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  2. You needed to be going to a lot of aways to get points to get these tickets. Its really all very stinky this one.
  3. A simple blood test at a fanciest hospital in Pattaya is 1550baht exactly the same test done the same day to compare accuracy of results at Pattaya lab was 300baht.... and results very much the same!!!!!
  4. Just show the bank book or is a letter required? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. News of ANY zoo closing, unless a genuine research establishment, is IMO, a very good thing. Sadly, the animals will be transferred to "other public zoos" so their imprisonment continues.
  6. Some of the Red buses drivers I have taken can't read maps never mind new tech. Thailand 4.0
  7. Ubonjoe, does the US Embassy/Consulate still issue affidavits to certify residency? I'm pretty sure they do, but would like your expertise on this. What about other embassies - I'm sure others from many countries would like to know if they can use their embassy vice Thai Immigration, to get a certificate of residency. Thanx.
  8. Not only that, but actively supported by him " U.S. President Donald Trump, a Republican who opposes abortion, has seized on the issue as one likely to fire up his core supporters, ".
  9. And the problem with that is in asking someone who has basically lied as to the real contents of the report, to open himself and others up to show he is a liar.............rock, hard place comes to mind.
  10. She needs to make direct contact with the tenant and juristic with a request to immediately view the lease. Make a police report RTP
  11. The 60 day extension would be easy to get. Your wife will need to be with you when you apply. You could apply for the 60 day extension near the end of your current one year extension. Then go to Vientiane or Savannakhet to get as single entry non-o visa. And then apply for another 60 day extension near the end ot the 90 day entry from it if you needed more time.
  12. I'd love to go but all the drunken knobs tend to ruin crowd events...
  13. The question I have to ask is why do westerners want to live like westerners in LOS? If one wants to live in a completely foreign culture why not live like people that are that culture. Why eat western food? It's unhealthy and makes us fat. Local food has hardly risen in price in 30 years. Utilities are a one off, and things like laundry are dirt cheap done by a local. If one wants utilities, there are cheap ones. Car- why? The roads are sooooo dangerous, and local transport is cheap. Most Thais don't have a car. I never had one, but I still managed to get around. Can live like a rich westerner, but it's a choice, not an essential.
  14. As i said in another thread this morning water suppy here is a joke Electric not much better, crack...ohh s++t lighting, come on woman get me on the best quickly, before we lose the power, no power i am stuck in my wheelchair, or have to send the wife get the generator out, not easy for her, so i can be stuck on my bed from 4/5 in the afternoon. One time i was getting winched on to my bed, and we lost power, me swinging over the bed, but unable to get down, wife near wetting herself laughing, me cursing PEA.
  15. Same could have been said for Thailand not so long ago. Lived there for two years, did not see one Farang junkie. If you are a sensitive, timid person, Cambodia is not for you. If you like glitzy, soulless shopping malls, it is not for you. If you are of poor health, it is probably not for you. If you still want to work, or if you need a hassle free retirement visa, Cambodia is far easier. Phenom Penh is not a lovely place, but it gets better every year. Sihounookville was once nice, but it is being turned into Macau. Siem Reap is quite okay. I have a 90 year old friend there. The Khmers look after him as do his farang neighbors. He is happy. Many who have left SihounookVille have moved to Kampot. You do have to exercise more caution in Cambodia than Thailand, but all things have trade offs. Vietnam bears looking into as well.
  16. Agreed on the above but I believe it to involve a 'Pink ID Card' not a 'Yellow Book".
  17. Yes - I have been there. 2½ years ago my hip broke down (as in crawling around the house for 2 weeks). I went to Bumrungrad who MRI'd me and passed me straight over to one of their cutters who wanted to charge a whole lot of money to do an arthoplasty repair (microsurgery) at a cost even a non-medic me was suspicious of. Went to Vejthani and was interviewed by a team of two ortho medics - generalist joint ortho doctors but they said they had also got feedback form the scans form one of their joint replacement surgeons. They did the expected - asked questions, manipulated my hips and reported back on the scans. They advised against surgery and suggested I try to manage out the hip first with inter-alia excercise ... and possibly down the line steroid injections. I was impressed by the set-up there - clearly quite a number of specialists in their "Total Joint Replacement Centre" which seems to be one of the hospital's leading offers. I had also concurrently sent off my scans and a brief to a UK ortho surgeon, who got back to me via his excellent PA with the message not to do a thing about the surgery, which was likely unnecessary and way overpriced. I saw him a month later in Cambridge and he confirmed a recommended "manage it out another few years" approach. The hip has been pretty much under control with excercise, non-inflammatory dieting and some drugs/supplements. However, I thought the other hip had broken down 8 months ago, so I returned to Vejthani and consulted one of their total joint replacement surgeons, Dr Premstien Siritanapipat. After 10 minutes of discussion and manipulation (nice guy, good English and humour) he said that my problem was most likely a spine problem not hip and passed me to one of their spine specialists, who confirmed a prolapsed (slipped) disc. I ultimately had micro-surgery on that at Bumrungrad - the Vejthani Spine Centre struck me as small, whereas the TJR Centre is impressive. So, I've never actually been treated at Vejthani, but I sense from the way they handled me that they are knowledgeable and ethical. It was also pretty reasonable cost to get a consultation there - 1,300 baht for the first hip consultation and 2 x 2,000 baht for the second pair of surgeon consultations (ortho plus spine). An MRI on my hip at Rachavipa MRI Centre, Ratchadapisek - outsourced from Bum as their unit was fully occupied on the day was 10,000 baht.
  18. Same in our area. Outages used to be frequent and long. Now they are infrequent and usually last a few seconds up to 3 times. If a 3rd outage occurs it can be a long one which I presume is due to all alternative feeds being damaged. Lightning strikes are usually fatal to transformers and it is not PEA's fault it happens. Certainly the supply is more consistent although in the last couple of months depleted and wavering in voltage. I put it down to the increasing level of aircon usage and the supply being regulated to avoid excess draw on reserves via substations. Always better at night which may be due to industrial consumers having the priority?
  19. Did they just figure this out? This has been going on forever. If the so called police would enforce the law it would stop. Start fining people in these areas and make it a big fine like 1000 baht. This is a dangerous situation. I can't tell you how many times I was almost run down by a bike on the sidewalk. I'm glad to be out of that crazy town since I moved to Pattaya. Still crazy but not many bikes on the sidewalk.
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