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  2. Rubbish..... generally what you get is a knock on the door from a police man.
  3. More important things than knowing who you really are? I can't think of anything even remotely as important. Sleeping is very different from a deep meditative state. Even science can easily measure that.
  4. Unheard of in the USA. Hospitals are sanctuaries for the sick or injured not an arena for immature idiots of very low mentality. If there is a trend at certain hospitals in certain areas, increase police presence and make any disruptive behavior a serious Prison time offense. Alcohol or not, the mere idea of brawling near or in a hospital, putting staff and patients in danger is abhorrent and uncivilized. Thais need more education and maturity.
  5. Yeah I much prefer OXO.......available now from Villar.
  6. What does "having a vision" have to do with a god? apart from creating yet another fantasy being.
  7. I am not really really wealthy but comfortable. My wife is Indonesian and I will not live in Jakarta (those who know Jakarta will not ask why) but I want to be with her in Asia. I trouble no-one, no-one troubles me so I just enjoy the best of what Thailand has, and ignore the rest. I travel, do my own thing and use Bangkok as my home base. I often think of where else I might be happier and everywhere has downsides. On balance this works for me now. If it changes I shall move on. I own my condo but whilst it s home now, it will become an investment if I leave. This was always the plan (60% growth in value in 4 years including FX - dedicated to all those who say never buy here). If you have no plan and just float along, well you will just keep bumping into things IMHO. I don't know if I feel sad or amused at the people who flout the rules, but believe that Thailand should welcome them and tolerate them because they are no trouble and spend 7/6d a week at their local store. These are probably the same people that have flown close to the wind all their lives (have to look after myself mate!...rules are made to be broken!) and think they should be able to find their own corner and be left alone. It doesn't work like that guys so much nowadays, and so anyone here who complains about the Immigration requirements, just should not be here (except those good folk that come across stupid local interpretations when they have done everything right). Compared to many countries around this area Thailand is quite grown up. I have just returned from Sri Lanka and the comparison is huge. Same with Vietnam, India, Cambodia and so on. Just count your blessings....Thailand is 100% through choice for me, and I bet there are hundreds more on this site who would agree, but stay quiet.
  8. I don't think this is in effect / applies to Thailand tourism: Thailand is a brand name and has had free ride on attracting the so far endless supply of first time visitors. Now it seems that the endless supply of first and last time! visitors is ending , combined with accommodation oversupply.
  9. How do any of these projects benefit the general public in any way? I wait for the day to see an outgoing government rush through a massive spending program to significantly upgrade the education system ... OK not wait but wish.
  10. I'll believe it when I see it. The Petro-Chemical industry and retailers will scream. Probably end-users too. But a move in the right direction.
  11. Dunno but I'm slipping into a trance reading some of the mumbo jumbo
  12. I agree. You do that, and maybe you find out that your vision was not as crazy and meaningless as you might think and that others had similar visions, and can repeat those visions at will.
  13. Ubonjoe Re_entry What happens if you not return as date stamp on your Re-entry indicated date but later ? Thank you
  14. Don't think that will be his cup of tea, there are no beaches there!
  15. Most immigration offices would turn you away for the transfer if you only have a visa entry and tell you to do it when leaving the country.
  16. I'm finding it impossible to post a new topic on the Buddhism forum. The 'start a new topic' list, doesn't include the sub-forums.
  17. There are more important things to do than closing my eyes in the day, I do that every night its called "sleeping". Even dreams can be manipulated, spray water on a sleeping persons face and when they wake up they will tell you how they were at sea or getting splashed by whatever in their dreams.
  18. Makro This is now becoming one of the most popular and boring questions, is everyone turning into poncie western chefs
  19. Confiscated for how long? Still not enough to stop it happening again and again and again...……...
  20. Australian man, 33, found dead in Chiang Mai hotel Picture: Chiang Mai News A 33 year old Australian man has been found dead at a hotel in Chiang Mai. The body of the man, who was identified as Daniel Thomas Janse (name transliterated) was found at 4pm on April 17th at a hotel in the Chang Phueak area, Chiang Mai News reported. Police said there was no sign of a struggle in the room and suspected the man may have died of a drug overdose. The man's body was sent to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy. Source: Chiang Mai News -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-19
  21. Eco- dry cleaning 0864074260 i have not used them.
  22. That's the story. Let's be clear, it's not just 7eleven and Rabbit cards. Any card (monetary instrument) which comes under the definition of Emoney must be registered to a name, of course most of these are already linked (bank cards, credit cards and the like). The low volume cards like rabbit and 7eleven just got caught up in the definition, nobody really believed that they would be used for money laundering - or did they. Also, this isn't a new requirement, the law came out about 3 years ago. Rabbit et-al have been holding out for an exception which it now seems didn't happen.
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