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  2. I disagree. You've repeatedly tried to sell the current income method without letters as a POSITIVE news, overall. I have repeatedly posted long lists detailing how that is simply NOT TRUE. You have never acknowledged those issues. Instead, you continue to sell a simple message that there aren't any issues without the income method without letter. In my view that is massively disingenuous, thus a form of deception.
  3. Well the quality tourists and the defenetly unqualified police help each other to mistreat the law and justice.....
  4. If you have access to another laptop or pc, try to create a bootable flash drive. Power down the surface pro, insert the flash drive and power it back on. If it is set to try to boot the flashdrive it would attempt to do so. This would show if it is a software problem or not.
  5. They cannot really do that. That is entirely different than asking for more documents than are really needed. Things like the 3 months after can cause serious problems for people that are not aware of such a local requirement.
  6. At the start of indyref1 support for independence was around the mid 20s and rose to near 50% according to some polls. Since then it has remained largely static in the mid 40s. That means there is already a strong and assured base of support, fervent in their desire to see their objectives met and very aware that there won't be an indyref3 should the next one also end badly. There is, of course, the hardcore of unionists, but they are, if recall correctly, numbering around the mid 20s. What tipped the scales last time were the votes of EU residents who were told that to vote for independence would see them ejected from their homes and work, and those scared by project fear (the Labour lie that pensions will not be paid in an independent Scotland, for example). So am certain that the campaigns will target the soft middle, but with very few things positive to say about retaining the status quo, indyref2 will be the Yes side's to lose.
  7. By law at a yellow light you are supposed to stop unless you have passed the stop line already. In reality if you comply with that you will be rear ended.
  8. as my topic unfortunately got deleted due to very strange circumstances I will update this thread with what Daikin has found out. In case someone has no idea what this topic was all about here a brief synopsis. ========= I just recently found out that our Aircon installer has connected the wrong indoor units to the right outdoor (compressor) units. it ended up this way: 9K BTU INDOOR UNIT -> Connected to -> 12k Compressor Unit 12K BTU INDOOR UNIT -> Connected to -> 9k Compressor Unit We are now waiting for Daikin to come over and check if any of the compressor Units (damage is maybe possible with the 9K indoor -> 12k Outdoor Unit (thx @Naam for the clarification) Latest post was that Daikin will show up in about 2 weeks. ======== Thx
  9. I'm sure you would. You didn't mention Sanders. I think he took himself out of the race saying he wants to give voting rights to violent felons still in prison. I'm not unhappy about that as I think he'd be too easy to red bait anyway. Yes the democrat primary race is going to be intense. The result can't be predicted.
  10. Yeah, dumb typo I no, whoops, know. I was in a rush to get that off at the crack of dawn, cut me some slack.
  11. Christ how d**b can someone be? It's already been explained about a dozen times. You CANNOT use a 'Pink ID Card' outside of the province it was issued in.
  12. I did not give incomplete information. The only change in the income method is for the citizens of 3 embassies who now only need a statement/letter from the bank of 12 months of deposits to get an extension. Rouge offices have had in the past and will continue to have different policies. The best way to deal with that is to post your experiences accurately - just the facts each time you get an extension. So other members can be better prepared. I asked a simple question and now can we get back on topic to that simple question about social media effecting gullible expats.
  13. I found that my Nationwide credit card does not work for some transactions (apparently it is Visa that blocks it not your bank); however my debit card works everywhere in Thailand and it is simpler for the debit to be charged to my account than having to pay a credit card bill
  14. Does anybody seriously believe what they are writing in a newspaper, it's just a cut and paste of official statements. Statistics are sure not properly done as day by day you find other stories and statistics about the same fact. But as a junta is ruling the country no journalist can report the truth!
  15. In Thailand, amber means put your foot in the tank, close your eyes and drive straight.
  16. The govt is using black hole mathematics where normal laws of mathematics and physics do not apply. The govt deserves a Nobel Price in Creative Statistics.
  17. Could we have photos please... of the Russian Dancer, not Depp! I give the relationship one week before she heads to the lawyers and sues for divorce and half of his substantial wealth.
  18. Can somebody enlighten me what is a prapadander rag? Is it a newspaper that pandars to the Government.
  19. Quick recap of the dem 2020 candidates. Klobuchar - abusive to her staff. Warren - appropriation of a minority culture to further her career. Harris - rode her way to the top, unacceptable in the #metoo age. Biden, seriously creepy sniffing of females hair and general sexual inappropriateness. Beto - Irishman pretending to be Mexican, seems inappropriate for many reasons. Buttegieg - potential travel delays in Brunei, Saudi Arabia and other nations, probably not a good choice unless you can keep him on US soil. I would field Clinton again, worth it for the comedy value alone.
  20. Another stupid thread on the worthless pink card. These are same idiots who think their unstruct has some value.
  21. Can I suggest you get a Tabien Baan (yellow Book) - the Amphoe here in Pranburi just required a translation of my passport details into Thai and sight of our marriage cert and my wife's tabien baan (Blue book) - no charge and I use the yellow book as proof of residence. I haven't tried it out at the driving licence centre but will enquire when I tax my car tomorrow if that is acceptable for renewing driving licences instead of paying Immigration for a certificate
  22. New James Bond 25 film: LIVE cast announcement and 007 news as we find out who plays villain by EMMA POWELL The wait is nearly over to find out who will star in the upcoming Bond 25 film. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1097023-new-james-bond-25-film-live-cast-announcement-and-007-news-as-we-find-out-who-plays-villain/
  23. There was absolutely no confusion about the extension I was applying for, most of this was addressed to SWMBO in Thai, I did ask a couple of questions to clarify exactly what was needed. My speculation is that Udon office has decided that all extensions must have the "3 months after granting" requirements. In the same way that they have instituted a second proof of funds in place during the under consideration period. I was totally aware of the fact that the 3 months after was not in the amendment and only applied to retirement extensions but as the officer was in such a pleasant mood and it makes virtually no difference to my finances, I didn't feel inclined to argue the point. I make periodic visits to Udon anyway so will work it into my schedule.
  24. I live in Rayong and got my pink ID card at the local Amphur office, have to have a yellow book, took about fifteen minutes, think i paid 50 baht, have used it for renewing dirvers license, ID at post office reduced rates at several National Parks, reduced rates at some tourist attractions for me it has been worthwhile, don't have to go to immigration for Residency Certificate
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