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  2. He said knowingly. Things could start simply to one side misinterpreting an action by the other as an attack. Hot heads and war mongers, both sides got them.
  3. After being instructed by the senate to look into what happen in 2016,The AG has appointed a Special prosecutor/investigator ! He's making sure his reviews are coordinated with the investigators,horowitz, Durham and the ever so quiet Huber!
  4. That must have been a typo, i fixed it for you. See below. Focus first on all dangerous stray dogs Pattaya has Thousands of them.
  5. You didn't. You are correct. Western road systems use :- 1) roundabouts. However these are highly problematic in Thailand. There are a few but the majority of road users either flagrantly ignore the rules, have no idea of the rules or are too intellectually inferior to grasp the rules of using roundabouts. So, for Thailand, roundabouts are out. 2) roads without a median strip so turns across the flow of traffic (left in the U.S., right in Thailand) can be made anywhere. This solution is again highly problematic in Thailand. Complete lack of lane discipline means vehicles often use the oncoming lane in careless high-speed overtaking manoeuvres. Those who do attempt a right turn correctly run a considerable risk of being rear-ended at high speed by a speeding driver not paying attention or even being obliterated from the front by a driver undertaking the manoeuvre described above. So the median strip is here to stay. The U-turn is the poor driver's remaining option and Thailand has them in spades.
  6. The conclusion of the article linked seems to be that Iran might be able to pull it off, but that it would be a very bad decision, hence unlikely.
  7. This will backfire on Trump and Barr. Meanwhile you fail l to understand the dangers inherent in an AG doing the bidding of a President to hound his political opponents. Democracy and The Constitution not your strong point.
  8. While continuing to fail in increasing security at known and confirmed points of entry for drugs in particular. Electronic and satellite surveillance of remote border sectors. Asylum seekers front up wall or no wall. Tunnelers do not.
  9. So what does extremist left winger Owen Jones of the Guardian make of Brexit supporters?
  10. What a load of you know what. Please tell me where I said I'm exeptional. This is what I posted. "So nationality of those running the show? I'll have a guess: Chinese." Ah! Now I see what's pathetic. Your trolling little brain.
  11. Nigel Faragae is my champion and any odious little turd will probably be found on the bottom of your fish tank!!
  12. For the confidence vote it would be on a knife edge. Dominic Grieve has already stated he'll vote against the government in a NCV if it means avoiding no deal. The DUP position is difficult to judge. They hated the EU's withdrawal agreement and voted against it every time. How much do they value having an element of power under the existing confidence and supply arrangements - enough for them to vote for keeping the Tories in power? We should also not forget there may be some passionate leavers among the other parties, particularly Labour who might abstain or even vote in favour of the government. But if they do manage to force a GE, then the Brexit Party would very much come into play. The two main parties would haemorrhage votes to the Brexit Party and the Lib Dems. Then it depends on which of them gets the highest amount of seats, and can form a government in coalition. The Tories in coalition with Farage? Stranger things have happened!
  13. Did you read topic heading before posting. BTW, I hadn't done a TM30 at CW for my brief 7 years here. What is being married to a Thai have to do with thread.
  14. When I bought my CBR back in 2017 from my neighbor's wife, I actually bought two of them, same year 2013, a white CBR-150R an a red one. I kept the white one with 4 kilometers on the odometer and gave the red one with 8 kilometers on it to my wife's son. He and his wife rode down from Chonburi for visit arriving last night. I went out to compare his tires, same model, to those on mine since he has already racked up over 16,000 km on his bike. His tires are pretty worn as you would expect, but the tread still hasn't worn down to the wear indicators although it appears that his bike's tires have lost a little of their roundness. Rubbing the tires with my fingers, his tires feel fairly smooth as compared to mine which feel more textured. Even those his bike has been parked outside for the most part, I still didn't see any cracks along the tread or the sidewalls and near the rim. The OEM IRC Road Winner RX-01 tires may not be the best tires for grip, but they sure are durable. It's my understanding that they are manufactured with a fairly hard compound for long life and after 6 years, the rubber is probably even harder, maybe bulletproof (lol). A couple of days ago I was out riding and I was following a pickup truck pulling an empty trailer driving slowly up a hill. Right when I pulled out to pass, he began a right turn, no signal (TIT). I immediately hit the brakes and the wheels locked up, mostly the back brake. Luckily, the truck driver saw me in his mirror and stopped at the halfway point in the turn before the trailer began it's turn and I stopped about a meter and a half from the side of his pickup. I looked back and saw a broken black mark on the pavement as if the tire/tires had skipped along the road; the road was kind of rough and bumpy. This is the second time I've had to lock up the brakes on my bike, both times it appeared that it was the back brake that mostly locked up; my CBR doesn't have ABS. In both events, the tires didn't produce any type of smell at all that I could tell and after inspection, there was also no wear spots. Of course, in both incidents, I was not travelling at high speed, but fast enough I guess. I guess, at this point, it all boils down to whether I have confidence in these tires or not. I guess that a certain lack of confidence in these tires due to their age and due to the many reviews I've read about these OEM tires not being very grippy has made me very reluctant to lean the bike at higher speeds in turns. Maybe this alone may be reason enough to replace the tires. If I can get new tires for Baht 3500 that would instill more confidence in my tackling curves and such, it might just be worth it even if my old tires still have a lot of tread left on them, just saying. This is what I will have to decide for myself. Thanks for everyone's suggestions; I'll post again if I change out my tires and let you know what I think of the new ones.
  15. HI everyone, Has anyone here ever done this and is it fairly straightforward? Looking at the journey, it looks like main roads all the way but is there anything to watch out for? I'd be doing it overnight so would welcome recommendations for a nice place to stop over half way up. Cheers jonny
  16. Have you ever spoken to a bar girl, seen younger tourists having fun with the girls as well as the seasoned veterans enjoying their company? Many are working in bars to meet foreign men who may give them a better life with their kids that many Thai men have abandoned. A lot use drugs and many are in desperate condition financially & psychologically.
  17. tweedledee2

    Gaming chair

    I spent a month researching gaming chairs from Lazada and other online stores comparing brands, prices, features and quality. One of the websites I visited was Advice. They had several brands of chairs available and their prices were lower than most of the others. But the one thing that was most important to me was how it felt actually sitting in one. Not being able to actually sit in one kept me from impulse buying. I'd almost given up but one day when shopping in Surin I spotted a recently opened Advice store. They only had 2 brands of chairs in stock Neolution and Nubwo in 4 models each. Well after sitting in each chair comparing comfort, quality and features, the Nubwo X102 was my choice. I ordered it online due to a discount price offer. I was delivered 4 days later and took about 30 minutes to assemble. I've had it for almost 4 months and still happy with my choice.
  18. so your gf was underage? And you were how old? And you know, if an American, American laws apply to you here. I let you respond before I continue....
  19. Sorry, you're mischaracterising what the laws say again. Firstly, there is no such thing as "ungentlemanly conduct." There is "unsporting behaviour" and under the list of things that are classified as unsporting behaviour (on page 106 of the Laws of the Game, 2018/19 edition, pdf version) waving an imaginary card is not mentioned, so it is not "a yellow card offence in itself." As I said, the referee can choose to see it as an action that "shows a lack of respect for the game" - which is included on page 106 - but that is purely up to each individual referee. Based on my experience and observation, most referees turn a blind eye to this. Also, the captain is not "allowed to be part of the discussion" according to anything in the laws. Here's what the laws say about the captain (page 52, ibid.): Now, there is a widely-accepted convention whereby most referees do talk to the captain but that is just a habit that they have gotten into and it's not part of the laws.
  20. Fortunately for me I am now too old and fat to climb into the ongs but I have to get my wife to find a body to do the job. Normally I run the tanks in a row down, then undo the plug at the bottom to drain the rest of the water out. It is possible to scrub most of the tank by standing on a stool with a stiff yard brush and flush it clear. Then I chuck 1 litre of Thai white vinegar in the ong and fill it up. Be careful not to leave them dry too long as the may crack or blow open. I fill each row from the top and to shut off the water flow I use ordinary ball cocke from a toilet. Unfortunately with my ong farm I cannot lay any on their sides to clean them Try to leave at least 1 metre clear around the tanks so that you can access them from all sides. I only left about 60 cm and it is difficult at times. Figure that a 1,700 litre ong weighs close on 2 tons when it is full and you need a good solid base for them to stand on. My base is OK but in retrospect I should have made the base 10 metres wide and 12 metres long with the base being about 10 to 15 cm of concrete and rebar mesh. I also forgot to put a drainage runaway around the base. Figure about 15 to 30 minutes per ong and try to start early in the morning before it starts to get hot. We get somebody to clean the gutters and the downpipe about this time of year and as you say let 3 or 4 days of heavy rain pass before draining into the tanks.
  21. Link? Sorry but don't believe anything on Thai Visa without a link to prove.
  22. I have several PVC interior doors and frames that have never been painted, and that look pretty ratty. Can anyone recommend a good primer and finish they have actually used that bonds well to raw PVC?
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