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  2. Bingo! Suvarnabhumi needs 3 workers to do the same amount of work needed by 1 Chinese. That's why its always busy with low productivity workers. The empty immigration doesn't help either, frustrated travellers waiting to be cleared, taxis rejecting passengers and airport rail which is slow and inefficient. Pudong Airport has maglev train which runs up to 400kmh and reaches the city center super quick!
  3. I find that first question borderline insulting but will answer it anyway. Yes, I trust her. No, I did not meet her in a bar but she is not a "hiso, Sino-Thai" (and I've never claimed such). She's a woman who had been working at the US disk-drive maker, Seagate for 11 years before I met her (age 16-27). A year and a half after marrying her and bringing her to the US, I lost my job (recession of 2009-2010) and was unemployed for 10 months of 2009. She could very well have left me to return to Thailand but instead worked one full-time job and one part-time job to help pay the mortgage on my house (wasn't in our names jointly). I'll also add that she signed a pre-nuptial agreement before we married. To answer your second question, no I do not speak Thai but my only involvement with her legal issues, that I've mentioned earlier in this topic, was sitting in on lawyer consultations. As soon as a farang is involved in any issue dealing with the Thai "legal system" it's automatically assumed that the rich farang should simply pay to "make things go away". I have therefore not attended any court sessions.
  4. And first class tickets. Or pay 20 quid to a VIP meet n Greet team. But that's based on perceived value of customer not racial discrimination.
  5. So you find it funny that i warned about how dangerous riding a mc is here. As i was left paraplegic because of a bloody clown driving a pickup the wrong way, i find your comment disgusting.
  6. All countries require or use address registration, the USA Europe, The UK, Australia. The hurdles are enormous. Same but different. Here, illegal landlords, play the system, using anti social Air BnB and unlicensed untaxed unregulated fire risk dumps so the authorities are gradually, very gradually, regulating the system. There are two sides to every story. We had to ban some R#####ns because they treated our quiet community as though it was their porn, noisy, hip fantasy for two weeks..After two warnings, their electric keys were cancelled, water and electricity turned off. I have not changed my address for years but I travel around Thailand and come ago to and from countries but this issue has never arisen for me. If anybody has this problem they are breaking protocol and not wetting the right beaks.
  7. There were no roads on Koh Samui before that time, could take a day get from one end of the island to the other over land, but you could sail in a boat. Houses were sometimes build with all materials supplied by boat; also the original house on the land I bought. Lamai is an old Hainan settlement, one of the old Chinese-Hainan families that owns The Pavillion resort at entrance to Lamai Beach, are collecting stuff for a museum. Unfortunately there are not that much detailed material available on the Internet, but there are in print, some of the colorful free Samui-magazines have over the years published good detailed information, from where I got part of my knowledge about the island's history. And about your "Stone Age" comment, the muslim settlements are of course later than Malays and Hinanese arrivals, but not as late as the 1970'ies, rather about 100 years earlier. Many fisherman tribes, also called "Sea Gypsies", are muslims, who mainly settled on the west coast of Thailand, including Krabi and Phuket areas. If I remember right, the sea-tribes are also mentioned on the poster by Hin Ta Hin Yai, where the story about the stones are explained (don't have time to search my photo archive now, for a picture with the text). A good source for the later history on Internet can be found here.
  8. 2018 passengers Shanghai Pudong 74,006,331 Suvarnabumi 63,378,923 Shanghai Hongquio 43,630,000 Don Meuang 40,758,148 Maybe at times. That, Pravit may know. He probably watches this.
  9. The Poms recently relaxed their rules on Commonwealth recruitment. HTH
  10. You see that, and you really....... you really have to start to wonder about these people.
  11. whether you like it or not, what is sure pattaya, the whole thailand in fact... will become more and more westernized as long as western tourists keep pouring in. ask people who visited pattaya for 20, 30 years ago, they could tell...or just check some videos on youtube from the seventies during the vietnam war..
  12. There are a probably a lot of reasons. Someone pointed out that C-sections may be a contributing cause. Premature birth certainly is. HIV and a few other diseases seriously compromise our immunity. Old age is also a contributing factor, with older adults having a decreased immune response. Someone also noted that kids not playing outside and being exposed to a variety of mild pathogens that help to build the bodies immune system -- and also probably helps to prevent allergies and possibly asthma. But regardless of these factors, we live in large cities and have rapid mass transit systems. We fly all over the globe in hours. We can come in contact with thousands of people in a day. Our biological system was not really built for that kind of exposure. Historically, we've had outbreaks that 'thinned' the crowd, some of them rather drastically. Measles isn't going to thin the crowd by much, at least not as it now exists, but it does put an major strain on the medical resources of a lot of countries. Because we live in the world we do, vaccine is the only effective way of preventing and slowing these type of outbreaks. Measles is really a bellweather of what may lie ahead if we don't start getting our act together.
  13. Why did you mention that the police were armed? Why tf would they not be? You say to someone he/she is "trying to poke holes in your story"? This is a troll post. The topic title you wrote, "Robbed in Bangkok in Broad Daylight", implies that you were robbed, as in mugged. Then the story tells that you paid a spot fine to traffic cops. Implying that the cops robbed you. Then, cue the usual, of course. No, not wrong, that is how you wrote it, that is how you worded it.
  14. My wife is both a Thai and a US citizen. I'm only a US citizen. We live in the US full-time visiting Thailand every other year or so. We have 3 children - a boy (18) and two girls (16 and 13). My wife has a few properties in Thailand including a townhouse and a land plot of 2.5 rai. To ensure that our children can inherit my wife's property we have registered our daughters into a house book in Thailand so that they now have both a Thai ID card and a Thai passport. My son used to have a Thai passport but because my wife doesn't want to have him register for the military draft for Thailand, after his second Thai passport expired we didn't pursue registering him into a house book and getting him a Thai ID card which is the only way we could get his Thai passport renewed. In order to get the Thai passports in the first place, we had to obtain Thai birth certificates for each of our children. All 3 were born in the US. Since this process requires surrendering the US birth certificate we obtained duplicate US birth certificates. Thus each child has both US and Thai birth certificates. At some point in the near future perhaps after our son turns 30 we will apply for a Thai ID card so that he can also inherit my wife's property in the future. Once your son has dual citizenship he would then be eligible to inherit your property in Thailand assuming you write a will specifically identifying him as the sole heir to the property. Without a will the property would likely be split between him and other Thai family members such as your parents, brothers, sisters, etc. I'm no expert on the laws regarding wills in Thailand so I will let others on here address the details of setting up a will in Thailand.
  15. Road planners here get jobs for passing the regular civil service entrance exam, absolutely no knowledge of road planning or common sense necessary
  16. Did you really expect anyone to take this post seriously?
  17. We have been blessed with a double whammy of ThaiVisa's galactically crappy responses... firstly, "You are a guest in this Country" and secondly "if you don't like it go home"... Boom, kaa-ching... you've won the lottery of dumbass response used by scores of posters feigning faux outrage at those who have criticized valid issues... So, ianezy0 - what do you say to the Thai's who have exactly the same criticism of the highlighted issues? and also blame it on corruption and idiots in positions they shouldn't be?
  18. http://www.anyroom.com/ Anyroom sells stuff like that too, not cheap tho. I can vouch for them as in beeing a real legit company, they are in Bangkok
  19. I'm not sure how it works. I still can't understand how the convicted criminal Derryn Hinch was able to become a senator.
  20. Am sure it will be sorted before too long however when you get him home make sure he never leaves his home country again. Clearly he thinks nothing of the distress hes caused to family for being 4 years overstay.
  21. Im 48. How the hell did he manage to get money to build a nice villa like that. I need to know what kind of work this guy does. Cant be something intellectual or?Illegal and all that. Perhaps he just arrived in Thailand first time.
  22. Well water is our only supply. So basically for the household usage and perhaps to raise to raise the ph of the water for the garden as the low ph is causing some problems with plants. My friend in Australia has a filter assembly set up in the line between his well and the storage tank, basically a granulated carbon filter and he adds some pellets on top every month or so. I work away a month at a time so need something simple so as not to confuse the wife. Cheers
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