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  2. So City were going to play Leicester on Saturday and Liverpool play on Sunday (vs Newcastle). Now liverpool will play Saturday and we play Monday. Umm!
  3. You remind me of my younger days, you have it completely sussed as did I. As you say, it is unbelievable how many stunning girls just want to be with you. Besides the places you mentioned, any large university is just as good assuming you're young-ish. When I first moved here I taught at a school close to Ramkhamhaeng University and I'd just go to its massive food hall for lunch every day. They have those long benches and tables so it was easy to sit close to anyone I picked and just start a conversation. I'd get a new girl's number at least 3 - 4 times a week A good strategy definitely helps!
  4. Average US social security check is 1350 a month and a huge percentage earn less. Rents in the US through the roof. Do the math. __________________________________________________________________________ Note: My personal time frame for a possible move to Latin America is 2 to 3 YEARS.
  5. What, not even from the big boys? You must have fallen out with them too, even the big girls! That must have been a humiliation.
  6. Bin the control talk. Everyone knows you don't lose control of your money. If you don't want to stay take your money and leave. No loss of control.
  7. Her sentence will depend on how the Judge feels about guns. Wonder if he is a Democrat judge or a Republican judge. Guess we'll know soon.
  8. Classic Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, for us old retired folk. Now go ahead, you light another match. Get three coffins ready. My mistake, 4 coffins.
  9. So is it a boat or not? It floats and has one or more anchors (although may not be a normal design). This could be a good defense if he could prove it was movable in some way like a barge. The legal teams could waste a lot of time and money defining what it is. Would he have had the same problem if it was a normal boat anchored with a normal anchor? Or if he had just called it a boat and not mentioned seastead at all.
  10. The ‘Vile’ assignation is just ‘so’ Grauniad. Yes, I’d believe The Sun before those lefties.
  11. I didn’t say it was on the coast, I said it was off the coast, yes? So it is your position that most anyone should be allowed to construct a habitat twelve miles off the coast of any country they like, correct?
  12. Yes, good point. I had assumed that my book was obtained at the Amphoe. I have just clarified with my wife that it was obtained at Nongprue tessabahn. My pink card was obtained at Naklua ampur. Thanks for correcting me, the administration office is called "tessa ban", "tabien ban" is house book.
  13. So please, please, please media don’t expose the judge for what he is. Allegedly...
  14. I would rather put it another way. They are nice people. You be nice to them and they'll be nice to you.
  15. I'd hope they did but wouldn't bet money on it. FBI ain't the same as before.
  16. And finally !! “ is it still good when you’re dead ? “
  17. Been trying unsuccessfully for weeks to get 4 tickets for this sold out game (the odd returned ticket goes back on sale) and now it's been moved to a Monday night which might help us. Fingers crossed. City's penultimate Premier League fixture of the season has been moved from Saturday 4 May to Monday 6 May. It is the Blues' final home fixture of this unforgettable campaign and was originally scheduled for a lunchtime kick-off on May 4 at 12.30pm. Now, City will take on the Foxes on Monday, 6 May at 8pm and the game will be screened live on Sky Sports.
  18. teddy was left school before i was born,i had nothing to fear,not even his bulldog tatts
  19. How could they possibly prove either of those? And if they could, it would be worth going back for two months before your pension was payable, just to screw them up.
  20. Yes but I did not sign one and no mention whatsoever about new rules.
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