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  2. Thanks, did give it a go but found difficult to work with only part of a document etc showing. The text size was excellent though.
  3. Just out of curiosity, how would you go about changing areas if, for instance, you wanted to move from Chiang Mai to Bangkok for example? David
  4. Hunter even admitted that he got a job from China worth 1.5 billion $....why do they need to investigate that?
  5. I never knew a Thai who did not have money problems. All they need to do is live by the very simple rule that my grandmother taught me: Live within your means and what you cannot afford just do without. Not a prayer but Thais are far from being the only ones since many of my fellow Brits are hardly better with their pop culture of: Grab yourself.... The must have.... It's all about you. There really is no hope whatsoever and perhaps there never was.
  6. I remember those I think ...but that was more than a FEW years back, that was more like a decade??? I think it had to do with noise mostly also, but I’m not sure.
  7. my wife was told by a friend works there the money in bank for retirement and married was enough only for other visas that have no bond in bank/ for emergency's cheers allan
  8. That poll was taken at the time when there was the real possibility of a hard border between the two Countries . Now that that issue has been resolved , there will not be a hard border between the two , pollsters may not be so inclined to want reunification .
  9. IMHO there is nothing stopping an incoming civilian government from cancelling that immunity by tearing up the current constitution and reverting to the 1997 model and modifying that. After all, that is what Prayuth did.
  10. Uh oh - there goes Joe. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
  11. Yup i noticed that, that person must hate all caucasians i guess....but it's quite amazing that he can see that through the internet. I always wear a thick layer of whitener and cream when i'm posting on this forum so i wonder if he can still see where i'm from. Oh and i also took a nose-job because i wanted to have a big nose, not a tiny flat one...
  12. Seems Fj is bored up there on the farm.....poor old chooks....cum on fella...did u put a bigger window inthe farm house for heavens sake?
  13. Actually, she just checked and the consulate was closed permanently. So this leaves me the only option to make it in Bulgaria.
  14. I don't know what the law is about that but for what it's worth I agree. That said, I was just addressing Baerboxer's assertion that unification is overwhelmingly unpopular in the north. Not anymore.
  15. As a reassuring illustration as to how Thai Visas work. I have a 6 month METV that grants me a 60 day stay upon entry which just expired on the 15th of October. I entered on the 8th of October and the IO stamped me in for 60 days - The stamp says "admitted until 6 Dec 2019". So in affect I squeezed 8 months out of a 6 month Visa.
  16. Yeas I have, but I also know that there were going to be at least one of all the posters that came up for an excuse to do something again. Better to complain on a forum, where you can be sure nobody is qualified to change anything. Now, I am going to take a couple of beers. That is not out of the reason regarding any hotline. It´s pure the the everyday need after reading all the complaints, misery and excuses the expat community in Thailand have.
  17. pretty sure there expected bumper season turned out to be a dunk in the basket season....sales galore on 2019 items..hehe....i aint buying any
  18. You can do the extension by proving a monthly income of 40k baht. If using transfers for the proof you need to have proof they came from abroad.
  19. For any vote to be passed, there needs to be a bigger majority, like 60 % in favour . 51 -49 is too close to call ...............................
  20. Wow...7 calendar days....but two of those days are on a weekend when the ACH system comes to a halt as it's pretty much a Monday thru Friday system. I remember my very first transfer they were estimating around 4 days.....but after that first transfer the rest got much faster...1 or 2 days from start to finish with them receiving money via ACH is less than 24 hours....sometimes around 6 hours. Now I don't think they really got the money that fast but after one or two transfers they must have trusted me more and figured the money would arrive via ACH for sure so they would not wait until it really, really arrived. Heck, I would have the money posted to my Thai bank acct and the withdrawal hadn't even posted to my US bank acct yet. Is this your first transfer with them?
  21. I thought he meant this Hydra. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hydra Etymology After the Hydra, from Greek mythology, which grew two new heads every time one of its heads was cut off. The first sense alludes to the budding method of asexual reproduction that the hydra practices, similar to growing new heads. The second sense refers to how the creature could not be killed by a swift, decisive solution (in contrast to a Gordian knot).
  22. I am sure they will be good when they are finished...... took me 35 minutes to pass through there on Thursday.
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