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  2. Thailand ready to face sea-home builder in court By The Nation File photo Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said on Saturday that the Thai government has the right to demolish a floating sea home off Phuket seashore and welcomed the threat of a lawsuit by its builder, Ocean Builders. Speaking at a press conference at the King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Wissanu said Thai officials could remove the floating structure, which is located to the southeast of Koh Racha Yai, approximately 12 nautical miles from the mainland, because its presence clearly violated Article 119 of Thailand’s Criminal Code as threatening the Kingdom’s security and sovereignty. Wissanu said the structure would also be an obstacle to marine navigation as it is located near a sea drilling site. Ocean Builders announced it would sue Thailand in an international court if the government removes the seastead. “The Thai government would be glad if a lawsuit is filed. We want a lawsuit to be filed so that we will have a chance to explain the truth,” Wissanu said. He said attempts have been made to build seasteads in several nations but no government had allowed them and builders were always arrested and legal action taken against them. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30368046 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-22
  3. Impeachment isn't the end of the road for Trump. Clinton was impeached and went on to become popular. He probably became more popular because of the perceived "witch hunt" of the GOP and Starr. If somehow the senate did convict, the Dems get retribution delivered on them by Pence. So just do it- impeach, impeach, impeach- Pence is waiting.
  4. If they get control, I think it would be far too late for 'the people' to do anything about it, unfortunately !
  5. The horrible thing is they truly despise, as almost not worthy of life,both those who support trump, and those who don't but oppose their fascist agenda.
  6. Hello, was wondering whether I could join the Thai military even if I cannot speak, read or write Thai fluently. Maybe this comes as a surprise to a few people, but I have been interested in the military for a long time, and Thailand. I have a Thai mother and Australian father, and I live in Australia. I don’t have any Thai documents (no Thai passport or ID) and I am eighteen years old. I am able to speak basic Thai. I am also interested in living in Thailand sometime in the future. I have read in a few places that they might accept you, but give you simple tasks like office work, translating, etc. I also read somewhere that if you have a foreign parent, you are “barred from serving in any capacity higher than a lowly private conscript” and I “will not be admitted to officer's school or any of the NCO academies or any other position within the Ministry of Defense.” Is this true? On a side note, if I serve in the Australian military, will that disallow me from serving in the Thai military if I move there at an older age? I’m very curious and want to know what possibilities and limitations I have. Sorry for the long questions and thanks in advance.
  7. People flock to marijuana fair in Buri Ram By Pratch Rujivanarom The Nation Buri Ram Thousands of people showed up at the “Pan Buriram” fair in Buri Ram province on Saturday, as the authorities take the first step towards raising awareness about medical marijuana. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096346-people-flock-to-marijuana-fair-in-buri-ram/
  8. People flock to marijuana fair in Buri Ram By Pratch Rujivanarom The Nation Buri Ram Thousands of people showed up at the “Pan Buriram” fair in Buri Ram province on Saturday, as the authorities take the first step towards raising awareness about medical marijuana. Dr Withid Sarudeechaikul, director of the Buri Ram Provincial Health Office, said nearly 20,000 people attended the event to learn about the use of medical cannabis, while more than 1,000 others registered for legal permission to use cannabinoid medicines. The fair, which includes a one-stop centre for registration of cannabis users, is being held at the Chang International Circuit in Muang Buri Ram district until Sunday. “Many experts on cannabinoid medication have joined the fair to educate people on how to safely and effectively use cannabis to sustain good mental and physical health,” Withid said. He added that officials were also at hand to help those relying on cannabinoid drugs to conveniently obtain legal permission and easily register with Buri Ram Provincial Health Office. “So many people have shown up to register for using cannabinoid medication legally at the event. On the first day itself, we registered 1,153 patients and expect even more to show up in the remaining two days of the fair,” Withid said. “Public response is overwhelming. We did not expect so many people to show up to register this time, because before this event, only some 200 people had registered at the provincial health office.” He added that he expects up to 10,000 patients from across the nation to come to the fair and register for the use of cannabinoid medication. Those wanting to register are required to bring their national ID, medical certificate and other documents proving that they need to use cannabis for treatment. Those who have already obtained permission can show their permit and receive up to five bottles of cannabis extract at the event. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30368027 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-22
  9. Obama era had children in cages. Presumably Dems supported that back then. https://qz.com/1291470/photos-immigrant-children-detained-at-the-placement-center-in-2014/
  10. Public schools aren't courting students aside from their reputations. The top ten see thousands of M4 applications. Triam Udom alone sees well over 10k itself annually. The top 5-10 publics are literally turning students away although some use various quotas. Then there is Pathumwan Demonstration, Satit Chula and the public/ privates. Finally, the Christian schools like BCC, Assumption and Mater Dei. All respectable education and quite competitive. The private schools that are getting hit are the usual suspects. The mediocre chain schools, the small schools that lack mission, purpose and passion. I do agree, educators need to sort out a model for the coming 50 years and it needs to be quite different than the past 50. As a teacher, this is a complicated issue on many levels. I would say to parents, you are the insurance to see your child is prepared for 2050. Whether it comes from international schools, tutoring, whatever...the world is truly at a crossroads. AI will if not already render millions useless. Many of these will be smart, bright young people. It might be better to simply put the money for university in a trust fund for your child to access at 50. Let them sort themselves through 30+ years best they can. Education, becoming an educated person sans degree is definitely possible without the classroom although university is quite valuable imo although I do not think a liberal arts degree from an elite university is worth us50k a year. Want your child to excel in Thailand? Send them to a top public /private school. See they get tutoring. On to top 3 Thai university international program possibly. Finishing overseas. Your child will need advanced tutoring even in the best public schools both to keep up with the competition and to make up for the Thai teachers whose teaching methods and content are woefully outdated. In the top 5 public privates it's not the Thai teachers that draw the kids, it's the opportunity to study and network with the best and brightest of their peers. The activities and opportunities are exponentially better than even the next rung down, the top 10-15 schools. Also, alum networks at many public high schools are as important as Chula and Thammasat. Private schools are losing kids because so many of them suck. This includes small privates, bilinguals and many faux 'international' schools. The top 5 public schools are very competitive, they are not running giveaways and promotions to attract students. In fact, they are so in demand that wealthy parents will pay 300-1m thb to seat their children in these schools. Article is a bit of a laff.
  11. Impeachment is coming. History will judge how funny it is. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/04/schiff-mueller-report-more-significant-watergate-nixon.html
  12. Having a Father and Grandfather who was with the IRA and even raised funds for them before coming to Australia in 1972 as well as having upteen cousins in Derry i have the right to comment. I believe the Gays in Northern Ireland as well as immigration will bring peace. i see new Gay Saunas are being opened in Belfast too. As for these teenagers involved in this murder, These “kids” at 18,19 are not real IRA they are young hoodlums , probaly in all probality egged on by oldies that dont want to move on, i see now the younger ones are marching for Belfast Gay Pride and good on them, the Belfast Gay Pride marches attract more people than the other ridiculous marches. and a promise that Belfast Gay pride will get bigger and no one cares whose side your on either as long as you march for Gay rights , because next year im going and we are in Australia as a group will go , 45 of us to march for Australia in Belfast next year.!!!! we will be wearing G strings in the same color as the Aussie flag ,with our butt cheeks exposed , how does that make you staunch sectarian oldies feel ? Ironically i was talking to a Sinn Fein guy on Skype who works in the SF office and they support The Gay pride marches and support same sex , they put up the rainbow flag every march season, so you would not have seen that back in the 70’s ., !!!!! Yes my Grandfather and my Daddy would be turning iver in their graves right now they were as violent as one can be with my Dad serving time in the Maze prison , but i will be marching as a proud Aussie of Irish background with my G string on making my family proud Its going to be difficult isnt it seeing Aussies of a Irish background marching thru Belfast in a G string, will make your blood boil wont it, And we dont care if your prostentant, catho, pro british , jewish , muslim, you are welcome to march in Belfast Gay pride., everyone welcome anyway get over your troubles its 2019 <deleted> stop the these ridiculous parades marching thru peoples areas, its 2019 promote tourism , immigration, business , same sex, and tear down that WALL you have built between the sectarian areas but no the oldies want to carry it on , dont blame these kids, its the oldies that wont let things go. i often wonder how you people go to work each day working with others who dont have your same views , ridiculous its 2019 now , get over it and stop carrying things on and being old . People dont want change , unfortunately
  13. Maybe he refused to have sex? Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Pheu Thai says coalition intact but remains wary of defections by MPs to rival camp By The Nation A voter casts his ballot at Polling Station No 32 in Bangkok’s Constituency 13, where a poll rerun was held yesterday. THE SEVEN political parties that have come together to form the next government remain “strongly united” although defections of its MPs to the rival coalition are likely, a key figure in the Pheu Thai Party said yesterday. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096345-pheu-thai-says-coalition-intact-but-remains-wary-of-defections-by-mps-to-rival-camp/
  15. Pheu Thai says coalition intact but remains wary of defections by MPs to rival camp By The Nation A voter casts his ballot at Polling Station No 32 in Bangkok’s Constituency 13, where a poll rerun was held yesterday. THE SEVEN political parties that have come together to form the next government remain “strongly united” although defections of its MPs to the rival coalition are likely, a key figure in the Pheu Thai Party said yesterday. Phumtham Wechayachai, Pheu Thai’s secretary-general, said that the seven parties in the Pheu Thai-led coalition remain firm in their resolution to prevent the junta from returning to power. He said that if the rival coalition wanted to form the next government without a majority in the House of Representatives, it would need to “buy the support” of some MPs from his group of political parties. “That method is not dignified. It will cause harm to our democracy. People are watching. Any side that opts for such a method will be punished by the people. And their real intention of staying on in power will be clear to the public,” Phumtham said. The politician said Pheu Thai had won the most number of House seats in the March 24 general election and should have the first right to form the next government. He added, however, that there was an attempt by the party with the second most House seats to form a coalition government by arguing that it had won the most popular votes in the election. He did not name the party in question but was obviously referring to the pro-junta Phalang Pracharat. Phumtham called on the Election Commission (EC) to have the courage to announce the election results “fairly and with good reasons”. He warned that any attempt to please the powers-that-be would result in bad consequences for the EC. “The EC must come up with clear election results. In fact, whichever side is able to form the next coalition, the government will lack stability,” he said, referring to the slim majority in the Lower House. Phumtham said Pheu Thai has decided not to change its current leader, Wirode Pao-in, as it was focusing on forming the next government. “Focusing on changing the party leader would mean we had given up” our attempt to form the next administration, he added. ‘Things will be clear after May 9’ Pheu Thai convened its general meeting at party headquarters yesterday. Among the participants were senior leaders, key figures, elected MPs and branch representatives. At the meeting, newly elected Pheu Thai MPs who had failed to sign a party “pledge” to prevent the junta from staying on in power were asked to join. Meanwhile, Phalang Pracharat remained confident yesterday it would be able to form the next coalition government, one of its spokesmen, Buddhipong Punnakanta, said. Buddhipong said things would become clear after the EC announced the final election results, around May 9. “Our allies who will form the government with Phalang Pracharat have shown their commitment to an extent, as has been reported in the media. But things will become clear after May 9,” he said. Regarding New Economy Party leader Mingkwan Sangsuwan’s recent announcement that his party would not join a Phalang Pracharat-led coalition, Buddhipong said yesterday that his party respected that decision. New voting was held at six polling stations in five provinces yesterday. The Election Commission (EC) called for the poll rerun after inconsistencies were found at the polling stations in the March 24 general election. The number of ballots cast differed from that of eligible voters registered to vote at those polling stations. Of the 92,320 polling stations in last month’s election, inconsistencies at only six were considered “acceptable mistakes”, election commissioner Lertwiroj Kowattana said yesterday. He was inspecting the voting at polling station number 32 in Bangkok’s Constituency 13, where a new vote was called. Accompanying him were EC secretary-general Jarungvith Phumma and Bangkok election director Witchuda Mekhanuwong. In addition to the Bangkok polling station, vote reruns were also held at two polling stations in Lampang province, and at one polling station each in Phitsanulok, Yasothon and Phetchabun provinces. The number of eligible voters at the polling stations involved ranged from a few hundred to less than 1,400. The EC received more than 300 complaints of suspected fraud in the general election but most of them did not warrant new voting, Lertwiroj said yesterday. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/politics/30368072 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-22
  16. Ah, back to the recent "Trump is senile" spiel, I see. It was going well till it wasn't and was forgotten as the "grounds for impeachment" spiel started. When it became obvious Pelosi wasn't going down that road I guess the "senile" spiel was dredged up again. After all, the haters haven't got anything else going for them at the moment. IMO the "senile" spiel will go the same way as all the other spiels over the past 2 years- into oblivion. It's hard to use the senile spiel when the top 2 Dem contenders are "elderly" themselves. Trump 72 Biden 76 Bernie 77 Dem speaker Nancy Pelosi 79
  17. I'm still living in USA but planning on moving to CM later this year. I hadn't read a non-technical book for 35 years. Thanks to POTUS I became motivated to learn how we got into this mess and how bad this situation has become. I went to my local library and registered as a local resident to get a free membership. With that membership I can access the Overdrive website. For me the website is lasvegas.overdrive.com. Each jurisdiction can choose to participate or not. I don't know anything about the funding of that operation. Through Overdrive I can borrow Kindle books for free. The most popular books will have a waitlist. When it becomes my turn to borrow a book I can download and read it for 3 weeks. I can then read the book on any of my devices. If you want to keep a book longer than 3 weeks, don't connect your device to the Internet until you're finished reading. There are Kindle applications for most devices and software choices. For those who still have family members in USA you can probably use their library account if they're willing. The written word is still the best way to disseminate knowledge and will help humans understand and survive the troubles headed our way.
  18. Let them impeach Trump. It doesn’t matter, it is better they do it right away than drag it out. Once that is out Of the way he can then win the next election. It’s funny to watch.
  19. A neigbour surely should be able to help...for a lot less.. Bills can be paid at 7/11 or Lotus, get a Thai dictionary and take that to the market....
  20. May out, Thai hopes rest on mixed pair at Asia Championships By LERPONG AMSA-NGIAM THE NATION Sapsiree Taerattanachai (L) and Dechapol Puavaranukroh (R) / EPA Photo RED-HOT mixed doubles duo Dechapol Puavaranukroh and Sapsiree Taerattanachai will spearhead Thailand’s challenge at the Badminton Asia Championships after Ratchanok “May” Intanon withdrew to focus on the Sudirman Cup. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096344-may-out-thai-hopes-rest-on-mixed-pair-at-asia-championships /
  21. May out, Thai hopes rest on mixed pair at Asia Championships By LERPONG AMSA-NGIAM THE NATION Sapsiree Taerattanachai (L) and Dechapol Puavaranukroh (R) / EPA Photo RED-HOT mixed doubles duo Dechapol Puavaranukroh and Sapsiree Taerattanachai will spearhead Thailand’s challenge at the Badminton Asia Championships after Ratchanok “May” Intanon withdrew to focus on the Sudirman Cup. The world No 4 pair, who upset world No 1 Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong of China en route to their Singapore Open victory earlier this month, are now the best hope for Thailand in the continent’s top tournament, starting tomorrow in Wuhan, China. The pair will open their account against Saurabh Sharma and Anoushka Parikh of India and will seek to maintain their top form and go deep in a tournament where they were runners-up in 2017, losing to Huang and Lukai in the final. While 2015 champion Ratchanok opted to skip the event for the mixed team Sudirman Cup, in Nanning from May 19-26, three other Thai women will represent the Kingdom this week. World No 20 and Thai No 2 Pornpawee Chochuwong will carry Thai hopes in the women’s singles where she opens her campaign against Lee Ying Ying of Malaysia. World No 24 Busanan Ongbamrungphan faces Yeo Jia Min of Singapore and Nitchaon Jindapol has a daunting task against fifth-seeded He Bingjiao of China. With world and defending champion No 1 Tai Tzu Ying not taking part, Chen Yufei of China, last year’s runner-up, and 2017 world champion Nozomi Okuhara of Japan are the top two seeds. In the men’s singles, world No 1 and reigning champion Kento Momota of Japan as well as top Chinese stars Lin Dan, a four-time champion here, 2017 winner Chen Long and world No 2 Shi Yuqi are strong contenders. Thailand’s top four – Khosit Phetpradab, No 17, Kantaphon Wangcharoen, No 18, Suppanyu Avihingsanon, No 28 and Sittthikom Thammasin, No 30 – will attempt to cause some damage. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/sports/30368087 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-22
  22. Not really is it. Most Governments have conformity across the board, Thailand as we know just makes stuff up depending on who it is and how they feel or whether its a "good day" or not The OP is in his seventies and being asked to rush around for something that isn't really required is likely to make his health worse. .
  23. Not much choice is there. Ya get us or the Chinese. Collateral damage. The world was way worse before we took over.
  24. Medical marijuana move ‘not enough’ By PRATCH RUJIVANAROM THE NATION BURI RAM Many people gather to observe a fullgrown cannabis plant, which is exhibited at the medical cannabis fair “Pan Buriram”, which was held from Friday until yesterday in Buri Ram province. Photo Pratch Rujivanarom ACTIVISTS SEEK MORE MEASURES TO FACILITATE USE OF CANNABINOID MEDICINES MORE LEGAL measures to further liberalise medical cannabis are required, campaigners stressed, so as to ensure that patients can freely and easily access affordable and quality cannabinoid medicines. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096343-medical-marijuana-move-‘not-enough’/
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