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  2. Oh great the new bosses name is "Out" which is where bad guys go
  3. Please do not post reference or links to illegal or pirated software. Thank you.
  4. Sounds luke Japanese B ebcephalutis which is endemic here. And fully preventable through a vaccine. All Thais receive the vaccine in childhood so the Thai hospitals don't see many cases these days. Travel insurance might not be the only thing she overlooked. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Four years ago, the Australian guy in the video got stuck in the elevator at Mike's Shopping Mall in Pattaya. Earlier this year, two Russian teens got stuck in a Pattaya condo elevator.
  6. I once witnessed a car go off the road in Pattaya. The car was about 100 M in front of me and there was no other vehicle involved. So I stopped to offer any assistance that I could, and was immediately accused by some Somchai who pulled up about 5 seconds later on his motorbike, of being involved in the accident, and even of causing it. He really was going for it in a big way. Fortunately, another Thai Motorist who had also stopped to help, lambasted this guy with the Motorbike, telling him I had, as he had, stopped to help if possible, and that he was behaving in a really bad way, and should apologise. ( My missus told me all this ) Needless to say the Somchai on the bike just rode off without helping or offering me an apology. Never again will I stop to offer any assistance to anybody in trouble in Thailand. The chances of being taken as the Perp Etc are too high, which could lead to a whole load of trouble for myself. This is a reaction that I struggle with myself over, as I, like many others here do not like seeing people in distress when there is some kind of chance that something you do could stop that distress. At this point I will say that I am a MSA Senior Stager Official for Motor Rally Events in the Uk, and fully qualified in CPR , Fire Fighting and Emergency First Aid. I am also trained in vehicular extraction of a person involved in an accident. All those humanitarian skills that I will never, ever, use in Thailand.
  7. If the school didn't warn you verbally, nor write a warning letter, you're good to go to the city hall, where you'll even get a free lawyer. An ex-colleague did that twice, received more than he was asking for and it seems that it's mostly in favor of the employee. Of course only when the school has made a mistake. If they didn't continue to employ you, it's a different thing. To the OP. Your username says it all. "Let's clean up Thailand." Let me answer your question with a question, please. If you're not okay with any governmental institution where you've had a more extended holiday, let's use Spain as an example, would you start and suggest that they're doing all wrong, without actually knowing what's going on? No matter what's wrong in YOUR eyes. You are, perhaps soon were a guest in Thailand, no more no less, regardless of what you did, or wanted to do. There are school directors, friends of them with good connections to the top. And they can make your life very miserable, and you could quickly end up in jail. Have you ever heard about the computer crime act and article 44? You can't fight a tiger, can you? BTW, how impertinent must somebody be to use "let's clean up Thailand" as a Non-Thai?
  8. There are numerous free apps available that are very good
  9. Yes, if you show up (very) drunk at the gate.. bye bye flight. Yes, if you being a macho and trying to mouthfight with the people at the gate.. bye bye flight The attendant has the power to decide if you, in his objection, are obliged to board or not. Drunk people can board, but then, no mouthing and walk straight and you are on the go.
  10. Another question...can the SSA IDD be sent to a joint account in Thailand and/or one that is tied to an ATM card? The requirement to to physically visit the bank each month is a serious potential issue. What happens if the recipient is ill, incapacitated or simply away on a trip elsewhere in Thailand or to an international destination? With no immediate in-person visit to the bank, will the funds simply remain on deposit and a record made of their receipt on the holder’s account until he or she is able to physically come in?
  11. Has anyone found the link to download all the stored fingerprints yet, or do we need to wait a few more weeks?
  12. Notes Beach. 2018 Feb. Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. It will be interesting to see if he will continue Thai Immigrations obvious purge of western retirees.
  14. Thanks..... but I’m sure the intent of my comment is understood.... I’m not sure what the correct term is to apply to the advantage gained by the electrol college which denies some voters their voice
  15. Was the driver on his usual 48 hour-Non Stop, shift ?
  16. Anyone else having problems with HDprime ? I was watching catchup last night with np problems but this morning I wanted to watch last nights football but no catchup is playing for any channel on any day. My subscription is until 13/5/19 so it's not that. Anybody else?
  17. May I suggest an Emergency TAT sponsored Govt. scheme, that give every tourist entering 40 THB for 1 US$ as an exchange rate. Then we will see the figures
  18. YOUR REMARK: ...The study you cited about the resistance athlethes that gained 2 kg in 10 weeks, those are not athlethes but beginners because if you calculate it it would mean 10kg in a year.. only beginners have those options. So calling untrained people athletes is in my opinion misstatement of facts... MY RESPONSE: Not all athletes who do resistance training seek body-builder physiques. For many athletes the LAST thing they want to do is add body weight in the form of unnecessary muscle mass . Road cyclists are perfect examples. They are most certainly athletes in every sense of the word. The do resistance training to train specific muscle groups that will help with performance but not ones that do not add to performance. A few extra grams of weight can be the difference between winning a loosing a race. Racers pay tens of thousands of dollars for bikes that can save a few grams of weight. Their body weight is critical. Most world class racers have a body fat percentage of 6-10%. Yet they do a lot of resistance training, and in terms of lower body strength are probably some of the strongest athletes in the world, yet if you look at their upper body musculature they look skinny becuase upper body strength would add nothing to performance for cycling, only excess muscle mass that would be a penalty in terms of excess weight and thus slower speed. YOUR REMARK: ......The study that said it (keto) was better was the study with measuring first carb depleted (muscle mass is less then) and then just before measuring the end result carbing up (adding glycocen and thus muscle mass) and then measuring. That is a falsehood. You can't just do it like that. .... ......Again I believe you can gain muscle on keto, its just not optimal. ... MY RESPONSE So, yes I agree that the studies that you cited leave a lot of grey areas to them BUT the way the author of the MuscleEvo article summed his view up on those studies is, "...there’s currently no compelling evidence to show that ketogenic diets offer any muscle-building benefits that you don’t get with a higher-carb diet providing adequate amounts of protein and fat." That statement infers that higher-carb diets AND keto diets can have the same muscle building benefits (provided protein and fats are the same in both groups. In other words, it is the fat and protein that matters, not the carbs. I believe this is true for many people (not everyone, but still many more than yo might imagine). I think you are discounting something really important. First of all, when you are truly keto-adapted (which takes months to accomplish and is quite different than simply being in ketosis) there are a lot of metabolic changes that have taken place that simply lower the body's need for exogenous carbohydrates. What's more, being keto-adapted changes the hormonal balance completely. Higher levels of growth hormone are produced during extreme ketosis in keto-adapted state, which will result in more optimized use of carbohydrates when they are consumed (so the flaw you pointed out in that one study where carbs were introduced in the last weeks of the study might not really invalidate the study if you think about it). I'm not saying that though here since that would be something that would have to be the focus of a study in itself. What I am saying is that under normal circumstances, the body is actually capable of producing glucose when it's needed without the need for exogenous (eating) carbs if keto-adaptation has taken place. It's called Gluconeogenesis. Of course it's true that in the average person, Gluconeogenesis will result in catabolizing protein but that is not what happens in a keto-adapted individual! What happens instead is that protein will be spared in favor of using dietary fats and stored fats, and the utilization of those fats for energy will occur far faster than in an unadapted person. In the keto-adapted individual there is a far more efficient ability to switch from carbs to fats, and a much less reliance on only carbs. That's why many ultra-marathoners are exploring Keto now; because it makes the possibility of "bonking" less of an issue during extreme training and competition. Can gaining muscle on Keto be optimal? It depends on how you define the word "optimal" For somebody who's into competitive body-building, carb-rich diets are probably superior, but for many people's needs, Keto can indeed be an optimal way to build muscle, and that not only includes people with metabolic syndromes but can include many categories of athletes as well. I am not saying dietary carbs are not important; I'm just saying there are options for less reliance on them that many are not even willing to consider but perhaps should.
  19. I am confused about the stuff you write...It is pointless me replying because you always come back with unpleasant stuff...BUT, you carry on with "your" educating ..
  20. “Meanwhile, Piyawat Sukon, Chief of the Khao Phra Thaew Non-Hunting Area Conservation Centre in Thalang, told The Phuket News that he will not investigate where the king cobra eggs disappeared to. “I understand if local residents find snake eggs around their homes, that they will be afraid and are likely to have destroyed them. But I will not go to check about the eggs because there is a lot of people in that community and I do not want to have problems with the local residents. I don’t want to use the law against local residents because I know everyone is afraid of finding snake or king cobras around their homes,” he said. Regardless, Mr Piyawat confirmed that the king cobra is a protected wild animal in Thailand.“ Thai logic...
  21. You might be able to sell the tv on the free facebook groups for items for sale. i often see broken tvs sold for parts there.
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