really matter if the rider was with or without helmet or the helmet strap was not tight or loose ?!!!!! The motorcycle rider could be alive with or without helmet, if the driver was not drunk.
  5. It's unfortunate that any woman needs to sell their body to make a living! I know it's the world's oldest profession, but that doesn't make it anymore right! In fact it just makes it tragic
  6. Umm perhaps marry a Thai and go thru the legal process; but, that would be just a wild ass guess on my part.
  7. Woman, 84, missing for a week found dead in house storeroom  By The Nation Prapa and her son//Facebook An 84-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, who was reported missing from her house in Bangkok last weekend, was found dead in the storeroom of her house. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096490-woman-84-missing-for-a-week-found-dead-in-house-storeroom/
  8. Wonder how many are on benefits or dont have jobs? lock em all up, whats the point in a democracy otherwise? dont like it dont vote for who you oppose.
  9. American married 27 years to a Montreal girl. Now divorced 28 years. Four great kids. But much happier being off the leash. The entire family gathers for holidays. Go enjoy life.
  10. BritManToo, I originally suspected Reception, too. But there are only four employees here, and I’ve known them all for a good long while. I don’t think they are involved. Two reasons: 1) These young female employees are hard-working, seemingly very honest, value their good jobs, and 2) I don’t think they are bright enough-or brazen enough- to pull a double rip-off. But I’ve been wrong before...(!)
  11. Woman, 84, missing for a week found dead in house storeroom By The Nation Prapa and her son//Facebook An 84-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, who was reported missing from her house in Bangkok last weekend, was found dead in the storeroom of her house. Shares on social network platforms as well television and radio programmes on missing persons had spread news about the missing Prapa Suttayakhom. She disappeared from her house on Soi Navamin 91 on April 14, after a quarrel with her husband who wanted to watch a boxing bout on TV while she wanted to watch a soap opera. Security footage viewed later by police showed her leaving the house. When she did not return home that day, one of her sons alerted police and sought help on Facebook by posting photos and news of his mother. The son described her as suffering from Alzheimer’s and in need of daily medication. “My mother has disappeared and her medicines are still in the house. I’m worried about her. I don’t know where she will spend the night. Please help me find her,” he wrote on the first day. He updated the search every day and his FB alert was shared scores of times. Her grandchildren produced a Facebook video clip asking people to help find her. One of them said he wanted to hear his grandmother’s voice again. However, her son's message on Sunday shocked everyone. “My mother, Prapa Suttayakhom, passed away. Please accept my thanks for helping me look for her since the day she went missing,” he wrote. According to the family’s account, she left the house but probably returned a couple of days later without anyone in the house noticing her. It is suspected that she may have gone into the storeroom, got trapped inside and could not find her way out probably because of her sickness. Bin Bunluerit, an actor-turned-rescue worker, who came to the house to collect her body, said she was found under a suitcase and had probably been dead for five days when she was found. Her family started searching the house after getting a foul smell. Bin said it was a sad end for the old woman. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30368128 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-22
  12. I am calling you out on it. You are quoting a non-official rag in support of your fictitious "visa changes" headline. Surely that article is fake news written by some lying farang whose embassy has now refused to sign off on his/her false income statement.
  13. Bearing in mind that SRT has always pleaded poverty and that it runs at a loss, how will they pay? The answer is they can't, although perhaps if they sold off their derelict land in the centre of Bangkok that is the size of a village..... They might even be able to lay decent tracks with the leftovers.
  14. The first 10 or so minutes looked like we were going to be destroyed. Thank god Bain was on form. Ntcham had a nightmare of a game. Hayes was no better. The Hibs keeper was on fire. Full marks to him. But how we can't take a team like them out sharpish (with Lennon knowing them all) means we do need to look further than Neil as he's not the man to take us onwards and upwards. 8-in-a-row is a given, just want 9 then 10 to be a doddle!
  15. Thank you. I didn't expect so much support to be honest. I am a wimp. About 2 hours until wife comes back from work. I'd rather not be at home, but as per her usual she never brings the keys with her and expects me to be waiting. Now that I think about it maybe she is bipolar. I mean Thai women are known not to have any knowledge about mental disorders. God forbid she would ever consider seeing a doctor about this non existing problem.
  16. Had a friend who was denied recently who has been running on tourist visas for a while, so that one is not foolproof either.
  17. Never too old to learn. Masseuse is a female, but the definition doesn't mention extra services.
  18. Costs were not irrelevant, but you ignore the savings and opportunities. Even a potential break up of the Union is highly unlikely, except in the minds of the SNP. If push came to shove, I’d let them go. Real democracy is in the whole of the electorate accepting the majority result, not splitting into moaning factions afterwards. (Is that you on both counts?) Real democracy has happened once so far, in the Scottish Independence referendum, which you are now stuck with. We are still waiting for the second time in the EU Membership referendum. You only need to count those who voted to Leave the EU. The whole Union leaves together. One out, all out.
  19. Your Idyllic world would be awful without the incredible things plastic has brought to us all.
  20. Why unfortunately? I met a girl who had stamp after stamp from Thailand to Singapore. We all knew what that was about......... Not just Thailand. Those Thai ladies get around.
  21. It is irrelevant, or should be, that he was a billionaire. The loss of any children is unimaginable and a terrible tragedy whether rich or poor.
  22. 50 baht for everyone or 350 baht for the whole boat and he will wait an bring ya back same boat as everyone takes nope , free I have been a few times when my gf had to do 90 day runs, as i was on retirement extensions, just took the boat across, had a meal and came back , not stamped out of Thailand or into Burma
  23. Me neither we do it to help Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  24. That was twice as big as it need to be but I'll forgive you.
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