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  2. There are both Savitvej Hostpital in Sri Racha, which are a part of the Thailand Heart Institute. They will surely have a good enough specialist there. If you rather chose Phyathai Hospital, they are actually performing heart bypass surgery directly at the spot in their Sri Racha hospital. They will also be able to help and diagnose your problem regarding your heart. Regarding COPD, I also know that Samitvej in Sri Racha will be the best option when it comes to regular hospitals. Unfortunately I do not know any names, but you will be directed in the reception at both hospitals.
  3. They'll all have GPS fitted soon. No problems finding them after that.
  4. Depends how 'well connected' the company is I'd say. If a local big-wig, or some big cheese in Bangkok has connections to the company nothing will probably happen Exactly. Well said Momofarang. This really is a 'victimless crime' though its hard to see that with all the moral high-ground taking outraged bleating from some of the 'model citizens' on here today who don't seem to understand that in spite of their brilliance, they simply aren't wanted in Thailand, especially the pensioners with their dwindling resources.
  5. Well said, plus the way the law is the dive schools can only apply for a few work permits but need many more instructors who can not get permits to work and now all the immigration rules you have no choice. I wish him good luck and there are plenty of diving schools screaming out for experienced instructors and plenty of great dive sites in the world.
  6. Chess is somewhat easier without wearing boxing gloves.
  7. i think his latin was not so good. The magna cum lordie in her resume was lost in translation
  8. I did see a post some time ago where the poster said he got a vape pen with his oil from the doctor,can't remember if he got cartridges or not.
  9. I am not afraid of anyone and they are taking the <deleted> with the rules of this country and only think about themselves.
  10. WRONG information again: Above they used microns, that should be AQI number. Using micrograms gives a much lower number then AQI see:https://aqicn.org/calculator
  11. Isn't it funny that so many people believe in the <deleted> other people say , they even believe if one says that pigs and elephants can fly if they give them some of the medicine.
  12. No my education (brain washing?) was in Australia.I just found these by googling I guess you would have to contact or visit to see if they are suitable. DekMontessori Training Thailand Ekkamai Road, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand 061-3873515 Piti Suksa School Montessori English Program 337/1 Moo 4 Rim Kok Mueang Chiang Rai Chiang Rai Thailand 053 750-888 (+66) 053-750888
  13. Went to find. No Vics place seen. Across from Bukhao market yes? Clinic on Soi chalerm, or Soi bukhao?
  14. No it's not "hyperbole" or exaggerated. Trump is a proven con-man, fraud, pathological liar, guilty of extortion/bribery, throws our allies under the bus, shames our military with the withdrawal and over 700 former prosecutors agree that he would be guilty of obstruction of justice and the only thing saving him from charges is because he is President. His goose is cooked now and there's no denying that there wasn't quid pro quo regarding Trump's attempt to bribe the Ukraine by withholding aid to threaten/extort the Ukraine into investigating Biden (regarding whether there was any wrongdoing (which there wasn't and case closed from previous investigation). Trump is corrupt to the bones and in a job that is way way over his head. His child-like behavior shows he is mentally unfit to be President and that presents a danger to our national security. It's astonishing in view of all Trumps' incompetence and corruption that there are still Americans that still support this circus. The gullible and naive Trump supporters that still hang on need to wake up and start thinking for themselves instead of being brainwashed by Faux news (and other right wing propaganda)
  15. if you by now after the latest revelations how the 'consensus' was made up by flawed statistics and biased cherry picking, then you either dont want or cant interpret basic statistics, much like the enthusiastic amateurs that made it in the first instance
  16. So far this year I've traveled to 11 countries and I've never had an issue with gmail. I'd suggest the usual steps - restart your device. If that doesn't help, try another browser or device.
  17. A wonderfully preserved line which I also know well. I had an elderly Aunt who lived in Swanage. The view of Corfe Castle from the line is spectacular.
  18. I was a bit worried about this. In the past we never had to show flight bookings for a SETV. But with the new e-visa system, you do. I had already booked for 89 days (assuming a 30-day extension) so just included the flight booking with the application to see what would happen. No problem at all. I also used a really bad set of photos of my condo rental agreement, and a bank statement that didn't show much income (my income is irregular). No problem with anything. I didn't know I would need the rental agreement, so got my girlfriend to email me pictures. It was interesting getting them into a single file of less than 0.5Mb - not sure how many people would manage that. The e-visa consumed about 20 times as much of my time and 15 times as much paper as the old manual system. But hey, at least the dreaded Postal Orders are gone. These days I always take well over 20,000 Baht of English cash with me just in case, although never been asked to show it.
  19. And he doesnt have to be. But it sure looks likely he will be when leaving office. Now run along and let the adults converse.
  20. Thanks everyone for the advice. Think the route i will go is UK to Singpoare then from there to Chiang mai and straight to bkk. Iam assuming for Chiang Mai to bkk, i would need to exit and collect luggage and then recheck in again? The route to Chiang Mai is best with SETV?
  21. Where is your receipt of that payment? Why did u not request for a second more precise blood test at the police station?
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