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  2. Went threw China a couple of months ago and it worse than Thailand. What a joke.
  3. Thanathorn an intelligent, successful international businessman along with being busy raising a family must really love Thailand and want the best for it. If I had his millions and was always being tormented by the junta government, I’d say it wasn’t worth the headache.
  4. OP used indicators sounds like it may have been a solid line. Possible not clear due to paint faded. Fine could very well be 500 baht OP asked what the fine was and paid it. Below is what a carpool violation (crossing solid line) will cost you in California. Even if you have enough people to be in the carpool lane you have to enter and exit as disgraced. My rear tire clipped the painted line entering. Fought it and won because the officer didn’t appear in court. If the officer wanted to be a be a real prick when he turned on the lights to pull you over and you went back across the line and it wasn’t an exit. 2x they can fine you every time you cross. Carpool (HOV) lane ticket = $490.00 OP I’d have done the same as you not worth the hassle and less than the price of a decent steak...
  5. So you bang on for weeks about obstruction and collusion and conspiracy and say Jr wasn't smart enough to know he was breaking the law commiting conspiracy and collusion - then post a link citing campaign finance violations as his most likely possible crime, and which says nothing about Jrs intelligence, and this brings you vindication? Have another rake to step on.
  6. Dictatorship is coming, dictatorship is coming. Are there any Patriots out there?
  7. I notice you live in Rochester ! What part of Thailand is that ? Maybe if you lived here your reply would be based on fact and not the holiday experience 555
  8. Of course you can get by on very little if you don't mind lower standards. An example was that yesterday the temperature in my bedroom was 41. If I lived on 10,000 a month I doubt I'd spend money on aircon so my standard of living would suffer. I could get by, but I wouldn't want to live like that. But I'd question that a lot of people get by on less than 10k. Maybe in the past, but my impression is that wages have risen as fast as prices. I have family who are teachers in government schools and they do very well indeed. And although many Thais look poor they are not. They just don't spend their money, and many in the countryside are extremely rich in land ownership as some, like my family, were just able to lay claim to what they wanted before regulations were set up.
  9. I "got away" with having Thai "limited companies" worked for me...............
  10. This is just a part of it. I think there are more to reveal soon.So busting the foreigners is just a diversion of trick? Let’s see what’s next?
  11. Cheesey's FA Youth Cup Final vlog worth a watch; features ex-City & liverpool players.
  12. A positive factor for Dtac is potentially higher dividend yield after accepting the NBTC’s deal ( https://www.krungsrisecurities.com/images.aspx?filename=http://www.krungsrisecurities.com/uploads/2019/04/research_en_US_8411_1_ICT Sector_190426_U.pdf ) of extending loans to telecom operators as a new financial option to encourage the operators to bid for new spectrum licenses later this year. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/Economy/30363529 Of course NBTC's loans are financed by the Thai taxpayer who will probably be paying telecom higher fees for the telecom's higher yields.
  13. Recently there was a comparison tread about Sihanoukville and so why not we do another one but now between Pattaya versus NaDang in vietnam both are coastal cities. I like Pattaya as for me its a compact city with lots to do but since visa procedures becoming much of a nuisance therefore i am starting to shop around for other destinations to spend my time at. Each time i google about Vietnam than NaDang frequently comes up so i getting more curious about this city. All input welcome..Here is a nice Vlog about prices in NaDang.
  14. Not true, the first people to inhabit this part of Thailand where the Hainanese who partially settled here during tropical storms. Hence, Samui is just another saying for "Safe Haven". This island has pretty much remained empty up until the 1800s when Thai people themselves built up and inhabited the area. Nathon was the first town to be built followed by Mea Nam, and the first Buddhist temples were built there as well. Historically, Buddhism has been the official religion in Koh Samui. Islam wasn't even noticeable in SE Asia up until 1970s after the islamic revolution in Iran and the spread of wahabbism from Saudi Arabia. Afghanistan was equally developed western society until islamists destroyed it and followed through all the way into Indonesia. Koh Samui has been predominately Thai, and the small muslim community are local fishermen from southern thailand, mostly from Pattani region who where employed by fishing companies when the tourist boom started after the 1990s.
  15. Some animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for !!
  16. stupid man. They sell him a metal for 5m bath. it never happen it is only advertising for the watch
  17. " Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he considered charging President Donald Trump’s eldest son and other participants in a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with campaign-finance violations but chose not to because of a high bar to prove they intended to break the law." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-18/donald-trump-jr-mueller-report
  18. Tolerant, inclusive, totally non-totalitarian liberal opines on congressional power against political rivals.
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