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  2. “It really is sad how you watch our games. If we were top and city were 5th I guarantee I would have zero interest in a city game.” So no interest in their games, only in their documentaries.
  3. Sorry, but i disagree, when religion will be out of the equation, there will be other "reasons" for the people to kill each other. The "divide and conquer" strategy will always be there of course.
  4. Just wondering. I will probably be about 80 years old by the time I return to Thailand on an OA visa. Premiums for me are going to be sky high. I have more than enough dosh to cover any emergencies so ------- what about a policy to cover the basic requirements but with an excess of outpatient 40,000 and in patient of 400,000? Is that possible? I know I wouldn't be able to claim anything from the insurance if ever needed, but surely the premiums would be rock bottom. Any advise such as "stay at home you old f-rt" will not be welcome! We have a home there and visit as regularly as business dictates.
  5. ..... and if we don't have leaders now, how about the fearlessness of youth? What about giving Greenwood a run out in midweek? But please let's ditch Smallling / Jones as a partnership for good.
  6. He’s gotta be a scouser surely. No one misses from there.
  7. They could have powerwashed most of him away after a crash at 200
  8. I believe it is as much as what's wrong in the dressing room as what's on the pitch. City owe their success just as much to people like Kompany as they do Aguero and Sterling etc. Real man who are real leaders and can set an example. It wasn't an enjoyable watch but I could see how important they were from the City documentary. I like Ashley Young but I can't see a gobby right back in the twilight of his career as commanding that much respect. I don't care if we have to pay top dollar... we need proper leaders and those who have experience playing for the biggest clubs. People in the Zlatan mould. Or even Bale.
  9. Ivacy is on my pc /phone/ laptop and tablet. You can apply it ANYWHERE.
  10. Murder, In the name of Religion . barbarians .. A World, without any religion , would be a better place , to live. RIP.
  11. Just a bit of banter mate I'm sure you realise that otherwise you would have deleted the post / warned me. I am trying to be nice believe me.
  12. Regardless of whether you are married or not, she still needs to apply for a B1/2 visa in her own right
  13. I have no US “admitted” stamps since 2011 and the one in the previous passport. I have had a membership in Global Entry for almost 10 years maybe that is it. Constant International Travel.
  14. Thanks for that... However, quote from first study... so YMMV... "The author is the executive director of the Soy Nutrition Institute, an organization funded by the United Soybean Board and its soy industry members. " I don't have time to follow thru... but there are other problems with soy other than estrogen... which also need to be taken into account... I particularly have noticed that there are more tofu products in the west (after the manufacturers were required by law to include it in the label) stating they use GMO soy... that is concerning... Further, the forms of soy appearing in process foods is also concerning... some foods (aka soy oils) being horrible for you... I have found that Medical studies, and/or food studies need to be taken in the context for which they were done... conclusions done at the behest of those funding it are tainted... so do your own research... They are spending millions of $$ to try to convince you of their agenda (and sell more product).. You are the one eating it... who you going to listen to and who is stuck with the consequences? Now... back to sugar...
  15. Open. Just off catching a flight in a few minutes
  16. Maybe the business man is not rich enough to get out of this one. Billions of baht would help, if you're a Red Bull.
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