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  2. I'm talking about food stores catering to the Asian population. I just looked on the shelf there are 5 different fish sauces lol. Utah is indeed beautiful but dang cold in the winter. I used to live in cedar city. Good to know you're not rushing into this but it has gotten very difficult to get a US visa in the last year or so even for spouses Sent from my SM-J250F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. From the BBC news website dated 22 May 2019. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48351281 European elections: What are the rules for overseas voters? UK citizens living abroad are able to vote either by postal vote or by proxy, when a registered person votes in the UK on their behalf. Only three other EU countries allow citizens living abroad to vote using a proxy - the Netherlands, France and Belgium. However, unlike 21 EU nations, the UK does not allow its nationals to vote in its overseas embassies and consulates.
  4. Yes, yes, and yes. pagallim has kindly given you the 1st and 3rd. A little info about delivery: They use Kerry express with a postage/ packing fee added to the bill. They pack it with dry ice. I have just got an order from them and this is my only gripe as I could see from the tracking info that the parcels sat in their logistics centre in Samut Sakhon for 24 hours. (receipt by kerry to delivery took 45 hours). In fairness this is the advertised delivery schedule and the person I was dealing with did tell me that the items may not be completely frozen on arrival, but I decided to give it a go anyway. True to form they weren't, so I'm sitting on a bunch of stuff some of which I've had to refreeze after it has started to thaw, which I'm not very confident about. If they could do next day delivery I don't think there would be any problem. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FFFFoodForForeigners/ latest price list as of 24/5: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15tNnnoEYK7iUXuvD6xzjhEzEoy0pbrC_/view?fbclid=IwAR3dNQFRHrOB-i_8YUBN-VAcf6Xy7uP062yo3wB1pdGx7kihKVcVwX88QM8
  5. Bravo. Steve Bannon. He may look like a lush who sleeps in a back alley but he is a rich man. His fetish is the spread of fascism, and since getting ejected from DT's White House he's been busy on the other side of the pond. Watch out for this guy.
  6. So you can pray for its soul in the comfort of your own shrine. ~:37;
  7. Dirty bugger colin.....don,t let the missus catch you gawping.....
  8. I got bored with a g f here always nagging and telling me how lucky I was to have her The solution was simple, I traded her in for a younger model, they WERE friends before I married the young one Mind you the nagging is still there, it must be a design flaw
  9. Established fact? Rubbish. You are consumed by your own conspiracy theories.
  10. Thanks! I was there more than 20 years ago and plan to go back to this region and to Malaysia in general.
  11. And how much is that in relation to the total money they make from tourists each year? How about 100 baht for breathing the Thai air while they are here?
  12. Twenty-nine detainees killed in Venezuela police station cellblock riot By Mariangel Moro ACARIGUA, Venezuela (Reuters) - Twenty-nine detainees were killed and 19 police officers were wounded in a confrontation in a cellblock in central Venezuela in what a state official called a failed escape attempt, but human rights groups described as a massacre. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102715-twenty-nine-detainees-killed-in-venezuela-police-station-cellblock-riot/
  13. The only thing blindingly obvious is the use of a 'Far Right' paintbrush in order to force an agenda. It isn't working; furthermore by Monday it will become obvious just how badly it has failed thanks to the 'Recruiting Sergeants' that still believe otherwise
  14. A lot of "doctors" have their practices subsidized by pharmaceutical companies which in no way want this type of competition for their wares. If it isn't taught in medical schools as an alternative treatment it will never be truly accepted. In Canada, where it's legal, is still not even a consideration with most physicians as a course of treatment. Most foreigners will never get a legal opportunity to see if it's effective for them unless they're in the last stages of a terminal disease, and even that is not guaranteed.
  15. I'm interested in buying a bike from a secondhand shop. They said the green book wasn't available for transfer for 45 days. My understanding is that it's to do with finance on the bike, so maybe this has been repossessed? Of course, they said it's not a problem but I want to be absolutely certain that I'm not going to have difficulties with the transfer. Has anyone encountered this situation and how can I be certain that there is a green book? The guy told me I could drive it away today but I don't believe anything from these people.
  16. Twenty-nine detainees killed in Venezuela police station cellblock riot By Mariangel Moro ACARIGUA, Venezuela (Reuters) - Twenty-nine detainees were killed and 19 police officers were wounded in a confrontation in a cellblock in central Venezuela in what a state official called a failed escape attempt, but human rights groups described as a massacre. The incident took place in the town of Acarigua in a municipal police cellblock in the central state of Portuguesa. "There was an attempted escape and a fight broke out among(rival) gangs," Portuguesa Citizen Security Secretary Oscar Valero told reporters. "With police intervention to prevent the escape, well, there were 29 deaths," he said, adding that some 355 people were being held in the cellblock. Detainees detonated three grenades, which wounded 19 police officers, he said. Venezuela's Information Ministry did not immediately reply to a request for comment. Human rights groups questioned the official version of the events. "How is it that there was a confrontation between prisoners and police, but there are only dead prisoners?" Humberto Prado of the Venezuelan Prisons Observatory said in a telephone interview. "And if the prisoners had weapons, how did those weapons get in?" Detainees for several days had been demanding that government ombudsmen help them avoid being transferred to distant prisons where they would not be able to receive visits from relatives, Prado said. Authorities entered the cell block to carry out searches and remove visiting women when violence broke out, Prado said, estimating the facility in fact held some 540 inmates. Police cellblocks in Venezuela are meant to hold citizens for 48 hours while they face formal charges. But detained citizens can spend months or even years in such facilities because prisons are too overcrowded to receive them and because of chronic delays in basic criminal justice proceedings required to indict them. In 2018, a riot that led to a fire in a police cellblock in the central city of Valencia killed 68 people, including two women who were visiting. Carlos Nieto of human rights group A Window to Freedom said the country has around 500 cellblocks with capacity to hold around 7,000 people that currently have nearly 55,000 detainees in custody. (Additional reporting by Vivian Sequera; writing by Brian Ellsworth; Editing by Leslie Adler) -- © Copyright Reuters 2019-05-25 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  17. And again ...simpleton view. The next slur of many. To discount age and the experience of long life that goes with it, an asset, is ridiculous Of course they are thinking of their kids. They will certainly know they haven't got much time left and that this is almost certainly their one and only chance to make a difference for the future.
  18. This is my life. And I'm not only bored of wife, I'm actually giving up on renting my own place and just returning home. Bored shitless with Thailand.
  19. It doesn't matter, they hold no power, they are the envelope that holds the letter and it isn't written by the public.
  20. I dont care what the figures say all I can tell you here on the ground this year is very quiet last year all low season mostly Chinese this year nothing many people will suffer this year I think especially in the south of Phuket
  21. Not sure why you're including Tylenol - it's still one of the most successful and best-selling brands of Paracetamol / Acetaminophen. Yes, it had a temporary drop-off in sales for a short period after a scare in 1982 when some of its products (gel capsules) were tampered with and seven people died. However its sales figures fully recovered within less than a year and it very quickly regained its place as the US’s favourite over-the-counter pain reliever. Tylenol article
  22. You got good eyesight, i cannot get my eyes lower than the breasts.
  23. I don't drink any of those Thai "beers". At Rimping in CM I can buy a lot of tasty European beers.
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