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  2. I have not tagged to use Bangkok Bank but did select the new 'Funds for long Term Stay in Thailand' and did get the transfer tagged as International.... looks that way.
  3. Well, I guess I have to see it myself, 4 pages didn't clear anything for me. Internet gives pretty good impression about everything.
  4. All cruise passengers are required to have visas for all countries that the ship docks at. You cannot say, "I'm not going to get off the ship." You will not be allowed onboard on day one without the visa(s).
  5. Your conjecture: he’s a thief, he’s on drugs etc... met him personally have you? .. and I never mentioned kids, that was you. Now, go and have your menopausal fights elsewhere, I’m getting a coffee Sent from my FisherPrice telephone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. I see where you are going with this, lol. Maybe some female hostesses ? Jokes aside, I know some guys back in Australia who did a similar thing, 10-12 of them all chipped in a bought a factory unit, they each had a shipping container, bench/workspace. Common welder, compressor, a common area with beer in vending machines (no arguments), a pool table etc. One guy was doing up a car, another repairing TVs. Most guys spent more time at the shed than back home.
  7. Not boxing, but Rico Verhoeven just declared about his sport 'when you're standing there, all you want to do is tear him (your opponent) apart'.
  8. Well, he’s not wrong, is he. This 100% is an illegitimate government.
  9. That's like saying a qualified motor mechanic doesn't know how the electrical system works because they are not qualified auto electricians.
  10. Perhaps you meant to write that they always were tolerated by Immigration, until now! Objectively, do you really think that back to back O-A's for two years each at a time is the spirit of what was intended, especially when there is an extension option that is readily and easily available? This whole issue is about the reluctance or inability of people to bring 800k into the country and the ways they have found to avoid having to do so.
  11. After four ministers held talks, yes that all they did talk, something this so-called government are good at.
  12. IMO they keep saying it because they think if they say it often enough, people will come to believe it. A man in the last century made a comment about that- “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. " Oldies will probably recognise who said it.
  13. A professional would have finished them off , now he has 2 witness
  14. I think each immigration official has his/her own ideas of what constitutes a desirable visitor. At entry points where the criteria specified in the Thai Immigration Act for denied entry no longer apply, the opinion of the official at the immigration desk, and of his superior, determine whether you are denied entry.
  15. Everything you stated sounds exactly like a trump ralley lol thanks for the laugh and we will look back to this era with deep shame and loss for what trump has squandered on the world stage
  16. Each to their own of course and you have the right to have done all those things. Personally I'm amazed that anyone would spend 14 years of their retirement living here with that degree of uncertainty and being subject to constant change. You've gone from METV's (which are not intended for retirement in the first place), to an O-A but you say you would want to get a new O-A when the first one expires hence there's an avoidance issue in there somewhere. But then you say you would gladly put 800k in the bank here but you don't want to spend 15k on an agent to do that (or presumably, spend the money to travel overseas to get an O visa and then come back and extend it). Maybe you are not gaming the system but your strategy seems odd to me when you have the agent option or a return trip overseas to get an O. Up to you as they say.
  17. The answer is simple. Stop siphoning off the gravy and sending it offshore. Invest same in the Thai economy and infrastructure. Do like Than will do and get a jump on him. Much better than trying to kick his behind out of politics.
  18. 99.96% OK girl I'll believe any thing you say. Alcohol cause of problems - sure is with Thai males. Good experiences with Thai ladies. The best I can do with 99% of the other half of the Thai population is ignore.
  19. The 500 people that own most of Thailand have decided to donate 100 baht to everyone else.
  20. https://www.jagotagourmet.com https://www.passiondelivery.com/ https://shoponline.villamarket.com/shop-online https://www.facebook.com/delishop.co.th/ That´s just a few. Hope that will supply you with what you are looking for. If they deliver, will sometimes depend on where you live.
  21. Nothing new Did the bus driver have his lights turned on? I know his lights were turned off because he was was asleep.
  22. Trying to flame me based on mere conjecture.... read again and go away. Conjecture? You can call it what you want...but I suggest you re-read what you said. You said it, not I. I copied it right above in case you forgot. I wonder how many TVF members wouldn't mind having their kids "chucked" at this crook, probably on drugs, and be in his care just so he can maybe scrape enough money to get home. I assume you don't have kids because I couldn't imagine anyone who does would put their kids in the situation you suggested.
  23. Nonsense. Repeat Non O-A's have always been fully acceptable to immigration, and often work better for people who continue to spend some time back in their home country, or prefer or need to keep some of their income there. New visas require bank statements along with a medical certificate and a police report, stamped, signed and notarised - a higher bar than anything you have to provide here with your bank letter. I'm fully aware of the differences myself having done both Non O-A applications and in-country extensions. Obtaining a new visa has never been "gaming the system" and involves quite a bit of effort, far more than my last extension did. As far as having the money in Thailand for extensions goes, income has always been verifiable via embassy letters until this year (and remains so for all but three nationalities). For most countries in the world they do not need to bring this money in if they wish not to.
  24. Sounds like a great idea, but don't fill it with work benches. One bench should be enough, you can use the rest of the space for a refrigerator full of beer, a bar and barstools , a pool table, darts, Heck, perhaps even get rid of the one workbench it will only get in the way!!
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