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  2. You need 12 months of deposits from outside of Thailand of your pension. The combination method, I don't think anyone knows for sure. Best to ask an Immigration officer and get his name and put it in writing.
  3. For normal people? That makes you abnormal then?
  4. A woman bought a talking parrot from a pet store which, unknown to her, had been living in the local brothel for some years. After taking it home and removing the cover from the cage the bird looked around and squawked "Arrrk, new joint, new madam! Arrrk!" Later that day the woman's two daughters arrived home from high school. Upon seeing the teenagers the parrot yelled: "Arrrk, new joint, new madam, new girls! Arrrk!" Then father came home from the office. The bird looked at him and excitedly squawked: "Arrrk, new joint, new madam, new girls, same old customers. G'day Jimmy!"
  5. Like you would do any better if you won the office on an offhanded chance. Come up with a plan.
  6. God I hope this is fake news they are saying we paid the 2 million$ bill I sincerely hope that isent true
  7. Far more than one poster saying that they are leaving Thailand due to changes in visa rules. Personally, I can't remember one that wasn't a US citizen.
  8. "Has good appetite, and drank a lot of water, does not appear to be in any distress". If she has ehrlichiosis canis or one of the other tick diseases this means nothing. The dog will act and eat normally until it's too late to do anything. We had a dog who comes to our gate for food acting normally in the morning, in the evening she was bleeding from her nose and we took her to the vet. She died the next day. Sophon
  9. It remains to be seen if it will be enforced for all Extensions. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  10. does any one think Thais know this ??? they cant understand stopping behind white line or do not enter YELLOW box section !!! they all do not comply !!!
  11. The "No collution,no obstruction" was a copy and paste from the riclag post I was replying to. Perhaps learn to read the posts you are replying to in context.
  12. IF - and this is a very big if - universal healthcare could somehow be cheaper than the premiums and costs that you currently pay, and it this was proven factual and true, would you support it? I would. Problem is that it wont be, cant be. So I cant support it.
  13. Actually the opposite is true. Prison systems where inmates are treated with respect, provided safety and reasonable living conditions, along with some training, lead to much lower recidivism rates. The trick is to get the balance right between punishment and rehabilitation. Some countries have figured it out. Others can learn from that and adapt it to their conditions. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. I’d expand on this, but we’d then be going way off topic.
  14. yeah a more seious offence when committed during night time!!
  15. From a post a couple weeks ago when I asked, it's a letter from the Embassy in Bangkok saying you are retired based on you telling them you are retired. Daft, but we have to jump through these hoops Interesting, do you know if you can apply for this via email? Thx MTV
  16. In the US each state makes its own laws. In Cali as long as you are in the intersection before the red you are golden. And crossing a solid white line is no problemo.
  17. Koh Samui: German says he paid 800,000 baht to operate his unlicensed villa A German man told investigators yesterday that he had paid some Thais 800,850 baht after they threatened to shut down his luxury villa while it was still being built. Ulrich Schmidt, 47, said he was visited when his Best World Vision Villas project was under construction and he transferred the money believing it would enable him to operate his business. He then offered rooms to paying guests. But the hoteliers' association on the holiday island reported the villa owner to the authorities for operating without a license and taking business away from legitimate Thai operators. Authorities from Region 4 including police and soldiers went to the property on Chaweng Noi hill in Bo Phut. The German owner was unable to produce a licence, building permit or guest registration books. He has been charged with not having a license to operate a hotel, illegal work practices and not reporting foreign guests within 24 hours. He was told to make a formal complaint with evidence of transfer of the alleged 800,850 payment. Source: CH7 -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-26
  18. Then a) you don't know Thailand b) what downturn ? I'm somehow doubting your personal issues will have the tourist board crapping themselves just yet
  19. You need to go to an ATM and follow the instructions there to pay for the goods (the exact steps depend on the bank, I have no experience with those of Bangkok Bank). But if you have a daily spending limit of 20,000 baht then I imagine this payment limit is also enforced when doing ATM payments. So you really need to increase your limit, you can always restore it after the purchase.
  20. I took your point to mean: would things have been different if Clinton had won? And I pointed out some major negatives that would have been avoided. If your vote didn’t matter, and my vote didn’t matter, then nothing really matters and we are living in a Bohemian Rhapsody. But if I, and 70,000 others had voted for her—in the right precincts—then it would’ve mattered!
  21. Whatever the vet did, we were charged over 1000 Bt and the dog was kept in overnight. The vet was not in when we took her, so his assistant kept her for one night and one full day.
  22. In this and many other things, Trump did not know what he was doing. He thought the White House Counsel acted as his personal attorney and wouldn't disclose anything. He was quite shocked when he learned this isn't so and McGahn answered every question he could when asked by Mueller's team. Now that Trump has learned the truth he's trying to "un-waive" executive privilege. Sorry Trump, now backsies.
  23. if man does NOT point then how do we know who the criminal is???
  24. yeah should not be allowed to grow at side of roads.....
  25. sodium carbonate, Na2CO3 - any poolshop, 40kg ~850 Baht, if not for pool then dosage is a bit tricky to handle. how is the treated water used??? perhaps i can assist you.
  26. It would still be the same decibel level
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