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  2. Yes, thank you for correcting me. Still at least a year until the building is completed.
  3. Exactly...they need a football guy on the point with Woodward to get things on track. Woody buying Sanchez is classic suit muppetry!
  4. I must be missing something. Free Visa I'm heading to Thailand, can't miss out on that deal. Really people would make a travel decision based on a Free Visa. Has to be more to it than that.
  5. TVF. Hub of pedantic criticisms.
  6. As another member said, the days of doing visa runs with flight are over.
  7. Well I agree with that and with the recent onerous major visa changes even though not all are impacted there are definitely some major negative things to say about them if a person is not wanting to be deceptive. Run on sentence prize? Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Depends what method of shipping is used but generally yes, it can be tracked. Cost of goods + shipping+ insurance x import duty % + vat PLUS any processing fees added dependent on which service is used.
  9. Believe most use Lazada, Shopee, Aliexpress and Ebay for ordering here. Remember if you pay $200 for shipping that will be included into the customs duty assessment.
  10. Just order your military brethren to start spending. They constitute a good portion of the 1% elite here that hold more than 69% percent of the wealth.
  11. No mate. Literally a flying visit. Flew in on Monday, fly back tomorrow night
  12. I thought Phuket don't have beachfront highrises anyway? (across the beach) Many people in Kata told me they hate that Berlin wall behind ClubMed lol... They walk very long way on the scorching sun to enter the beach on it's ends. Anyway hope we can stay on subject... I'll wait and see if any of VIP Kata buyers show up, and I'll try to find local agent (hopefully not lawyer lol) who can guide condo buyer in finalizing the purchase and make sure all is legit & up and up. In the meantime, my Patong friend (hotel operator) will introduce their friend who has connections in Land Department... He is some sort of agent between developers and LD... If I manage to meet him before I leave (and if he is the right guy... and not too pricey), I will share information here, I'm sure there are other fellow members who'll need this service sooner or later (here I attach notifications from VIP Kata developers, if anybody is interested) VIP Kata 1 TH_EN email MARCH.pdf VIP Kata 1 TH_EN email APRIL.pdf Cheers, Alex
  13. Some years ago, I had a discussion with a neighbour who was an Inspector in the traffic section of Strathclyde Police. He was of the opinion that you should stop on an amber light unless it was unsafe to do so. You would then have to prove in court why it was unsafe. He admitted that very few cases were contested by police. Secondly, in Chiangmai, about 18 months ago, I was tailgated by a Seelaw after I stopped on amber. There was plenty of time, I did not have to brake hard). Police decided that I had caused the collision because if I had not stopped, the seelaw would not have hit me. I would prefer to be hit from behind at low speed rather than side-on by a vehicle accelerating away on a crossing track.
  14. "Agnostic" was intentionally omitted, as agnosticism deals with knowledge and this poll wants the participants thoughts/feelings on the matter. "Don't Know" is too easy! Comments welcome.
  15. Bangkok Bank told me that I can have it deposited directly to Thailand without going through NYC and that is the approach most US customers are taking.
  16. If you would like to read my post again, in Udon Thani you are required to prove money in the bank 3 times
  17. How many years has it been since SAF retired ? The Glazers have done nothing but sit on their gold toilets counting money.
  18. Bangkok Bank using New York international ACH is currently the only way to direct deposit and that requires the special account with no access but visit. There is no requirement to keep funds in account or that you take anything out each month if using 65k per month income method. Transferwise appears to be most used for transfer if not using BBL New York. It done to Bangkok Bank account there is good chance of it being marked as international transfer (although it is a baht account in Thailand providing the funds). SWIFT transfer is more expensive but should be marked international. At this point nobody knows how strict immigration will be.
  19. I knew of someone who was stamped for another 6 months. If it is extended do I need to show the money in the bank during that time or just the 3 months before my new exp date. the reason I'm asking is that this year I will be taxed on part of the amount in the US that I will be withdrawing from my retirement account but next year I won't so would be great to be able to wait until Jan.
  20. Meanwhile, out of public view, in the back office, was hundreds of thousands of baht from agents sitting on a table, and immigration officers processing hundreds of extensions. These people didn't even need to show up, let alone have 800k in a Thai bank.
  21. If it had been crushed this topic would not have arisen.i
  22. Leave the country and come back in and they will stamp you for another year. Check with Immigration to make sure. But that is how it should work.
  23. Since when buying property like condominium became illegal?
  24. TOT &Co. showing their blatant manipulation of figures: chinese tourists in the two first months (top season) of 2019 at 2.12 million; total of tourists 'expected' in 2019 is 40 million. These are the official figures. ...Also an official figure from the same source, is: chinese tourists make up somewhere between 61 and 62% of the total number of tourists to visit Thailand. A-haa, 61% of 40 million is 24.4 million, isn't it, ... while 6 time 2.12 million is 12.72 million! So, a difference of nearly 12 million, or about 50% of the expectations. What is it, TOT &Co., am I bad in Thai maths, or is it an 'honest mistake' from your side, ...or just another, erm, 'white lie' you publish time after time to justify the excessive wages and expenses of your bunch of 'elite'(!) staff and management? IMO, in your present form, you are the most redundant part of the corrupt Thai administration, not worth any bit of the huge budget the taxpayers(!) have to face for your endemic incury! 'Changes and reforms'?
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