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  2. Bottom line as a Unionist and a Royalist..... An independant scotland would have a mimimum 15 years if REAL austerity. Massive financial cuts in..nhs, education, road maintainance, police, fire and rescue, etc etc. Local govt would find their funding slashed hence job losses and serviced slashed. Lical govt would have to greatly increase council tax..probably causing massive demos ouside eg city chambersin Glasgow etc. Crime eould massively increase. Businesses would collapse and fail leading to job losses. But scotland will be free. Also stutgeon would still be getting her 150 grand salary plus her 5star expence a/c. So that would leave an indy scotland proudly bosting .. Welcome to the glorious indy republic of jockoland..free buckfast and methadone..no giros for the ' broo "mob. So there it is..just as well the Royalist/Unionists would take over via a coup and restore sanity. Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. It's not. If the individual named in the subpoena refuses to appear, they would be obstructing justice. The interesting thing is that the House has the power to try a person refusing to give testimony under a House subpoena as obstruction of justice, convict if held guilty and jail the person.
  4. Thanks for confirming my impression. Luckily my phone has a sort of "quick charge" where it fully charges in 60 minutes. Since I don't have any of the health function apps (I think, or if I do, I don't use them) the watch will actually last 2-3 days with just time-telling being used. The watch is a little too dressy for me to wear around town hopping on and off baht buses in Pattaya, but I wore it most of the time I was in the USA. I will wear it on my frequent trips to Bangkok and see how it holds up. My watch is a Fossil (just like me!) Sport watch. I liked the band/face of the Fossil Explorist, but the Sport had a newer generation of processor (and hence, the fast charging.)
  5. As you have already informed this forum of your nanometer sized appendage, it must be fun having a permanent hard on that needs a search party.
  6. Hi, I own to tell you the story about extending my bike and car driver licenses. They both were expired for more than 1 year (almost two). They did not care abut my WP but wanted me to show them a confirmation of residence issued from my embassy or the yellow book. I gave them the yellow book and based on that they scheduled a training for me (I had to wait almost one month for that). I appeared in the morning with my yellow book and passport and they sent me for a brief medical check. Then a movie was played for almost three hours. Then lunch. Then test for bike and then test for car separately. After I passed the tests, I had to pay around 800 baht and got the driver licenses extended for another 5 years. It took from 8am until 3pm and took place in Nonthaburi. Feel free to address any questions if any. Cheers!
  7. I've never said it was a bad place. My issue is with the recent onerous visa changes. They are not the same thing.
  8. Naw dude, we are just inviting them to start. In street terms, by cutting off these oil sales, we are saying "what are you gonna do about it bitch?". Then they will do something stupid, right before reelection, and Trumpy will do a Bill Clinton x3 on their ass. Lets see how those ancient Rooski AGMs do against the F-35s. Then maybe we can finally be rid of the Mad Mullahs and the price of Rugs and Pistachios will go down.
  9. About an hour after taking the evening pill I get a double Viagra effect (the gf is not happy). Then next day at around lunchtime I feel about the same as taking 4-5 alcoholic drinks until early evening. This is just about the best recreational drug I've ever tried, hardly costs anything, and it's on doctors orders.
  10. I think bus fares are quite cheap in Thailand, even for the poorest Thais. Since many years, there have not been significant increases, so i would welcome some increase in the fares, if it helps in reducing the accidents.
  11. Agreed. We were just given a brand new one, and a FitBit. I fail to see any use for the smart watch except for the step counter/calorie burn info, which is what the fit bit does without all the extra size and bling.
  12. Yes, within the last month the taxi business at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya charged me 250 baht to go from the hospital to Jomtien Soi 5 Immigration. That's cheaper than Grab for the same journey.
  13. Please share a bit more of the findings in the previous thread. How well did your aircons work in the wrong configuration and why would there be damage to the 9K indoor -> 12k Outdoor Unit? I have a similar setup (through my own fault, by re-using and old outdoor unit): 12K indoor -> 18K outdoor unit. Apart from not cooling a whole lot, probably not more than 9K, it has been running 5 years now.
  14. why not? brown envelope = overlooked requirement. if 30 minutes in an account is good enough for 3 months seasoning, why not 2x30 minutes for 5 months? (plus thicker envelope)
  15. Who's counting. He'll never beat Stassen. Also, he did WIN to be VICE president, two times. VICE president to a very popular president among democrats. That ain't chopped liver. Also, let's get real. Who is "trump" most afraid of running against? JOE BIDEN, of course. "trump" does have a lot to lose. If he loses in 2020 he may be leaving the white house in an orange jumpsuit.
  16. I’ve just bought a condo in 5D. I’m not completely sure, but I don’t think this building has fiber. There’s certainly no fiber connection to my condo, only ADSL, and when I paid for 6 months at a 3BB office they didn’t mention anything about a fiber option. Good luck with your purchase.
  17. My walnut problems seem have worsened after I started taking bP meds. But now I get Cialis to shrink it.
  18. You cannot change to a tourist visa within the country. You will have to apply for a single entry tourist visa at nearby embassy or consulate. You could do a border hop for a visa exempt entry that can be extended for 30 days at immigration if you qualify for one.
  19. The watch is no more than a little touch screen connected to your phone... and the phone is where all the heavy lifting happens. Basically, unless it's connected to your phone, it's just something that tells the time for a few hours till the battery wears out.
  20. The government and greedy elite companies need to recognise that when your average Thai Joe/Jane earns so little, you can't just keep on squeezing them. Even if you raise the minimum wage by a pitiful amount, then you have to try to stop greedy business just rising their prices so that the wage rise does not just end up in indifferent companies pockets. It is true though that the guy in the report is a moron as the conductor is just doing as told. If you are going to subsidize something then travel is it.
  21. He didn’t misunderstand anything you did ! He was replying to some cheapo that is offended when a girl that he wouldn’t be able to bag in a million years in his own country asks for a drink for providing him company. Thailand will always attract people with cash who want fun - the skint will just be moved on to the Cambodian and Philippine slums which is more suitable for their budgets.
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