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  2. You cannot get an METV in the US unless you show proof of current employment. I looked into it. BTW I just contacted the agent mentioned in this thread re possibly bringing my elderly relative here. They are saying they can arrange the extension if she can get an O visa from home country but (1) I think we could do that on our own also and (2) I don't think US will issue an O to a retiree only O-A.
  3. I'm out of touch. What is a "drinks" party. Obviously its in the name but is there something specific about them in terms of organisation or structure? Are they sponsored by beer companies or something?
  4. Burnout: the curse of the modern worker By The Nation Dr Manus Potaporn Burnout Syndrome is taking its toll on Thais, according to Dr Manus Potaporn, the deputy director general of the Department of Medical Services, who defines it as an occupational phenomenon caused by stress in workplace that may lead to other mental problems such as depression, anxiety, tension headache or insomnia. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1128845-burnout-the-curse-of-the-modern-worker/
  5. Unless these scammers are fluent in the local language they could not operate without local accomplices!
  6. Is there ever anything positive on thaivisa? Even if a post starts out positive the TV posters will do a good job of turning it negative!
  7. I think enough solutions have been proffered. First, change the mindset of populations of developed nations towards promoting sustainable policies. This is what is currently happening with the Greta furore. Once enough of 'the people' are behind it, the politicians must deliver those sustainable policies in their own countries, and force developing nations into line by economic measures. New forms of accounting are currently being developed. Once the momentum - the political will - is in place, the ultimate solution is to cap energy production to keep a lid on growth, install sensible measures to manage demographics, and establish legal rights to exist for Nature (to be policed by an international body). The key principles are avoiding excess and maintaining balance. It's entirely rational and prudent. The only struggle is against people who aren't.
  8. Shocked??? Where have you been the last 10 months???
  9. A Century ago the great and the good of the day were equally taken in by young girls inc Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and HG Wells...
  10. Burnout: the curse of the modern worker By The Nation Dr Manus Potaporn Burnout Syndrome is taking its toll on Thais, according to Dr Manus Potaporn, the deputy director general of the Department of Medical Services, who defines it as an occupational phenomenon caused by stress in workplace that may lead to other mental problems such as depression, anxiety, tension headache or insomnia. “This syndrome is not a medical condition because it has been categorised as a ’factor that affects wellness’ in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 11th revision,” Manus said. Dr. Somboon Tosborvorn, director of Nopparatrajathanee Hospital, added that three symptoms are present in the syndrome: feeling exhausted, having a bad attitude about work and a noticeable decrease in working performance. “To counter the syndrome, try managing working time, taking a rest once in a while, or talking with your colleagues or boss if you feel distressed. You can also visit www.dms.moph.go.th for more information.” said Somboon. Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377440 -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-16 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  11. Also we have been looking at housing and believe it best to be centrally located in Chalong area. How is like bringing kids to school in the morning. We are still looking for a house but only decide on that once we have decided on a school. How was your experience in that regard??
  12. The UK isn't dominated by "Jesus freaks". Very different to the USA. Small minority go to church in the UK. Very much a secular society.
  13. Having installed Catalina Mac OS 10.15 I found my Fuji Xerox Printer, scanner, copier would not connect. I contacted Fuji Xerox, Main office in BKK and at 10.30 this morning I received a polite phone call to my mobile informing me that Fuji Xerox do not do a Driver for Mac OS 10.15 and that to use my desktop IMac I would have to revert to previous system. To the best of my knowledge you cannot go back to a previous system on a Mac. john
  14. Posting about your silly nonexistent god-thing and his(?) virgin birthed offspring when I'm posting actual silly faces that really exist, tells alot about you. Good news is...none of it matters as they won't send you to silly, made up cartoon hell!
  15. As we get older, we need to think about wealth preservation and not just generation. Thus, a certain portion of our portfolio should be in secured cash deposits. Unless your home country offers better interest rates, you might as well keep some cash in a Thai bank and at the same time, enjoy the least troublesome way of continuing to stay here. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  16. We'll see. Many years ago, over 25, a Chinese PhD professor of economics told me that the Chinese vision for the future financial "capitals" of the world were Shanghai, London and New York. She dismissed Frankfurt and Paris as non contenders in reality. She maintains the same view. China typically take a much longer view than Westerners.
  17. If the marriage certificate is not in English it will need to be translated to Thai and the translation be certified by the Consular Affairs Depart of the MFA in Bangkok. Nothing more is needed from your embassy. Immigration may also want a document from your school stating you are attending school.
  18. I'm more than happy that NZ has the Queen of England as head of state. Means that we don't have to pay for another <deleted> politician. BTW, why is he called an emperor when Japan does not have an empire any more? Surely he should be a king?
  19. What country are you moving to that does not have a religion? Go back to USA you will be surrounded by Jesus freaks, even UK and Europe have their share, and their laws and traditions are based on Christian values. Anyway, it is clear you are not serious about your GF or the child. If you were you would just move out with them both to a rented house or condo. But that would take some effort and sacrifice on your part. Funny how you have enough money to fly back to where you came from and give money to your GF, but you don' t have enough to rent a cheap place? From your posts you clearly just hate Thai culture and people and are annoyed those people are not under your control. I think it will be better for everyone in this story if you did go back to your perfect religious free country.
  20. Post removed. Keep it civil and stop the personal remarks. 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.
  21. Used to go there & visit a gal friend....Nice gal = but never found much that was appealing, likeable, entertaining, or convenient about the place.... Some places are just too blah - add dirty with difficult parking & very, very limited english speaking possibilities including movies, book stores, shopping, night life (dire)..... You won't have access to much of anything there versus BKK's conveniences that made life liveable.... Even with that nice little gal, I don't think I would have lasted a year there.... Your wife may feel like she's in her glory there, but, it could be very different for you....
  22. TE does not avoid need to file 90 day reports and TM30s. They can help do the 90 day but not the TM 30. However depending on where you live both can be done online which is far easier than sending off your passport to TE office. I would not focus on the reporting part.
  23. What kind of stamp do they put in your passport?... A scarlet letter?... What would be the future ramifications of this stamp?
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