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  2. This letter from Mr Spock to the AG makes interesting reading, particularly to any remainers that haven't seen it.
  3. Italians, Thais and Burmese... i thought that this is one of those jokes where Italians, Thais and Burmese goes to a bar...
  4. I haven't read anything from Immigration that says you will lose your extension (I assume you mean extension) as opposed to losing an O-A long stay visa. If you do mean visa how would they know as I don't think they are checking that?
  5. To be fair, this sounds 100% correct IMO:- "They say God has created man in his image, when in truth it's the other way around. We have personified God in our image."
  6. It seems that in the Kingdom, where there is a will there is NO WAY! How do they dispose of plastic waste now? Hope they can do it but history points to just another pipe dream.
  7. Thanks Joe, but that process takes a long time....and it shows "everything"....a person can'tsort/view like say show me "unread" posts only. Even the mobile app does the same thing....shows limited number topics/post only going back a week or so. Any idea if TV is trying to fix the problem....get it back to working properly like it use to before the upgrade.
  8. Totally correct, this is a culture thing that never goes away, the outlaws will win hands down, my prediction, this is the beginning of the end, I am sorry to say.
  9. French Africans. Anyone one from previous French African colonies can easily apply for a French passport.
  10. Just add it in a curry from coconutcream and currypowder...some sugar, chili, garlic...add some vegy plus meat. and eat with rice
  11. Disgusting and gross beyond measures.. i wonder who's going to wipe his bum in hell, not Beelzebub that for sure...
  12. I have a similar history, like most of the people, around 14 or 15 they take their life "in their hands" so to speak. When travelling to India aged 19, after some Hindu monk told me that Jesus is incarnation of Rama, i realised the difference between 'spirituality' and 'organised religion'. I embrace the former, but i have mixed feelings about the latter.
  13. I have always used the regular savings account but with the new changes if Rayong is asking for a 90 bank book check it would be easier for them to look at a FD assuming they don't require another letter.
  14. This reminds me what happened to one of my local outlaws about 20 years ago. He was lethally electrocuted while working on an air conditioner compressor on a roof. (Probably a metal roof) I should add it was raining at the time. Doubtless he was working in the rain as some sort of graynjai to his boss to avoid (ignorant) customer complaint.
  15. If you need to leave so fast you don't have time to pack - you're probably not going to get out of the city. 8 million people exiting? <laugh> If you're that worried, move to rural Thailand. You're in the wrong place laddie.
  16. Fine; let's cross that one off the list. Only sixteen more to go.
  17. Looks like it will be played in terrible weather which doesn't fill me with confidence. What's the Gauntlet Rip?
  18. Why the hell would BJ need to collude with the US Embassy. He is not under arrest, or under court orders so presumably like any other Thai is able to submit an application for a VISA. Being head of the immigration in Thailand prior to his removal is a fairly high profile position in Thailand. I see no reason why BJ would not easily fulfill all requirements to allow him to be given a VISA to travel. How can anyone give you any comment on your friend when no one has a clue about them. People get denied VISAS to the US and all countries regularly. How the hell would anyone know why your friend was denied.
  19. I didn't ask directly, but everything I've read indicates that you lose your visa.
  20. What are you trying to reply to?
  21. We shall see. I think Bernie is the one and he loses by a wide margin.
  22. from my experience it DID NOT have to be same day . but i think we always have to acknowledge that there are times when the "unexpected" happens at immig. I never had a problem and think I usually got the letter and update day before I went. Also, things move faster lately at CM . This too could change , but reports from others here seem to say all goes much quicker if all is in order.
  23. "Among the most pressing issues awaiting the new government will be U.S. President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner said on Wednesday it would be unveiled once the new Israeli government is in place and after the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, which ends in early June. The plan, Kushner said, would require compromise by all parties." Two things really obvious here! Firstly, Trumps "peace plan" is only intended to give the zionists ALL of Palestine and will never end the Israeli occupation. Secondly, as Kushner said, the plan would require compromise by all parties. But the zionists want they can steal ALL of Palestine and give the Palestinians nothing in return! Just like with every other farcical "peace plan", it is the Israelis who need to compromise!
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